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12 goals before 2012 & an update on my 2011 word

On January 1, 2011 I wrote *here* about the word that chose me for this year.  I just read Privet & Holly‘s post on her 2011 goals and being inspired – I found my word for this year and I’ll be darn if it wasn’t fearlessly!  Coincidence?  I think not.  Exactly what I am working on at the closing of 2011.  I am still releasing worries everyday…this is an arduous process…this training my mind.

I ran across Oh, Hello There’s 12 before 2012 project of goals.  I thought this would be good for me at this juncture.  So I prayed and listened and wrote down a list.  Some big..some small.  Goal making is on my list to implement into my life.  I think it will help me be more intentional starting and finishing things.  A little way to keep track of progress.

Here is my list


1.   get started on our handmade holiday gift exchange

2.   fall pictures of me & the kids

3.   make curtains for living room.  Grace’s room.  Dakota’s room

4.   grow my nails out…just a little

5.   write a letter to my dad

6.   get addicted to exercise again.  make it a priority

7.   have budget in place

8.   writing .. but what about.. direction..keep praying and journaling

9.   continue with doing one thing a day that scares me & write it down

10.   practice ” seeking to understand ” putting myself in others shoes

11.   practice forgiving..more

12.  brainstorm goals for 2012 and write them down.  Real & measurable. 


If you made a list of things you wanted to complete before the end of the year what would one of them be?

You are sure welcome to join with me.  We could keep each other accountable??:)


28.  stop pressing so hard to make work happen.  release.

29.  write my heart more


*Sugarboo* inspired hand painted sign


Over the summer my friend Lisa introduced me to Sugarboo Designs and I LOVE them.  Sugarboo has been the inspiration for so many of the signs on Etsy & Pinterest.  Nobody can come close but it is sure fun to try…and cheaper;)

Words are like sandpaper.  They can shape you..cut deeply into the grain of your soul.

I have a festish for words.  Today I am working on a word wall collage.  Give me a year

and I may have my whole house covered.

Everywhere I look in my house I will be lifted……..up

words that build up

not tear down

After all…we are said to be living letters.  My life speaks about who I am ( and becoming ) on the inside .. everywhere I go.

Words soak into my spirit like water.  Right now I’m thirsty.

What goes in.. comes out.  I am hoping that I will be more conscience of the words that come out of

my mouth.

and the leaves are fallingsomewhere so is a heartlet me be not be in such a hurry that I don’t notice.  today.


are you in a hurry that you don’t take the time to notice?
Linking up with Remodelaholic Friday



more ‘words’ to come.  thank you thank you to all of you!



26.   waiting.  what am I supposed to do with my life now.  waiting is hard for me.

27.   trusting.  giving worries to God today so I can hear.






how is Pinterest inspiring you?…& Sunday time

Pinterest is the best thing since mac & cheese for the ‘creative challenged’. 
Did you see these little dish cloths?  Click *here* for her easy tutorial.  Really cute idea..I just added a matching zig zag.


I have used a sponge since I became a wife…years but they do get stinky
I saw this as a way I could save a little bit of money.  3.99 ( @ Target ) got me 6 cloths.  One for each day.  And their washable..bonus! 
I had all of the other supplies already..fabric, threat & heatbond.
I now have sweet & * happy* reusable dishcloths.   Although I don’t think you could bleach this fabric.  Maybe colorsafe?  I am going to make some for gifts and use some different appliques.  Also cute for shower gifts on cloth diapers??  good ideas!
I didn’t buy 2 packs because Sundays have recently become off limits for any kind of work.  No blogging. no cleaning.  Sundays are for worshipping.breathing.being.enjoying & thanksgiving.  This is not following ‘rules’ it is a desire in my heart to take a day out of the week to slow down and spend real time with the kids.  We need each other.


Look what else I got 2 weeks ago.  There are 15 in my backyard.  What to build….

