dinner & dessert in 15 minutes :: {bbq tacos}

 Here is a go to recipe that we LOVE here at our house.

Traders Joe’s has become my guilty pleasure.  I drive 30 minutes every week that I can.

Seriously, these are the best packaged taco shells you will ever have.  And the pulled pork? delish.

I promise.

 perfect dinner for the busy holidays

or after you are sick of turkey this weekend:)

just 3 minutes for the pulled pork and 4 minutes for the shells

cut up some lettuce, open the cheese and there you go!

of course you can add any other toppings your family would like.

  {Total Cost} = 15.30

Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s  2.99

head of lettuce  1.29

pulled pork  4.99

taco shells  1.99

shredded cheese  3.99

and an easy dessert?  Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

Secret { put them in the refriderator for the day } 

enJOY right before bedtime;)


**sorry for the photos..taken with my phone.  since we are moving i have no time for anything fancy:)

51.  drove with my mom to trader joes while she texted and played with her phone!


Paula - Are you moving again? Oh I hope not for your sake!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family!! You all continue to be in my prayers!



Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - Yum. Our trader joe's is 30 min away too…waaaaaa. I'll have to try that taxi recipe. Happy Thanksgiving friend. I'm thankful for you.

Jennifer_StudioJRU - I have never been to a Trader Joe's! I think the nearest on is a few away. Sounds like we are missing out! Your dinner and dessert look yummy! :)

Ter'e Crow Lind - My closest Trader Joe's is hundreds of miles away!!!! I so miss being able to shop there. Everytime I go to CA and visit my mom, I make her take me there. It's one of my favoriye little splurges. Until you have been to one…….you do not understand the "need". LOL

My daughters live in the Kansas City area…………….and I have begged them to make the short trip. Can't seem to get thru to either one of them!!!!!!!

Oh………………wish I was in KC.

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