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pumpkin brownies: a printable recipe


Hello sweet girlfriends.  Oh how I am grateful for each one of you.   I am sitting here cutting out letters for a sign I am making for our dainty house.  I will show it to you when I’m done but for now I have been wanting to share a family favorite fall recipe called Pumkin Brownies.  We moved in 2 weeks ago which meant I had to go digging but I finally found itAnd the best part? 

It is a refrigerated dessert!

I let Grace make the whole thing pretty much by herself.  It is a rainy 60 degree day and I did 8 loads of laundry – cleaned our whole “dainty house”- took a shower – pinned to my hearts content on Pinterest – did a few things with the blog – worked on Becky’s owl shirt and she ..Grace..had had it!  She was bored!

I reluctantly muttered in my head that I didn’t want to clean up all of the mess got out all of the ingrediants and set her to work.

the end result.  Oh was I ever so glad I dirtied up the kitchen.  We had Reed, Karalina & little miss Khloey over for the night and we ALL enjoyed a little late birthday celebration with this big guy:) 


Happy 17th Birthday…a week late;)

Print the recipe off and make your sweet families and enjoy the best brownies they’ve ever had.

Printable Recipe

Sharing this recipe and my heart with the SDG girls today…its been way to long:)


grace & peace~tgbg


what if you weren’t who you were created to be?

Living life in monotone.  That pretty much sums it up my life in four little words.  The choices I’ve made so young in life have impacted where I find myself  at in midlife.  I don’t think I’m that much different than anybody else..not really.

What makes you come alive?  Have you spent your whole life doing a job that you don’t like?  Maybe just being a human being and not knowing what  you are really supposed to do with this “time” you’ve been given.  Whatever the case…it leaves you feeling empty..and not just empty but angry even?  and you just thought that is what you were.  We’ve given up that this is the way it is meant to be.


Until that moment in time that only God knows aligns….and everything as you knew it..even yourself blurs and you are left bereft.. forced even…not sure where you are or even who you are.  Washed ashore on a abandoned island….left to survive.  But this time it is different.  It is you and you alone that get to choose what you will put in and what you will not.

::I am left wondering today if all of the choices I’ve made were for this very purpose::

to lead me to who I was meant to be.

I am going to whisper it in your ear…ready?  I’m a creator.

I have NO idea what that even means … yet.  Since I was 16 I’ve been a wife and a mom.  Pouring out my life.. into theirs.

                           Now - I’m excavating ME on an island and have begun to choose  what I will put into my life and what I won’t.

and I am finding my heart beats a little faster..and the hand of grace holds mine as I apply pressure to the shovel and sink it deep into the soul soil.

and I laugh..a Sarah kinda laugh.  Really?  maybe He is doing something in my days that even if He told me I wouldn’t believe Him…maybe we are never to old for God to do something new with us.

grace & peace~tgbg


“whoo” is ready for fall?

Crisp air..candles..blankets..steaming cups..comfort & home.  To me FALL is a feeling.  It is the time of year to draw close. To give.  I am expectant today for Kellie’s Fall Festival over at Nest of Posies.  Each Wednesday she is doing a linkup party.  And we’re invited?  I would love to bring a friend..will you come with me and let’s peruse and begin to transform our homes into a fallish cocoon of warmth that welcomes the senses of  family, friend & stranger.

::here are a few creations I would love to share::


 What comes in handy on those chilly game nights when your hair is whipping frenzied in your face?  with fall weather comes hats!  I am a hat girl through and through.  It is easy.  I can dress up a T.  I can hide my dirty hair:) get the idea.  Here are two of Urban Jane’s military hats.  I picked two that I thought looked fallish for you all.


And this little missy went over big at the fair..and not with just kids!  There is a lady that wants me to make her one!:)  Hoo isn’t in love with owls these days?  I am going to make my Karalina & Kholey matching T’s for fall pictures soon.  I also added one of these.  My latest obsession in flower making.


**I can make these in any size.  Long sleeve or short sleeve.  And onsies.  and yes even adult sizes too:)  I have lots of designer fabrics to choose from.  All of these fallish finds will be in my Etsy store Urban Jane Designs.  I will be adding our flower clips in the next day.  If you would love to like me…please visit Urban Jane Designs Facebook page to stay in the know on all of the upcoming additions to the store.

