::spread the word::a gratitude app

A Gratitude App!  from One Thousand Gifts.  I might be the last one to know about this but just in case I wanted to share.

I just heard it from Shauna over at The Reed Life.  


iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2



melody - Yay. Thank you. I am off to find the app! :)

LLH Designs - Glad you shared! I didn't know about it…but then again, I don't know about much outside of cards and family stuff these days. And that's just as God would have it. :) Wishing you a day full of thanksgiving tomorrow.

love and hugs,


Suzanne - Happy Thanksgiving,

sweet friend! Catching

up on your posts from my

brother's guest room, where

I'm recovering from the flu.

Hope everyone around your

table is happy and healthy!

xx Suzanne

Robyn Q - Oh my goodness! This is the most exciting thing of my day! Thanks for sharing! RQ

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