what I’m doing right now

i needed a little break from Christmas..{the commercial end of it} for the day and i remembered Lindsey @ Pleated Poppy doing a post on

:right now:

and i loved it.

she stole this idea from meg and a bunch of other bloggers around the internets:  so now i’m a theif;)

::: right now i am :::

watching:  american pickers..i love shows like that.  finding old cool stuff and bringing life to it again.  but i’m typing on the computer so i am half listening

eating:  i ate mexican for lunch..2 beef crunchy tacos and chips & salsa.  my guilty pleasure.

drinking:  dr. pepper.  when i’m stressed..my second one today..must be stressed

wearing:  american eagle sweats, camo slippers and a cami with a hoodie.  can’t seem to get warm..this house is either too warm or to cold

avoiding: cleaning my house.  it is growing worse by the minute.  card board pieces everywhere from building boxes to ship in.  now that i hand wash the dishes they don’t get done quite as quickly..dreaming of a maid

feeling:  nauseous..the throw up kind.  so hoping i don’t have the puking flu.  i despise looking into a toilet when i throw up.  who invented that anyway?

missing:  the days when i didn’t have gray hair.  to much work but i would look funny with gray hair

thankful:  for friends, HOT water!, light bulbs, orders, family, that i’m breathing, grace

weather:  40 degrees today.  it is dark now and i feel as if i could already go to bed…and it is only 6:02!

praying:  for tara, misty, t’ere and her 2 daughters

needing:  some r & r.  some sun a good book…solitude.  God & me..somewhere..quiet where there is not a dirty house or laundry:)

thinking:  about the shop and all that we have to do before we open.  i am beyond words.  so much work but fun work:)  i swear i can’t breathe i am so nervous

loving:  grace’s hot chocolate in the evening, him being away and that our home is peaceful, seeing more beauty in my days and trying to see the gift in hard things


would love to hear what you are doing :right now:

be back monday with pictures of the beginning of our beauty hunting for the shop!

take one step today to begin living your dream..just one:)

love ya





kendra - Tiff,

You are so precious! Right now, I am hiding in the office away from the toddler destruction. I have told that boy "no" one too many times today, and I am just tired! I can't wait till bed time! Have a blessed and restful weekend.

<3 Kendra

Jane - I am right there with you about looking in the toilet bowl when puking….it's enough to make you puke all over again! Love this idea for a post….really makes the reader feel "connected" and that is what it's all about! I say, "what the heck"….when you're tired and it's dark, go on to bed! Those dishes and bits of cardboard will still be there when you wake up…..

sheri - right now I'm wrapping presents – listening to pandora radio – baking cookies for a cookie breakfast tomorrow and laundry – now that's a happening friday night – LOL. rare night when I have the house to myself – taking advantage of it. be blessed my friend – your post is adorable and I can't wait to meet you in March – whoo hooo!

marlece - chips and salsa have kind of become my guilty pleasure as well lastely, hope you aren't sick that would be gross!

'him being away from our home and that being peaceful' I think I understand….

I think I am going to steal this from you!

Kim - Just finished putting the master bedroom back together and doing the laundry. Took the dog to the groomer and waiting for the call to pick her up. Also doing my almost daily chore of vacuuming.

Tara Lowry - thankful for your prayers.

praying for you, too.

think I might steal this idea, too. :}

Amy Sullivan - T,

If I had to pick a show I would guess that you watched, I would totally pick American Pickers. Why? Because you have a way of seeing beauty in everything.

Happy weekend, friend. Very excited about the shop.

Glenda Childers - I am heading off to bed early . . . right now.



Paula - I am finally, sitting on the couch watching my family work on our family puzzle for Christmas. It is just like a Where's Waldo but so much funnier. We just finished Christmas with my mother and my siblings. We are also waiting to meet one of Olevia's beaus. Wow, what a day!!!

I love your since of detail!! I can taste Grace's hot chocolate right now!!

wayne - … deciding to visit blogs I have not been to for a while

… finding joy in that decision

… wondering if I can get one more visit in before I make myself some lunch

peace and hope

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