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dreaming out of the box on a Monday

hello hello..boy have I missed YOU!  Seriously – I have.

My world has turned upside down, I am meeting myself coming and going, I am intentionally stretching out of my comfort zone more often, doing more things that make me gasp! – my house is in shambles and so are my clothes, hair and feet ( sorry if that is to personal:/)..brake lines that have holes and washing machines that don’t spin anymore are written into God adventures aren’t they?  They sit right smack dab in the middle of the road.  You know the one don’t you? When you finally get on the road that just might lead you to living your dream?

and those bumps cause me to question, doubt, fear…I know I’m not the only one that knows these fellas intimately right?

and frankly – they whisper at me?  You gonna quit this time Tiff?  Are ya?  You know this is too hard.  Your not as good as they are.  You will never be able to do it all.  To many risks this dream chasing.  It has been 12 years and your getting old..maybe it is to late?  Oh – if your like me these fellas like to whisper this stuff at just the right times..when your on the verge of breaking down.  Not sure if you should ask for know this place right?

and as I look around inside my life and inside my heart..I nod and I bow before the One who loves me wholly and completely knowing every nook and cranny of my life..He does.  I hold all of this with arms open wide and I have no idea what to do with it or where we are going but I am learning this…

that choosing to TRUST Him within everyday – every circumstance is where He is teaching me He to lean on Him.  Not ANYTHING or ANYONE else.  That He wants to walk with me THROUGH life not completely resuce me out of it.  Maybe this is His way of walking me out of the pit of despair.  Totally NOT what I thought it would look like at all!  I used to think I wanted to be a Bible teacher like Kay Arther!  Ha!

HEY fellas — scram!  You see behind me don’t you?  Yeah, thats right!  That’s an angel army and you ain’t welcome here.  Now go…….because I’ve got a dream I’m chasin’.  I’ve got warrior women by my side who don’t put up with bullies!

I’ve finally purchased the ticket!  Choosing to ride instead of just wishing I could

YOU have to buy the ticket!!  I get it now

What dream have you been wishing you could begin pursuing but believed that dreams only come true for others?

because dear one…YOU have a dream that God wants to write into your life but He needs YOU to participate.

Think about it won’t you?

SO much more to share but for now … DREAM out of the box.  God isn’t in boxes.

We open Friday..with knees a knocking and my heart quivering!



my girlie friend is having a giveaway:)

hey there..I don’t care that you haven’t brushed your teeth and your hairs a mess..

so is mine:/  Put down that coffee cup and get your pretty morning self on over to

my friend Sherri’s giveaway!

She sent me these three books when I was sick and I too am obsessed with them.  I am going through the 31 days of prayer in my quiet times.

Can’t wait to meet Sherri at the Pearl Event II on March 10th

and wait till you hear will be my roomie!!

hugs to you this Sunday — xo tiff


it is all crazy up in here

ONE week crazy week

ONE week until move in day…I dare to believe it!  God is SO good

ONE week..

until I get to share what I’ve been working on — I am bursting with anticipation

lots of things will be added to House of Belonging’s Etsy Shop too

I will not be totally MIA this next week but I will be so busy I will not comment ( much ) but reading ( some ) – emailing – visiting- eating

showering – cooking dinner – plain & simply my kids will be fending for themselves

Thank goodness they are older yes?:)

I will however take a short break to sneak in some fun with the girls–we can’t decide which to see

Joyful Noise


 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

which would you see?

know all the while I am painting I am praying for all the things God brings to my heart…and that is YOU!

I am grateful for this time even though it is CRAZY busy I do have lots of quiet heart time…thereaputic .. this painting:)

have a happy weekend and I will be in touch soon

tomorrow I will do a quick post on a sweet friends giveaway K?




media party

It was a beautiful party

From the moment Nikki and I got into the truck to leave we could feel the peace

Chrysy & Jeff gave honored God and all of their vendors..making us all teary.

that is Chrysy & Jess…the visionaries of Restoration Emporium

A prayer was said .. we just felt God’s hand on this whole adventure.

I know that this is where I’m supposed to be right now

I met some lovely lovely women who I cannot wait to get to know more AND share with all of you.  They are ALL amazing each in their

own unique way.  Isn’t that cool about each other?  we are all gifted so unique and then we are placed together and

make a whole community.  LOVE it

I was quiet..I am a slow cooker when it comes to meeting people:) even though inside I am

dying for people to like me and to know them.  Sometimes I am transported back to school days.

Someday I will have tell you my story of always getting picked last in PE.  My son will not

let me live that one down

I did go with the country chic only I added a sweater cardigan instead of the jean jacket although

I coulda used  North Face Parka I was so cold though..wink wink

I have LOTS to do so I’m going to run but I will have a sneak peek this weekend for you all of what will be in the shop

in February

And I will be listing a few items for pre-orders as well

So enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.  It went from 60 yesterday to 20′s today…I am drinking Ruby Red Chai tea from

Trader Joe’s right now.  I hope you can feel my hugs and love for all of your prayers and support

We even said that on the drive down…it is God and the prayers of warrior women..yes?


