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Hippie Hip or Country chic?


My daily three right now…if you know what I mean?:)  XOXO to you Sherri for the prayer book..LOVING it!!

 Panera’s has the most awesome oatmeal I’ve ever had by the way!

Whew!  Thank heaven’’s Friday!  Are you just plum tuckered out?  I am.  I’m gearing up for a big weekend by taking a nap..well I am supposed to be but instead I wanted to talk to you.  My brain won’t shut off!

My Friday consisted of running to Trader Joe’s, Home Depot, the bank, the post office and the bank .. again.  Picking up Grace at school then picking up Nikki from work.  You know these days?

Tonight the kids will be going to game night at my sister’s while I stay home and paint and watch Under the Tuscan Sun…for the 4th time!

and making myself a  homemade personal pizza and a new super easy salad recipe ( share this later )

which one?

I am stuck between two dresses.  This one I bought last winter at Marshalls and I call it my Hippie tights.. black boots

Yesterday Gap outlet was having a sale and I’ve been eyeing this dress for 2 months.  And wouldn’t you just know it that yesterday it was the ONLY one on the clearance rack and it was with 40% off that price so I got it for 15 dollars!!  It was fate!  I call this look Country tights..brown boots and a jean jacket..something like that?

and Robyn..I LOVED your advice..I am going with the bolder eyeliner:) and red will be my color;)

Tomorrow Nikki and I will be heading out with appetizers and wine for the media party.  I will be sure to take pictures!  I struggle so with being insecure in a large crown.  Pray I’m not a wall flower OR overcompensate and act stupid!  AND that I don’t kill us driving down there!

a sneak peek at some pillows I am making for opening day!  they will also be in my shop the first weekend in February!

What are you all up to this weekend?  any big plans?  prayers?….

I sign off with what I told Grace when I dropped her off at school this morning

YOU rock!  Peace:)

i did!  and she rolled her eyes and smiled;)  I’m cool like that…not really…lol!

Hippie Hip or Country Chic?

Hoping your weekend is full of laughter, lightness & love











don’t laugh~i’m vulnerable;)

My laundry is piling up and until today I didn’t know it had a  name. Tara coined a new phrase for my home decor.  Gotta love this girl yes?  Laundry vignettes! Ha!  Sheets?  are you kidding?  They aren’t getting changed I’m sure until February.  Unfinished projects everywhere.  My living room has the normal couch and chair but now also has 2 barstools, a coffeetable and end tables and cans of paint and wax and dropcloths….need I say more?

And I only dream of my Pinterest clothes closet these days.  This is what you will find me in if you knocked on my door at any given time this week.  I took the kids out to dinner last night and I did change into running pants…only they aren’t dong much running these days.

I tried combing my hair this morning and found paint in it!  Oh goodness!  Ponytail, paint clothes, paint shoes slippers…pretty sexy huh?;)

but you know what?  I am intentionally taking each day as it comes..When dreams are being worked out I can’t expect an easy road.  Now is the time for planning and hard work.  The harvest will come.  I am learning to wait on Him.  His timing.  To stop forcing things and just using all of my senses within each day.  Remember those kitchen cabinets that are so SO gross?  They will wait.

Until then I’m living in a beautiful mess of gifts, grace and tears of joy…literally!   Now off I go to put on some deodarant.

oh before I forget..guess what?  this weekend I have my first media party!  Not “my” media party - Restoration Emporium’s media party.  Our little House of Belonging will reside inside of Restoration Emporium.  gotta be clear about that!  I have no clue what a media party is but it sounds SO grown up.  I’ve been a domestic engineer for the last..well since I was 16 – so this is way out of my comfort zone.  BUT at the same time –  I am excited.   I might actually get to wear something besides paint clothes.  I will be sure to share pictures next week.  I want each of you experience all of this with me.

have a beautiful beautiful evening friends…I will leave you with Grace’s chalkboard door art.








junking & bbq

JUNKING = ( turning broken things into new beauty)

My Saturday began with JOY Dare…just bursting with thankfulness…21, 22, 23 full of anticipation for… I’m not sure what

but first

I had to run by the post office where I had my first God moment…I ran into an old friend..not just any friend.  A bestie…we taught Precept together, home schooled together,  grew in our relationship with God together.  That kind of friend.  It had been years but in just minutes it seemed as if no time at all had elapsed.

