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In hindsight I realize my marriage separation was stepping through a Wall of Fear.  The pain I am feeling in my heart is blood rushing to the dead places.  Making alive again!  The dirt is caked under the cracks and crevices of my heart.  My heart needs washing in the Water.  I opened the door expecting to see what was written in my mind only today experiencing a different landscape. I wrestled last week with depression but this time..I didn’t do it alone.  I had courage with me.  I had God’s presence with me.  I can see some of the purpose in it all now.  At the end of the week He showed me that these last 10 years or so have been a wasteland..

a time of  preparation so that today I can begin living my dream!   My landscape has changed to a Sanctuary.  I am spiritually, emotionally & physically depleted.  I need to be filled, washed and restored.  He makes me lie down beside still waters.  This is one of the gifts of my landscape right now.  Time.  Time to be in His presence where the last traces of the Wasteland can be washed away.  A time of slowing down and being restored.




three words that surfaced last week.  They are hard words for me.  But I want to choose them.

For the first time I have written my dream down on paper.  I’ve carried this dream in embryo form all of these years.  It is scary to write down your dream.  It looms impossible doesn’t it?  I’ve picked up The Dream Giver after 10 years?  It spoke to my heart in a fresh new way.  I’m ready to hear it now.  I am still struck silent by what I think God is doing .. it is almost to big to even believe.  

I am choosing to live my dream from this day forward..not just live my life.  I choose to please Him not myself or others.  There is a dream that only I can fill.  I can’t wait to scribble it all down here.

Did you know there is a dream that you were made to fill?  one that is just for you?  you have had it since you were little. 
What have you always wanted to do but didn’t because life got in the way?  it is scary to write out isn’t it?


29.   choosing the dream
30.   fighting the giant..depression
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kerrie - this speaks to me on so many levels this morning. I too am completely broken from the past 11 yrs but what I am experiencing with God I cannot put to words yet. It is about lowliness and It is a beautiful place to be for me. His love has become more unmoving and I feel stability I have never had before.

I am also entering into my childhood dream of being an artist and that is bringing such happiness to my heart.

But really, most of all, I am completely happy to be laid down in the fields of mercy knowing I am my beloved's and He is mine. This is where I dwell and know life.

I know you know what I am talking about. ox

Abby - ahhh…sister. yes, time to dream and experience all of the strength that comes from His Heart and to live it too…it is never too late and always what has come before is never for nothing but redeemed and folded into the dream…xoxo {still pondering the core of the dream…living it though in many ways;}

julie - Awareness, trust, and obedience are words that have been surfacing for me. I'm still searching for the dream inside of me…

yolanda - You know that I am right there along with you in that wasteland. Today has been one of those days and weeks even. Hope you have a wonderful week. You are a courageous woman.

Glenda Childers - Time is such a blessing. What you are going through reminds me of pregnancy. It just takes time to develop a healthy baby and nothing you do can change that. Keep on keeping on, dearest.

Thanks for asking about the caffeine . . . it has been easy. And I have found lots of yummy decaf teas.



Glenda Childers - ps. I forgot to add to my comment . . . your headers are always so adorable. Do you do them yourself?

cheryl @ finding the - "This is one of the gifts of my landscape right now. Time. Time to be in His presence where the last traces of the Wasteland can be washed away. A time of slowing down and being restored."

There is wisdom in that, friend. Wonderful post.

Carolyn - Visiting from SDG. I love how you are looking at it differently now. Very much an encouragement to me. Thank you for that.

Melanie - this is absolutely beautiful!

Michelle - This is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Something I can take to heart because of the pruning God is doing to me right now with something he wants me to do. Something I am trying to get out of doing!

Amy Sullivan - Oh, my gosh. Love the great new header and tag line. . .so perfect.

Yes, I have a dream that is just for me, and I know it. I wrote before I could spell, and I made up stories before I could read. I am suppossed to write. Whew! It feels good saying it!

Shelly Miller - I think what we are born to do, our calling, comes alive in His timing, when the landscape is right for birthing it. Only He knows when that is. Inspired by your hope to move forward.

marlece - you live it girl, you believe!

Heart n Soul - Hey there, I have walked this road and know it well …. I finally walked into my dream in December of last year. I think you might like my story, I hope it speaks to you that anything is truly possible …. http://heartsoulexchange.blogspot.com/search/labe

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