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Happy Friday!  Oh how I pray your weekend be full of crisp fall joy!  We have lots of to-do”ing” to accomplish around the house.  It is supposed to be the perfect weather to work outside.  What are you doing this weekend?  any fun plans?  I would love to go see Courageous.  I’m sure some of you will get there before me so be sure to let us all know.



blank notecards or paper folded in half etc.

scrap fabrics & papers, sewing machine ( optional) threads in fun colors, cut out pictures from magazines that you love ( sew or glue them on ) draw pictures, write a poem in your prettiest handwriting..maybe a favorite quote, stickers, rubber stamps…and so on.  Virtually anything you have laying around you can make a one of a kind card for someone you love.

Now for the notecards.  The only thing I bought was a pack of blank notecards @ Hobby Lobby.  I think it had 8 in the package for 3.00.  I now wish I would have bought white as well.  Next I rummaged through all of my scrap tubs filled with papers, fabrics etc.  I was going to stamp words but my “e” was missing and for some reason every word I wanted had an “e” in it!

I have found a new little fetish…sewing on paper!  It is rather addicting.  With that in mind I sewed most all of my cards. Have you ever tried sewing on paper?  If not – try it!

Then I cut out shapes..a heart. SO. SIMPLE.  I wanted to keep it all basic and easy.  I didn’t have much time to dedicate to them but I wanted them to be simply sweet.  I am happy with how they all turned out!  What do you think?  The little flower one is my favorite’s.  It was actually petals I had cut to put on a onsie!  Now it is a card.  Sewing on paper is just like sewing on cloth.  I feel as if a whole new world has opened up for me.

Click here for part one of this post.

The old typewriter font of thethanksgiving quote caught my eye onPinterest.  I re-created mine in word and used a free font called{ rough typewriter} foundhere.  From a Trader Joe’s bag I cut the size of a piece of paper and stuck it in the printer and hit print.  Voila!

All they need is a stamp and they are ready to be sent off to some very special people!

{ my heart update}

I got a sweet treat in the mailbox myself.  It made my heart melt in tears. Does stuff do that to you?  I cried…even more when I read the story of Tilly.  It was just what I needed to read at that exact moment.  It is these little things that God is putting in my day.  I think they have always been there.  Now I am just “seeing” them.  They are giving me that extra nudge.  Telling me I am ok. That I am going to make it.  Maybe my courage is being tested.  God wants me to know how strong I am with Him but sometimes it paralyzes me with fears and doubts and I want to turn tail and run.  I don’t mean a little run I mean one far away one. In another country kinda run.  But I don’t.  I won’t.  It feels that way sometimes. a lot of times.  This perpetual process is daily.  It is choosing to trust Him and not me.  It is a want to.  I’m grateful that the running wants ebbs and flows.  They do not stay. What about you today?  Is your courage being tested?  Do you want to run too sometimes?




1.  asking a question with several people standing around me

2.  having an open hand with changing circumstances every time it came to mind

3.  keep pursuing my dream.today.

4.  looking people in the eyes


Paula - Where are our blue eyes? I click on expecting them to brighten my day and the first time I think, she working on her page, it must be a mistake. Today, I'm thinking…where are my blue eyes!!!

The weather is cool here for a change!! Praying a refreshing weekend for you!

Love you friend!!


Abby - Oh! it makes me smile thinking of you making these, friend:} I smile to picture you settling into your house and all that you are noticing of His Great Love for you…is there ever anything else to see?

Sending you love and yes, you know, my courage fails often…I am choosing to hope and see Him revive my heart to long for the woman I know He can make me to be:}}

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - i definitely have those wanting to run moments. it's really during those times of complete and utter dispair that i know HE is with me the most. i have no where else to turn to and that is ultimately making me stretch and grow. in the end i'll be so strong. it's something to look forward too:) love you friend. praying that you have a hard belly laugh today. it's just what you need!

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