3 weeks and 3 days girls!  I have lots to do to get ready for opening day

so I woke Nikki up and coerced Grace and off we went.

20 minutes of highway and 20 minutes of heaven…country roads with barnsharvested fields lying dormantand spaces of wheat turned a red gold and miles of space.  I could just BREATHE.  I felt my heart getting lighter and lighter.

The weather was perfect for junking.  We pulled into a little po dunk flea market off the country road.  Two treasure filled buildings waiting for us.   Little old ladies ran the place from what we could see.  They have homemade cinnamon rolls & pies on Saturdays { we ate 3 }  Next time I will take some pictures of them for you.  The first time in I didn’t want to weird them out.  I doubt they know what blogging is:)


Nikki and I were in heaven.  We perused to our hearts content picking and choosing what we wanted to spend our money on.

Laughing .. remembering .. being .. spending time.  We are enjoying this new venture together.

Nikki snapped this picture for me.  I had one of these when I was a little girl.  Do you remember Holly Hobby?–I LOVED her!

I love fiesta ware.  I love the color.  I have a few pieces.  They had lots here…all 50% off even

Nikki has a fan fetish:/

This is our SEXY barn.

Nikki snapped it while we were driving by.

S — SEXYdon’t ask it just popped into my head…we laughed and it felt good.

Ridiculous…BBQ.  In Bates City there is a best kept secret.   I grew up in Bates City.  I worked here and my sisters worked here.

We HAD to stop.  It had been at least a year!  I can still taste it.  It was heaven..the beef is so tender and melts in your mouth.  Their sauce

is the perfect sweet spicy… perfect for french fry dipping.  All for 10.75!  You can’t beat that.

It was the perfect Saturday.  A best friend who I hadn’t talked to in years

time with my girls junking..laughing and BBQ.

24.  grateful I have praying friends to come along on this journey in the land of giants.

How did your Saturday begin…

Now I’m off to finish painting and sewing…

In three weeks I will show you the by products of our junking days

thanks for listening and I’m giving you a big hug.

Write if you need anything… soon.  XOXO


1 thing for when your dreams are TOO BIG


I’m just a girl like you.  a momma.  I have noting earth shattering to share today…only real raw life.

Who of you woke up yesterday and thought “I can’t do ‘this’ anymore?”  This crazy made up in my own mind “dream” with no real flesh and bones to it yet.  I promise it exists in my heart.  Nothing seemed to be going right – in fact it was all going wrong in my opinion.

“remember Tiffini for years you have been asking for me to guide you into your calling?  you have opened your heart to what My desires for you are?  remember?

you invited Me..and He smiles tenderly and pulls me close and whispers.  His warm breathe I can feel on my hair

I am infusing with you a dream.  a dream made just for you.  a dream that seems far beyond your reach.

For months we’ve been working on nurturing trust.  Just that alone.  re-learning what relationship is with Me.  not the broken love of man but the  healing love of your Creator who knows you intimately.

This dream journey we are on is about TIME.  Time is teaching.

It is not just about going from A to B

or making X amount of dollars so you can have “freedom” from what you ‘think’ you need

As Erasmus and Ann said

” A nail is driven out by another nail;

Habit is overcome by habit.” ~ Erasmus

It is in this driving of the new nail and the coming out of the old that the dream is quickened and brought to life.

It doesn’t happen pain free.  It doesn’t happen in your time frame.  Years are nothing to Me.

Sarah laughed.  And so have you.  Don’t doubt the plans I have for you are good.

Don’t look at your messy circumstances as all is lost.

And all the dreams that are as of yet unfullfilled as ” it is too late “

It is within these circumstances that I am intervening and

NOW is the TIME that you’ve caught a glimpse of what I’m doing.