Chrysy’s husband built her this Smore’s bar!  crazy cool huh?

wonder if you could roast hot dogs:/

all of the beautiful photos were taken by the butter to my daughter Nikki.

 I am forever grateful.  Always know that..even if I have to take you to work all week;)

She HATES her picture taken and she is going to kill me dead for this but she is so beautiful inside & out

and I am proud that she is my offspring AND to prove there really is a Nikki…lol!



A little West Bottoms history if your interested.  It is where Restoration Emporium is located.  Stop by their page and

love and LIKE on em.  They are trying to reach 1000 before Grand Opening on February 3!


i’m playing along

Tara from  Between You & Me tagged me in a fun post  over the weekend and I can’t believe I did it!  Whew!  This kinda stuff is hard for me. 

I really enjoyed reading hers though –so it is worth it.  It really does allow others to know you a wee bit more.

I am trying to imagine her southern accent.  :(  I’ve always wanted an accent.  I don’t think Missourians have one?

**I apologize about the layout of this post.  It would’t work today.  Weirdness.  Ugh!

::The Rules::

one\ post the rules.
two\ post eleven fun facts about yourself
three\ answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
four\ tag eleven people and link them on your post
five\ let them know you’ve tagged them!

::Facts About Me::

1. I have 3 daughters { 25, 24 & 12 } and 2 sons { 21 & 17 } & 4 grand babies..1 is on the way & all from the 24 year old!
2. I am a pen & paper girl.  I have a pen fetish.  Seriously back to school time ROCKS!
3. I dream of one day owning my own little farm with a horse, cow, ducks, chickens, no pigs…labs & a cat ( & only outside )
4. I prefer being at home to going going going.  I guess you call that a homebody?
5. I have a big nose which maybe why I LOVE candles, plug ins, Scentsy whatever!  All baked smells.  Cinnamon, pumpkin, spice, hazelnut, coffee.  My son gets told at school he smells like maple syrup.  Not kidding:)
6. I’m a bum.  Plain and simple.  I’ve fought it for years and I keep going back to loose and comfy.  My girls keep trying to get me to buy clothes that fit to no avail.  Sorry girls
7. I am scared to death to fly.  So much so that I missed my granddaddy’s funeral ( I didn’t really know him though).  I need serious medication to fly.  Plain terrified
8. In another life I would be the character in Under the Tuscan Sun.  End of story.
9. I am NOT photogenic.  I always tilt my head like in the Taco Bell commercial years ago…taquito taco bell?  and the little dog would tilt his head?  oh well…I’m old.
10. I am an incurable list maker.  Every day I have a new list.  It used to control me but the older I get I am happy with checking things off each day.  That is enough.
11. I love talking & thinking about deep things.  I’ve been that way since I can remember.

::Questions For Me – From My Tagger::


  favorite food
Name three things on your bucket list
 favorite quality about yourself
 least favorite quality about yourself
 favorite thing to do on a lazy day
favorite brainless tv show
 favorite quality in a friend
 three things you love about your spouse
 hardest part of parenting for you
 dress up or casual? stay in or go out

My favorite season

Fall.  by far.  Very much disliking winter now.  Cold hurts my bones

Favorite food

I LOVE food.  Love to eat.  Mexican is my favorite genre..can I say that?  Love chips and guacamole

3 things on my Bucket List

write a book
be self sufficient
know God more and more…

 favorite quality about yourself

ugh..this is hard
I asked Grace and she said I always try to put God first…
I couldn’t answer that one

 least favorite quality about yourself

over analyze everything.  To the point it can disrupt my whole day

 favorite thing to do on a lazy day

stay in my jammies and read a book, blogs or write or watch brainless tv

favorite brainless TV show

Housewives – Tori & Dean – Gray’s that brainless?  HGTV – Food Network…although I don’t watch much TV anymore but when I do..

 favorite quality in a friend


three things you love about your spouse

he can cook mean scrambled eggs
he is multi, electrical, heating/cooling, appliances – everything but cars!  When anything breaks in the house he can fix it!
he will go out in any weather or time of day to get me something to eat.
{i kept these light hearted:}

 hardest part of parenting for you

no brainer here..staying consistent.  Following through.  Doing what I say I’m going to.

 dress up or casual? stay in or go out

casual and stay in.  although once in awhile I would love to dress up and go out but mostly the first one:)

::Questions From Me To Those I Have Tagged::

1. favorite color
2. dream vacation
3. are you a hugger or not
4. what do you want to be when you grow up
5. when you eat out do you usually order dessert
6. what is your favorite indoor/outdoor activity
7. what is your favorite day of the week
8. what was your favorite food as a child?
9. what is something you learned this last week
10. if you could change your first name what would you change it to
11. do you have a nickname

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 Can’t wait to share with you about the party on Saturday:)

so much going on this week but don’t forget to enjoy your holiday

talk soonxoxo