true love waits::{a ring}

I am still someone’s wife.  reconciliation. restoring. healing.  or not..whatever happens.  I wait.

I’ve learned the hard way that there are things as a married person that are not ours to give away.  NO matter what the other person has done. Today,  and I pray for the rest of my life –  that no matter what happens that I remember who’s my stuff really is and that I only give it in health.  I remember that there are eyes watching me.  I teach my children about life by how I live mine.  I have many sad stories.

But this..this is the promise that I now have and I hold tight to it each and everyday: God honors obedience and I want to please Him.

so while I wait..I wear this ring to remind me that I’m someone’s girl…and I’m Someone’s girl…I am learning that I am worth waiting for and worth being treated with respect.  I am also worth learning how to treat others with respect and to wait for them.


I haven’t worn my wedding ring in several years.  We bought this purity ring for Grace’s 12th birthday this year.  I am thinking about buying me one. My thinking of it is neutral ring showing that I am committed to purity in my marriage…separated or not.   Committed to purity in my relationship with God.  In my younger days I have reacted out of my fears and insecurities making bad choices.   Not today.  


A ring is also a visual reminder not only for me…but others that I am taken.  My heart is taken.  What I have belongs to me and my husband. For me…separation to me is not a license to play.  For me.  Until that permanently changes I am committing my mind and heart to only focus on falling more in love with Jesus,changing myself, focusing on my dream by making a plan and living it and children.

true love waits: even if our relationship is never truly reconciled..I have a Husband who will never leave or forsake me and that makes me want to jump up and down with joy!

I would love to know what you think:  is marriage and purity..married or not..valued anymore today?


31.   learning from my daughter the things I have been wanting to

32.   still trusting each day at a the minutes








melody - wow!

marlece - Have you ever read the book 'Help Meet'? It's a book to not teach us how our husbands can love us better or how we are being mistreated. In my marriage I got so sick of the 'read this book together so that you may grow together as a couple' because I was, am the one who wants to grow stronger. It's a book of what it is to God to be married and how ME as a wife need to treat this commitment. Shed a whole new light on what my role was as a 'married' woman. This is a book to teach me how to be responsible for who I am in this commitment.

You are a strong girl, and the Lord has His mighty hand on you. You keep looking to Him for direction as you are….

Way to go Tiffini

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - absolutely. i value my marriage above any other relationship outside of my salvation. i love that you want…need that symbol. get yourself a ring. great idea. i'm going to do that for my girls when they get a smidge older. reminder that they are valuable and worth saving themselves.

Tara Lowry - love this…praying for you tonight…..extra measure of Grace to wait in purity and faith and to trust that the Lord God is your maker and your husband….

kerrie - Waiting is something that God tells us to do. With our drive thru fast food lifestyled world, waiting is not something that most know how to do anymore.

True love waits…yes.

kerrie - "For they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me." Isaiah 49:23

I just posted this on my 'in the Quiet' blog last week.

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