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{diy} simply sweet notecards


Happy Friday!  Oh how I pray your weekend be full of crisp fall joy!  We have lots of to-do”ing” to accomplish around the house.  It is supposed to be the perfect weather to work outside.  What are you doing this weekend?  any fun plans?  I would love to go see Courageous.  I’m sure some of you will get there before me so be sure to let us all know.



blank notecards or paper folded in half etc.

scrap fabrics & papers, sewing machine ( optional) threads in fun colors, cut out pictures from magazines that you love ( sew or glue them on ) draw pictures, write a poem in your prettiest handwriting..maybe a favorite quote, stickers, rubber stamps…and so on.  Virtually anything you have laying around you can make a one of a kind card for someone you love.

Now for the notecards.  The only thing I bought was a pack of blank notecards @ Hobby Lobby.  I think it had 8 in the package for 3.00.  I now wish I would have bought white as well.  Next I rummaged through all of my scrap tubs filled with papers, fabrics etc.  I was going to stamp words but my “e” was missing and for some reason every word I wanted had an “e” in it!

I have found a new little fetish…sewing on paper!  It is rather addicting.  With that in mind I sewed most all of my cards. Have you ever tried sewing on paper?  If not – try it!

Then I cut out shapes..a heart. SO. SIMPLE.  I wanted to keep it all basic and easy.  I didn’t have much time to dedicate to them but I wanted them to be simply sweet.  I am happy with how they all turned out!  What do you think?  The little flower one is my favorite’s.  It was actually petals I had cut to put on a onsie!  Now it is a card.  Sewing on paper is just like sewing on cloth.  I feel as if a whole new world has opened up for me.

Click here for part one of this post.

The old typewriter font of thethanksgiving quote caught my eye onPinterest.  I re-created mine in word and used a free font called{ rough typewriter} foundhere.  From a Trader Joe’s bag I cut the size of a piece of paper and stuck it in the printer and hit print.  Voila!

All they need is a stamp and they are ready to be sent off to some very special people!

{ my heart update}

I got a sweet treat in the mailbox myself.  It made my heart melt in tears. Does stuff do that to you?  I cried…even more when I read the story of Tilly.  It was just what I needed to read at that exact moment.  It is these little things that God is putting in my day.  I think they have always been there.  Now I am just “seeing” them.  They are giving me that extra nudge.  Telling me I am ok. That I am going to make it.  Maybe my courage is being tested.  God wants me to know how strong I am with Him but sometimes it paralyzes me with fears and doubts and I want to turn tail and run.  I don’t mean a little run I mean one far away one. In another country kinda run.  But I don’t.  I won’t.  It feels that way sometimes. a lot of times.  This perpetual process is daily.  It is choosing to trust Him and not me.  It is a want to.  I’m grateful that the running wants ebbs and flows.  They do not stay. What about you today?  Is your courage being tested?  Do you want to run too sometimes?




1.  asking a question with several people standing around me

2.  having an open hand with changing circumstances every time it came to mind

3.  keep pursuing my

4.  looking people in the eyes


simple handmade notecards { a tutorial } & linkup

Link up your handmade notecards/stationary @ end of post..whatever!  no rules:)  

After I posted Can I send you something…for free bringing back the love of snail mail – I was in a conundrum…what was I going to use that was personal..simple..and handmade?  I could easily run down to the store and grab some stationary but this time I wanted it to come from my heart…to yours.  I was left with only one other choice…digging into my boxes of odds & ends.  And here are some snapshots of the result.  Simple.  What do you think?  I love them.

 I was inspired by other lovely ladies and I’ve shared a few below.  Pruse if you are so inclined:) I’m off to round up my Sharpie’s so I can get busy writing in those cards and mailing them out to YOU! 

If your interested in receiving a letter from moi…either leave your address in the comments or shoot me a quick email! 

 I will be back Friday with the How Toand a few more designs. 


{homemade by monica


what about you…yes YOU?

Are you a letter writer?  Have you made your own cards?  If so – I would love to see them.

Feel free to link you notecards..stationary..anything you would write on to send somebody

below OK?  Let’s get to creating cheap..simple notecards shall we?




drove to grandma’s has been 20 years
going to Trader Joe’s by myself
urban jane
taking long hard looks at where I’ve come and where I’m going..then making a plan

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Fantabulous Friday!


fear of people

the phone rings…heart races..gloom & doom feelings..panic and I can’t answer it
the doorbell rings and dread.  Sick feelings.  I can’t talk right now.  I don’t answer it.

