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~~2 things~~ ok three

First - if you would love to join me in recovering a lost art…the handwritten..delivered right to your mailbox - will you kindly and ever so humbly leave your mailing address in the comment section or  in my inbox?  I promise not to share it with anyone else:))

And secondlywould you help me spread the word by copy & pasting this button in a post or on your sidebar linking to this post?

Third - I will write each one that leaves me an address.  It has to start somewhere right? 

Call me old fashioned but I miss going out to the mailbox and receiving a letter addressed to me from a friend or family. Nowadays.. it is junk mail and bills.

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I’m hungering down deep for a change.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love technology but something is missing.   When we moved to our dainty house a couple of weeks ago I uncovered a letter my grandma had written me years ago.  I was a young married girl.  Really young and already had two babies.  She was in Florida at the time and we were writing back and forth.  I can remember the feeling of opening the mailbox and seeing the letter there.  I would wait until a time when I was alone to open it and read the words written by her own hand.  Reading it that day was special because I could “see” and “touch” her handwriting.  It was like a piece of her that was left to me.  An email cannot do that.

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Why not with us?  Yeah- I know.  Time.  We all have crazy harried lives.  Me too.  But I refuse to keep taking part in it.  I am rebelling.  I want to do what I can to effect change in my little circle of influence to bring back simple to my life.  Bring back lost arts that brought joy and personal touches to lives.  What about you?  Would you join with me? 

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I send printable’s like these of to Staples.  It saves my ink.   Try making your own..or just buy some at your local OR even use a spiral notebook page ripped from your child’s notebook and us a plain ol’ envelope.  It worked for my grandma:)

Happy Handwriting…xo~tgbg

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Jen - LOVE this idea! I love receiving handwritten notes in the mail. My address is:

Jen Price

805B S. Birmingham St.

Wylie, TX 75098

Paula - Are you kidding, I would love mail from you!!!

Paula Chaffin

14874 FM 315

Palestine, Tx 75803

Can't wait!!!

laura - Oh, Tiffini, your words make my heart long. It is a special feeling, isn't it? That carefully opening of the envelop, the surprise inside. I have one of those crazy, harried lives right now. But this is just a season. Maybe I will join you soon in this lovely rebellion? It sounds like so much fun…

Sandy @ God Speaks T - I struggle with this…I agree that the beauty and excitement of a hand-written note is like no other. But I found for me, that before e-mail, blogs, and facebook, I simply failed to keep in contact with people.

Ideally, I like the concept of rebelling (as you so sweetly put it) and going back to beautiful and artfully prepared hand-written notes. But I know that for me, that would mean I simply lose touch with my loved ones. Because I wouldn't follow through. And then I'd beat myself up. Cuz that's how I am. :(


Oh wretched woman that I am.

I absolutely LOVE your pictures and the idea, though.



(came over from Jen Ferguson's blog roll)

Tara Lowry - got a hand written letter from one of our college students in Orlando…meant so much to me to see her handwriting. :)

My grandmother used to send me handwritten letters at least twice a month….miss them now that she is gone.

Jen - I love this — I'll message you my address. I think what has made my heart long at this post was the fact that you got a letter from your grandmother. Oh, how I treasure mine now that she is gone…

Amy Sullivan - Ohhhh, you know I want some handwritten mail. I wrote about that lost art a couple months ago. I read and reread the mail that hangs on my fridge.

You are always good with the ideas my friend…seriously, when do you have time?

Pamela - Oh…I did a series recently on the lost art of letter writing. This is such a kind and special idea. I will send my address. I can't quite figure out how to get your link on my side bar, but if I can't I'll surely put it in the next post.



maria b. - Tiffini,

It is fun to receive a handwritten letter. There is really nothing like it. I have to make myself sit down and write because I am used to just typing.

But the art of letter writing is truly a gift to the receiver.

Yes, I would love to join you in this rebellion. But can I email you the address instead?


Christy - Oh Tiffini what a beautiful idea! I adore, adore, adore getting snail mail. It makes my heart smile. I got some new stationery a few weeks ago to begin sending more snail mail to those I love. (it is also a goal to send two things by snail mail each month for a year) You have the BEST ideas. Hope you are well. <3

Glenda Childers - Our family has a huge history of letters sent from city to city, country to country and continent to continet. And now with Christy in England, I am back to using the post on a regular basis.

I love it all . . . the choosing of paper and pen, the writing, the stamping, the mailing, the receiving. Bravo for encouraging more love in the mailbox.

I'll send my address and would love to fill yours, too.



Deb Hearn - I would love one!! Thanks for reminding us of the way things used to be,,,before technology. Revive a lost 'art'!! Love the Art Journal too… I am a Fine Art major mom with so much on my plate…and my artsy side has been put aside. Maybe I can revive that too! Blessings! Deb

Deb Hearn

922 N 300 W

Kokomo, Indiana 46901

abby - I was just sent a link to this post by one of your readers. I had just written a post about snail mail when she left me a comment. It seems that I am not the only one with snail mail on my mind.

I really like your blog. I'm glad she sent me the link!