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:: pre-made blog headers::


I don’t know what happened to my words!  I posted and realized they weren’t there..ok I am not going to have a breakdown.  Instead I will choose to be thankful for misshaps:)

I am stepping way out of my box on this one.  Here is a sneak peek at a few pre-made blog headers I will be putting in the shop tomorrow.  They will be priced at $15 for the holidays.  I will also be doing blog buttons with codes for $5.  I have become obsessed after helping Nikki work on Tara’s blog.  Tara is a big reason I am going for it!  I am grateful today for her encouraging and edifying words to my soul yesterday…xo:)




I will give more information tomorrow.  Enjoy your Sunday!







taking orders for Thanksgiving::urban owl princess applique T!

Whew!  Happy Friday girls:)  Has this week just flown by or what?  I’m just stopping in real quick to share my new love…just in time for the holidays.

Our inner little girl longs to be a princess…so I thought ” why not?” and I added a *little crown* to my owl.  What do you think?

urban owl princess applique t~shirt

just in time for Thanksgiving…and beyond.  A sweet applique T for your sweet girl.  To receive yours in time for Thanksgiving – I am taking orders until next Friday November 10.

To order just click on my shop.  **the picture makes the brown polka dot wings appear black..they are not!:)  Brown!


I am invited to a special little boy’s birthday party this Sunday.  My grandson Reed turns 4.  I will be sure to share pictures with you all this week.

What plans do you have for the weekend?  Whatever your plans…I pray we each practice living in each moment..yes?  Love you all!


41.   it is not in my power to make him understand.  resting and trusting in that.



::unsubscribe::tips for tidying up your inbox

I have been intentional about de-cluttering my life but who would have thought unsubscribing to a bazillion places would make me feel .. happy instead of dread to open my inbox.  But it did.  It took 3 good days to whittle down the bulk of unwanted emails.  Today my inbox is 3/4 of what it was.

Honestly, most days I just went in and deleted.  It overwhelmed me from reading anything.

::have I read this in the last week?

::does it add to my daily life…if it is something that I am implementing and is useful..I kept it.  If not – it went bye bye.  Don’t let guilt keep you stuck. It is just an email.

::do I know where to go if I need something from them…retail stores are a biggie.  Everywhere you shop  now they want your email.  I am starting to give a fake one…ha!  I know if I need a coupon I will ask my mom;)

::how many emails can you receive that encourage & lift you up.  ( devo’s, places that send encouragement etc.)  Narrow it down to maybe your three favorites.

::causes?  from facebook.  they had to go

::for the blogs I subscribe through email- I put those into my reader therefore keeping it all in one neat place.  Blogs I don’t read anymore I just deleted.  I know…I felt SO guilty but such is life.  I just don’t have the time to do it all.  If you have to do that to me…I understand;)



That is how I did it in a nutshell.  Nothing fancy.   There are still email straggling through but I just go in and hit the unsubscribe button.  They intentionally make it a two or three step process therefore we don’t take the time to mess with it.  It is tedious but I found that playing Adele’s 21 and Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger made the time go quicker:)  If you home alone you can dance a little…it’s ok nobody is watching…what?  I’m the only one who does that?

Carve out some time and sit yourself down and begin to tidy up your inbox.  This is where you get to personalize it.  Tailor it to YOU.  This is just me.  Make it work for you.  Your brain will be glad you did.  And this time next week? Yeah, you will be saying….I’m so glad I did that.  I know I am.  Happy Wednesday all.  Now off to tidy up my house.



38.   called house lady

39.   called on truck & set up my online account again..yeah!

40.   fighting giants



goal 1::{fall family pictures}

A fresh start..first day of a brand new month!  I am choosing to rejoice in tiny triumphs today.

Being more intentional lately I posted here when I joined Oh Hello There’s project called 12 before 2012.  Well here is my first goal checked off my list!  Fall Family Pictures.