 : my heart

This is going to sound crazy but I realized this weekend that I am receiving.  Really taking any good thing .. in.  For the first time in my life.  I’ve lived with a wall over my head.  It has gotten in the way..not only of things getting out but things getting in. I don’t receive because I am afraid it will be taken away.  I am wondering if this wall between things getting in and things getting out.. is trust?  Anyhow – I’m receiving and it is filling an empty place.  I will share more on this on the way.  We have plenty of time don’t we?  No hurries.  Must take time to learn and savor.  This is blood, sweat & tears work.  I want to receive good gifts.  I want to share what I am learning in hopes that it will help you somehow.
 how are you at receiving good things?
what are your Sunday’s filled with?
May your Sunday be filled with ‘inner peace’ & outer adventure…love ya!


23.  trusting Him as I talk to him on the phone

24.   receiving his job as a answer

25.   trusting that God is stepping into the role of husband and father.  I’m never alone.  never

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my easy dinner night & a sneaky peeky


wanna hear my new easy dinner night?  It is  “ every momma & kid for himself “ night.  Every Thursday we are celebrating it.  Since we are on a budget and are now eating at home -  come Thursday we have leftovers.  It gives me a break from cooking.  Simple as that.  I had a bowl of cereal and pasta with Earth Balance and parm.  Real healthy huh?


lots of projects this week.  here is a peek at a sign.  I got the neutrals done and now am working on the colors.  The colors are by far my favorite.  I a working on a special Christmas one.  I hope to have them up on Monday so come on back.  Maybe we can all go visit Suzanne and have some coffee or tea..may we?;)


How’s my heart you ask?

It is in training.  The sweaty stinky kind.  I am training my mind to seek His help continually, even when I feel competent to handle it by myself.  ( Jesus Calling)  I am taking each day as a separate block of time and that is what I must live in.  I am doing this by

  • releasing all my worries for that day to Him
  • thanking Him for each circumstances
  • I am aware of my value now.  I am working on my fears by doing it afraid. 

I am making my mind strong.  A strong mind effects all areas of life.  Turning 40 was a pivotal year.  I began exercising for the first time and I felt stronger.  That is when I began to put 2 and 2 together that my mind was getting stronger…which was making my body stronger which made me emotionally & spiritually stronger. 

The change I longed to see in my life and my family really began when I became willing to do the hard thing..and change myself.

Do you want to be a strong woman?  maybe you are stuck in a bad circumstance.  It begins with you.  Start there.  Forget the other stuff.  Start with YOU because

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Friday is my clean house day..bathrooms here I come

is there anything you do routinely on Fridays?




21.   went through the self checkout

22.   got of the couch @ Beauty Brands…long story



now tell me, ” what did you do today?”

You know how the CHI revolutionized our hair?  You just HAD to have one?

I honestly do not know what I would do without it!

That is how I feel about this devotional book.  Jesus Calling.

This is what I wished I’d had when I first believed.  It is a practical relationship book:)

Jesus Calling + my moleskin + consciously practicing it daily  = grow

 If you don’t have one.  Get one.  It is that good!



Have you been watching X Factor?  Oh my..the first show in a long time that I have to watch.

The whole vibe of dreams coming true..and the story line of people’s lives..gets me every time.



For dinner I am grilling chicken,baking potatoes with olive oil and garlic salt and a can of corn

all from  Trader Joe’s;)  Grace is unloading the dishwasher telling me she wants to make “this recipe” they

cooked in FACS the other day.  I say sure!  ( I will share it in a later post.  It will bring back memories for some of you)

 I am debuting my hand painted signs this Saturday at a local barn sale.  So I am painting like a

crazed woman.

I have so many projects I’m working on…I promise one day it will be two weeks worth

of posts…ha!

These are the free crab apples we got at the fall festival over a week ago.  They are kinda

looking bad now so I thought I better get a quick picture.  Isn’t that one of God’s best colors?

Grace picked up the acorns from our tree out front.



I am looking forward to watching ” For Colored Girls” with Nikki tonight on Netflix


I can’t begin to thank all of you for your comments on Sundays post.  They were

a gift to my heart.  They were like balm…you are precious precious women.

What was your day like?



17.   saying *good morning* to two people on my walk this morning..& looked them in the eye

18.   answered two phone calls

19.   lived fully in today…mostly

20.   driving the yellow truck now