And dreams and new story beginnings are not just for you they are for all my children.  All of your stories are for others and

theirs for you and ultimately for MY glory.

So remember:: when you want to give up..look up

the reason you feel like this is the dream I’ve given you IS to big for you.  It is meant to be a love feast between you and ME.

depend on ME.  A walk of faith..a journey into the land of giants that I have already overcome but when you walk with ME

throughout the new land we build trust.


and this is kinda sorta how my day was yesterday.  If you have a dream that God has planted in your heart and you are doubting and you want to give up.  Don’t.  Remember – He wants us to rely on Him.  It is supposed to be to BIG for us.  If we could do it on our own it wouldn’t have lasting fruit, changed lives and healed hearts the same way.

I am going to the Pearl Event II on March 10, 2012

Is anyone going?  I am SUPER excited to meet all of these ladies.  I am already nervous…yikes:)

I know you all know these girls but I want to thank them for prayer.  They took real time..xoxo and I feel better this morning..gratefulness!

Sibi @ Pearls and Grace

Tara @ Between You & Me

:: and I am cracking up!  I just clicked over to get the url and I saw I won the giveaway!  Are you kidding?  Oh Tara – now this made my morning.  I’m sitting here grinning from ear to ear:)))  SO funny!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Sherri @ Flipflops in Florida

Paige @ Simple Thoughts

Kerrie @ Sea Cottage

Linsey @ LLH Designs

If you have some extra time go give them a visit.  They are real women who love God and people.  I thank God for them and you each and everyday.

Praying for each of you today that your eyes and your mind are wide open to ALL that God is doing in your life.

oh — and dreams are NEVER to BIG.  They are custom made for each one of us.








don’t succumb to the rush crazed age & shop news

2012 is no different from any other really..still demanding and manipulating me to join the rush-crazed age and I acquiesce only to find myself miserable with a capital M..and within the clamoring storm–peace calls to me and I am once again torn whether I should appease the lust of the flesh or choose to please the One who truly loves me.

It’s always there this… nemesis called self.  No matter what the year.

while I still celebrate a new year I’m learning that each day is more do’able’.  Honestly, I don’t know if I will live a whole year ( not to be morbid but it’s the truth ) so living each day…being the most present I can is my WORD or GOAL for this year.

so — that being said

all covered in my custom favorite green paint that I’ve yet to name…

 to our warehouse light snatched from the west bottoms that now hangs happily where an outdated ceiling fan once occupied.


to Grace learning to drive on December 30th on Nana’s farm!  She LOVED every minute of it.  No cars were dented and no by standers harmed but we are all still wondering how you simultaneously push the brake and accelerator:/

from my newest custom sign

very behind on catching up with each of you..which I will be doing..grace please;)

I can’t wait to see what you all have been up to!

and a gift from Nikki to her Momma’s heart that longs to be free.  Not just in my eternal life to come but my life right now.  It is a fight but one I’m not willing to let go of just yet.

I am up to my eyeballs in paint.  Restoration Emporium ( where House of Belonging will be located ) is opening for a sneak peek a month early…like THIS FRIDAY!  So I have been busy making some things to give a hint of what my “vibe” will be.  I will post in a couple of days what all of that will be SO until then

ABIDE in His love.  Look & Listen…let this be the pivotal year where the rush crazed frenzy does not keep you captive.

while all the above things clamor for my time I want to be able to enjoy within my days


eating well–taking care of myself so I can better care for others

enjoy creating/working

time with God

having time to just ‘be’..even if its 15 minutes

having time for listening to others

and time for my family

this is where it gets gritty isn’t it.  So many things want us.  We just have to prioritize and intentionally..within our ability..make it happen.

May you see your potential to change the world around YOU..within each day you are gifted.

BE FREE my sweet friends…be FREE

see you soon


**pray for my health.  I’ve been sick.  The Humira is not working and my back has been out almost a week.

With the shop opening sooner it has put added stress and I don’t want to succumb to it but instead enjoy doing what I can within my limits….xoxo