Someday soon I hope to have someone take all 5 of my children and me.  Nikki, my oldest, is the beauty ‘soulographer’ behind the lens.  One of my new favorite words by the way….she has started a photography business on the side.  If you have time go check out her website called Life as Art.  She is just beginning to build her portfolio and I am so very proud of her:)  These are the moments as momma’s that we get to stand back and applaud not only our child..but their Maker..yes?


what goals are you being intentional about before 2011 comes to a close?


36.   to not listen to the giant depression

37.   to not give in or up





{giants}::staying or stepping


as I wring my hands and bite the sides of my cheeks. I contemplate this edge.  I can stay in Sanctuary or I can step across the border.  head out to Canaan.  I stand in much the same place as Ordinary.  I too, can see the hill country.  It is much different than I’d imagined.  It takes my breath away.  It calls out to me.  Loudly.  I can feel You arms around me.  Standing behind me..Your very presence palpable as I vacillate.  You know me well don’t You?  I smile.  I love that about You Father that You know me so well.

 The giants look the same I tell Him.  10 years.  Has it been that long?  Yes..He smiles and His love crumbles me in a heap of deep sobs seeing my unbelief that You couldn’t help me kill the giants.  And I ran.  I ran back to where it was safe and I got very comfortable in my sickness and I hardened my heart to You.  Shame smothers me and the sobs that wrack me run tears into the heart being forced from hiding by the pain of my heart and my circumstances. Exposed I lie there in the presence of His Love Light, shames shadow as fear circles around me like a ravenous animal..starving from days on end without food.  Time goes by.  Like a heroine addict for her next fix my pain found no relief in anything worldly.

my fingers tore through the flesh of my chest…tearing through tissue, bone and cartilage until the pulsating heat stopped them…a searing heat tore through me and panic sought to overcome me but an inch further and I hit bone and with everything in me I pulled with both hands..the cracking of splintering bone opening my chest..blood spilling..flesh ripping .. arching in pain I lay there..a film of sweat covering me as fought to breathe..

finally with the little strength I had left…I gave Him my heart.  All of it.  Take it.  Your medicine is what I need.

All I could hear was my heart pulsing in my ears.  I felt His love take my hands out of my chest and He then ever so gently placed His hands all around my heart and the pain stopped and my body relaxed into His love.   My chest tore open right there on the edge of Sanctuary…I turned my head to look again at the hill country.  I could feel His love pulling the needle and thread through my flesh.

I heard Him speaking so I turned my head to look full in His face..the love anesthtizing me ..taking me deeper.  and I slept.  Time.  Time is what I heard Him speaking as I drifted into dreams in color.

Yes the giants are still there.  They haven’t changed.  They are stationed..ready for me to face them.  If I want to enter into the Hill Country I have no choice.  Dear child – you’ve changed.  You have chosen the gifts of the Wasteland.  They were not wasted.  I’m holding them here in My hand.  Do you see them?  I nodded my head yes.  My eyes struggled to focus on them but I could see their outline.  I could make out different shapes.  One in particular was glittering iridescently.  

“every place the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you..I will not leave you or forsake you” was in the color blue.  and I smiled.

and I dreamed … that my belief was like that stone that the boy David killed the giant with.  A miracle was executed that day.  And when I saw what the purpose of that story was that You would be known…and honored…I wept tears of repentance.  A gift I’ve shown you child.  Time has shown you this.  Giants have a purpose not just for you but for Me.  I want others to know Me.  I choose the weak things of the world to do exploits through.

As I lay there in the coma of His Light Love.  He meticulously worked.  The last thoughts I remember are

thinking story after story of You and your people – they are weary – stuck with no other way out of their pain…but they believe

in the face of that giant… for a miracle.

as I lay here in your Love the name of the only One who can .. I invite You to do a miracle in my life and the lives of these precious women.

In Jesus name::

belief is just the perfect stone to defeat the giant…

::and there was a holy silence::



32.   to allow my heart to be seen in its entirety

33.   to choose to please You and not myself

34.   to cast the stone

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