This is my life @ times.  Fear of people.  A phobia.  I don’t know.  I am a

loner..maybe.  I like my alone time.  I need it.   I also love people.  So why am I scared of them?   I often look at those extroverts and silently mourn that I am not more like that.  I don’t want to be someone other than ME but I DO want to be more open to people and not so fearful. 

Here is a short post from Donald Miller called Leaders Lead People Through Fear that I read last night that really encouraged me to stop and take time to look at where my life is at right now and perhaps ALL of the circumstances going on right this very minute are all new characters in the new story line of my life.  

For now – I am looking at the doorbells and phone calls and strangers around me in my daily life as practice..little lessons wrapped in flesh sent to gently let me learn that I will not die when engaging in talking to people.

::they can’t hurt me..really
::that I don’t have to be a prisoner of these fear feelings for the rest of my life.
::I can do it even though I’m afraid.

I will get back to you and let you know how it is going:) 

do people scare you?  if so, what do you do that helps you?
Maybe it will encourage you as well.  Happy Weekending:)

may I send you something…for free?


~~2 things~~ ok three

First - if you would love to join me in recovering a lost art…the handwritten..delivered right to your mailbox - will you kindly and ever so humbly leave your mailing address in the comment section or  in my inbox?  I promise not to share it with anyone else:))

And secondlywould you help me spread the word by copy & pasting this button in a post or on your sidebar linking to this post?

Third - I will write each one that leaves me an address.  It has to start somewhere right? 

Call me old fashioned but I miss going out to the mailbox and receiving a letter addressed to me from a friend or family. Nowadays.. it is junk mail and bills.

 {Under the Sycamore }

I’m hungering down deep for a change.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love technology but something is missing.   When we moved to our dainty house a couple of weeks ago I uncovered a letter my grandma had written me years ago.  I was a young married girl.  Really young and already had two babies.  She was in Florida at the time and we were writing back and forth.  I can remember the feeling of opening the mailbox and seeing the letter there.  I would wait until a time when I was alone to open it and read the words written by her own hand.  Reading it that day was special because I could “see” and “touch” her handwriting.  It was like a piece of her that was left to me.  An email cannot do that.

{the HandMade Home } 

Why not with us?  Yeah- I know.  Time.  We all have crazy harried lives.  Me too.  But I refuse to keep taking part in it.  I am rebelling.  I want to do what I can to effect change in my little circle of influence to bring back simple to my life.  Bring back lost arts that brought joy and personal touches to lives.  What about you?  Would you join with me? 

{JuneLily Studio}


{Love Obsess & Inspire}

( resource )

 {Hello Friend}

 {All Things Simple}

thank my god

 {Jones Design}

{jennifer @ Studio JRU}


I send printable’s like these of to Staples.  It saves my ink.   Try making your own..or just buy some at your local OR even use a spiral notebook page ripped from your child’s notebook and us a plain ol’ envelope.  It worked for my grandma:)

Happy Handwriting…xo~tgbg

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why would someone choose to be a butt Dr.?

I ask myself this question everytime I go visit my GI … Dr. V

Why share this in today’s post?  Well..first thing that comes to mind is…we all have them….bums.  It is the most godawful embarrassing place to go talk with someone about.  Right above or below..can’t decide..the pap smear.   And when we have a concern about it we need to go to the Dr. and see what’s up.  I’m glad I did.  My symptoms were freaking me out coupled with the frantic internet search… I just knew I was dying!  I did find out I have severe Ulcerative Colitis and was NOT dying.


I went for my office visit last week and the Dr. determined that the Remicade has failed and he is going to try and get me approved for Cimzia.  And then WHAM! the dreaded colonscopy was scheduled for Wednesday ( today).  I knew this was coming.  I know my body and I was no longer symptom free.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am approved.

STILL the thought of laying there with someone looking at my bum…ugh!  Even though I’m drugged I’m sure I still know!  You know?

I’m thankful I went but I still don’t have to like this colonoscopy thing right?

God gives some the gift of heart and knowledge to save lives..yes..even our bottoms can get sick:)  When its time: have your colonoscopy!


My day will be under the influence of drugs but I pray
your day be sprinkled with little gifts that you would take time to enjoy:)
have you noticed a gift yet today … that you would like to share?



image made from Life Made Lovely…enjoy!