it is all crazy up in here

ONE week crazy week

ONE week until move in day…I dare to believe it!  God is SO good

ONE week..

until I get to share what I’ve been working on — I am bursting with anticipation

lots of things will be added to House of Belonging’s Etsy Shop too

I will not be totally MIA this next week but I will be so busy I will not comment ( much ) but reading ( some ) – emailing – visiting- eating

showering – cooking dinner – plain & simply my kids will be fending for themselves

Thank goodness they are older yes?:)

I will however take a short break to sneak in some fun with the girls–we can’t decide which to see

Joyful Noise


 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

which would you see?

know all the while I am painting I am praying for all the things God brings to my heart…and that is YOU!

I am grateful for this time even though it is CRAZY busy I do have lots of quiet heart time…thereaputic .. this painting:)

have a happy weekend and I will be in touch soon

tomorrow I will do a quick post on a sweet friends giveaway K?




Paula - So excited for you!!

I would go to the matinee and see them both!

Joyful Noise is great!!

kerrie - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I'm planning on going to see it during one of these many rainy days we are having.

Becky @ farm girl pa - You go girl. Love the excitement in your words.

Becky @ farm girl pa - Joyful noise for sure…the other is just too heavy.

Ter'e Crow Lind - So proud of you!

And an ETSY shop too??????

Be still my heart!

Glenda Childers - You are creating such beautiful things.



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