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s fall linkups..what about you?  I love fall and I am on the lookout for inspiration for Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality Door Decor Fall linkup Thursday September 29.  I am on the hunt for front door ideas!  Are you ready?:)  Let me grab my coat:)

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welcoming fall with open arms~tgbg


urban jane designs – military hat debut:)


 happy Monday girls:)  your prayers and love..they lifted me up over the weekend.  I met the nicest people.  I did it afraid and I am so glad I did.   We did  well for our first time out of the gates and Gg  I did have fun and I eventually did breathe after I got it setup!  I had so much fun I am doinganother one on October 22:)

so without anymore rambling here they are.  They are adjustable and each one has an urban jane designs tag on the left side.  I like to wear them to dress up a tshirt…or cover my hair when I don’t want to wash and straighten it;)  Each one is unique and I make several different flowers which are all attached to a pin so you can remove them and pin them on a bag or a sweater.  They are simple and sweet. 

Urban Jane - Military Hat

Urban Jane - Military Hat

I can’t begin to find the words to  tell you how my heart is being filled by creating.  I am learning.  I am engaging God and He me…together we are writing a new story. 

I had to put unpacking and setting up house on hold last week due to the fair.  This week I am getting the garage all unpacked and then designing my little studio of this “dainty” house.

Speaking of  work spaces …have you seen Becky’s new studio?  I am so happy for her:)  The things she is adding to her Etsy shop are so me.  I love the words she uses right out of her life ..creating it into beauty for our homes and person.

Do it afraid glass pendant necklace

I am so thankful to Autumns Creek for making urban jane designs logo.  If your looking for one you would be inspired by her designs.

I have lots more hats & other urbanish things that I will be adding in the days and weeks ahead so keep checking back.    I also will be having a fun Facebook contest very soon. If you haven’t I would love and appreciate you to visit Urban Jane Designs Facebook page and give us a like…if you’d like;) to stay up to date on the new additions.

Urban Jane Designs Etsy store

Urban Jane Designs Facebook Page

If you have any questions please do not ever hesitate to email me and ask.  I value and appreciate all of your comments and love.

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Here’s to the start of a brand new week..





where will you find me today?

sssshhhh…i want to tell you a secret. today is the first day of our city fair.  the first day of urban jane design’s booth.  my booth.  me and God’s that is.  it was His idea ( i think:) and i am just doing what He says.  and i’m sick afraid.  the kind of afraid that makes you want to run..escape into oblivion where nobody can see you.  standing there in the open while complete strangers pass and look…and then?  they keep walking.  rejection.  that is what it is isn’t it?  afraid of rejection.  are you afraid of being rejected? me too.  today.

here is where my faith is going to work itself out in reality.  this is the “sign” the means if you will that God is going to use to help me grow.  one step at a time.  I said to Him when I woke up “ I will be all alone ” and He said “ I am always with you ” and I replied “ i don’t know what to say to them” and He said, “ I will show you what to say ” I’m not kidding you all..that is how it went down.  that simple.

so here is what i’m going to do.  TRUST


i’m going trusting as i submit it all to Him..this plan to leave and for Him to create a way for me to get out from under his control.  to provide for the kids and i.  how else can God accomplish that without me?  i’ve got to engage with God.  me and Him.  Him and me.  TRUST is how i do that.  As my spunky friend Becky will tell you lately…do it afraid!  His trust lifts me high above my reality…He puts His big hands around my waist and lifts me up to peer out..catching a glimpse of the unseen eternal know the one right?  it comes up right alongside our reality.  and i don’t know about you but i want to let God merge my seen reality  to the unseen eternal reality.  even if i don’t sell one thing..there must be a lesson He wants me to learn.

so today this is where you will find metiptoed to get a peek and as i do a hand simultaneously slips underneath me.. lifting me ..and i choose trust.  p.s.  that is me, grace & my nephew matthew in the balloon.  first time up in a hot air balloon:)


images captured by my daughter nikki ( urban jane photography)