goal 1::{fall family pictures}

A fresh start..first day of a brand new month!  I am choosing to rejoice in tiny triumphs today.

Being more intentional lately I posted here when I joined Oh Hello There’s project called 12 before 2012.  Well here is my first goal checked off my list!  Fall Family Pictures.

Someday soon I hope to have someone take all 5 of my children and me.  Nikki, my oldest, is the beauty ‘soulographer’ behind the lens.  One of my new favorite words by the way….she has started a photography business on the side.  If you have time go check out her website called Life as Art.  She is just beginning to build her portfolio and I am so very proud of her:)  These are the moments as momma’s that we get to stand back and applaud not only our child..but their Maker..yes?


what goals are you being intentional about before 2011 comes to a close?


36.   to not listen to the giant depression

37.   to not give in or up





Abby - ahhh…I love this word too and it fits her! though I am wanting a picture of her! What a gorgeous family and know that I am praying for you all…I send you so much love, friend:}

Suzanne - I just love Michele and

LOVE that you follow her,

too! I'd say that you are

off to an amazing start with

these glorious shots. Your

daughter has a great talent!

Beautiful kids and a beautiful


xx Suzanne

Tara Lowry - TIFFINI~

These pictures are awesome…amazing…wonderful….SO professional.

Your NIKI is one talented girl. for real.

I can't WAIT to see how God uses the gifts that he's given to my children in their lives…..what a blessing. This is what life is ALL about.

I'm stealing your new favorite word….I will use soulographer for the rest of my life.

I love all of these shots, but the next to the last is my absolute favOrite.

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - a-maz-ing! are those your daughter's real lashes?? if so i could just cry they are so long. i'm thinking super model future there;) great shots. that nikki is talented.

kerrie - beautiful. All of you. just pure beautiful.

Debbie - Beautiful images and children!!!

LLH Designs - Those EYES!!!



Shelly Miller - Be.u.ti.ful photos!! Wow. Love that word soulographer too. Just stopped by and had to comment on all that beauty God created!

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