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lululemon love notes have you seen them?  Best of all they are funny and FREE and you can tweet, email and facebook them.  Go check all of them out




we’re moving again..yep.  On the 28th
House of Smith’s Shelley posted just in time to help me with painting trim.
This week I will be up to my eyeball’s in paint.  For real..I’m a messy painter.
All 5 bedrooms, living, dining & kitchen AND the trim!
Grace & I thought of a name for what will hopefully be our forever home ::House of Belonging::
what do ya all think?
After Thanksgiving I will give you the scoop and pictures!
Psalm 37 has been my teacher lately 
..verse 3 is one of my favorite lines..
teaching me to dwell
I want to learn the lesson it has for me

Grace is back home and doing well with a new asthma action plan!  Thank you all for the prayers.

Loving my Pinterest boards for all of those creative people inspiring me on ideas for our home.

Just added this little cutie to the shop for Christmas.  She is our angel owl with lace overlay wings and sits on a soft aqua long sleeve shirt.  Gray & white polka dot body and some Dena Designs Christmas fabric for wings and eyes.


what are you letting be your teacher lately? don’t know?  take a little time to stop and look around will you friend?








a weekend at the hospital

Hospital stays come unannounced and you just gotta roll with it.  Grace was admitted yesterday for asthma exacerbation.  With the up and downs in our weather here in Missouri combined with mold, leaves and her fighting a cold for the last couple of weeks it finally pushed her little lungs over the edge.

Just wanted to jump on real quick and give you an fyi!  She’s finally turned the corner late this afternoon.  We’ve finally been able to wean her oxygen from a 4 to a 1 and her sat’s are staying between 91 and 93 which is what we want so we can hopefully go home tomorrow.  We have been hanging out together watching Eat, Love, Pray and the Disney Channel.  She is gluing with glitter and sand while I hop on here real quick.  Love all you girls and hope your weekend was full of fun memories.  And go hug your kiddos and tell them you love them ok?  Talk soon…tiff



leaves teach too


leaves wear their colors in the damp gray days more vibrantly than any other day.

the leaves took my breath away today as their beauty captured my thoughts as I drove.

the morning came bringing a gray rain somehow making the leaves colors mesmerizing.

Their beauty taught me a lesson:

Breathing out into the moment.  Becoming like the leaves on a gray damp day.  From this perspective the gloominess of the day then becomes a canvas for the damp leaves to paint a picture calling to us to stop and look.  To breathe in.  Deep.

is Your desire for our broken and hard places in life  to be Your canvas?

Calling out to those around us to stop and SEE.  If so, what colors am I shining?  It makes me wonder what they see.  It makes me stop and look at my hard places differently.  I can reach out to others from this ‘place’.


today I am thankful for damp gray because it makes me appreciate the sun so much more when it comes out.

xo~ tgbg


44.   to make the decision to move again

45.   meeting his girl:)



monday moments::{in photos}


weekends go by so fast don’t they?  It take one being intentional to savor moments.  Here are a few of mine from this past weekend:  enjoy

::my oldest grandbaby turned 4!::

notice the little bare spot in his hair?  he cut it by himself.  To us older momma’s – remember those days?

::baked caramel stuffed apple cider cookies with my mom & Grace::

::Grace at Reed’s party – growing up so fast::

::not enough to ‘not’ get her face painted::


::this kid gave me the most special moment.  I am so proud of him.  Hopefully I will be able to share a little soon::

so excited  to share with Suzanne at Privet & Hollytoday for the first


Jen @ Finding Heaven

xo- tiff

42.   going for it

43.   words He spoke:  dwell, trust, delight, wait


:: pre-made blog headers::


I don’t know what happened to my words!  I posted and realized they weren’t there..ok I am not going to have a breakdown.  Instead I will choose to be thankful for misshaps:)

I am stepping way out of my box on this one.  Here is a sneak peek at a few pre-made blog headers I will be putting in the shop tomorrow.  They will be priced at $15 for the holidays.  I will also be doing blog buttons with codes for $5.  I have become obsessed after helping Nikki work on Tara’s blog.  Tara is a big reason I am going for it!  I am grateful today for her encouraging and edifying words to my soul yesterday…xo:)




I will give more information tomorrow.  Enjoy your Sunday!