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moving again :: a short intermission

oh girls..are you as miserable as I am with all of this thankful food?  I had to have a salad today just to feel clean again.

I won’t keep you long but I wanted to pop in and let ya’ll know we are indeed moving again..and painting.. 

all in the same weekend.

And I will offer up thanksgiving.

I am taking a week off and then will be back with THE STORY.

And you will want to hear this one:)

I have PLENTY to share.

Will you do me one thing before you go?  I so need prayer before I have a meeting sometime next week.

For God to just give me the words and to prepare her heart.  God knows.

If you could lift this meeting up I would be ever so grateful.

The kids and I are in good spirits and for that I am thankful.

I sure hope each of you had a beautyFULL holiday and saw God’s goodness.

I know we did.  I love each and everyone of you.  so much.

I am learning to be centered in all circumstances and stop waiting for the perfect time when I can do ‘this or that’.  

Now is the time.  to live.

**I will get back to visiting again very soon.  Looking forward to it very much**




dinner & dessert in 15 minutes :: {bbq tacos}

 Here is a go to recipe that we LOVE here at our house.

Traders Joe’s has become my guilty pleasure.  I drive 30 minutes every week that I can.

Seriously, these are the best packaged taco shells you will ever have.  And the pulled pork? delish.

I promise.

 perfect dinner for the busy holidays

or after you are sick of turkey this weekend:)

just 3 minutes for the pulled pork and 4 minutes for the shells

cut up some lettuce, open the cheese and there you go!

of course you can add any other toppings your family would like.

  {Total Cost} = 15.30

Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s  2.99

head of lettuce  1.29

pulled pork  4.99

taco shells  1.99

shredded cheese  3.99

and an easy dessert?  Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

Secret { put them in the refriderator for the day } 

enJOY right before bedtime;)


**sorry for the photos..taken with my phone.  since we are moving i have no time for anything fancy:)

51.  drove with my mom to trader joes while she texted and played with her phone!



Remember this?

My courageous friend Becky made it for me.  Custom even:)

Sadly, I only had it a couple of weeks if that when I lost it.  Still haven’t found it. 

I looked high and low and even after moving still no cuff.

I’ve always been one to want to know the outcome of everything.  It drives me kinda crazy.  ok really crazy.

This week I found this picture while searching on my computer:(and it hit me..don’t try to understand just BELIEVE….aaaahhhhh!

I’m SO slow.

I can’t see my cuff anymore.  Just like FAITH.  Believing in something you cannot SEE.

And that I am.  This November I am choosing to BELIEVE?


Believing in God breathing life into what was once dead

Believing in Dreams…they can and do  come true

Believing in a HOME

Believing in living in the NOW

Believing that HE is always my companion..always

Believing that things really are turning around


what about you?  what are you believing in this November?



49.   Going to Home Depot and renting a buffing sander…and using it!

50.   Calling on a space!


::meet my granddaughter Karalina::

Look at me!  Do you like my new glasses?

I picked them out all by myself.

My mommy thinks they are ugly but not me” said little miss Karalina

hand on her hip of course;)

She is so proud of them can you tell?

I received this on my phone today from my daughter Chelsee

and I couldn’t help but share it with you all.

( and she’s wearing my owl shirt too:)

This is my oldest granddaughter

she’s a sassy pants and she is 2 … almost 3.

One of the most amazing – life changing – cannot put it into words – is being a grandma


matters more than anything
 is what I want more of
more time with

when I leave this world I know I won’t regret spending time with them

putting all I know..the broken..the healed and the still working on… into them.

Just pour it in them.

I want to begin introducing you to my 5 kiddos more up close and personal

and my 3 grand babies…almost 4!  Chelsee just found out she’s expecting!

Grandma loves your pink glasses.  If you love them … I love them.  And I love you to0:)

If your a momma, have you allowed your kiddo’s to pick out something even though you hated it?

46.   doing the hospital alone

47.   moving again

48.  ( can’t get the courage to call ll) ugh!