Day 71 of 72 : how to cook an easy meal


This feels like AA meeting.  Like some of you I am a Pinterest user.  Not a full blown addict .. yet?;)  but it is fast becoming my virtual cookbook. books to take up space in my already full kitchen…maybe.   Is anyone else as crazy about the recipe’s as I am?  Tara shared some Pinterest kid tested mother approved recipe’s you might want to put on your menu plan.

I am using the crockpot this week because we’re moving!  

Since I’m busy packing throwing stuff in boxes I wanted to share a recipe that is easy.  3 ingredients!  add some rice and green beans and your good to go.

Click here for the recipe and here is a picture of my attempt….

It really was so easyYou could do it in 5 minutes before walking out the door for work. 

The Verdict

The kids did not like the pineapple so they didn’t eat that.  The sauce has a slight kick..could use more in my opinion.  Ample sauce for the rice ( always good:)  This is a relatively cheap easy meal for single moms.  I’m going to attempt to find recipe’s that are healthy, minimally processed and cheap.  NOW THAT is a challenge!    The kids voted it a keeper.  Next time I am going to kick it up a notch. I sprayed the crock pot with non stick spray and it really does clean up easy!

 Six Sister’s Hawaiian BBQ Chicken!

now it’s your turn:

What is one of your families favorite EASY go to meals? 

all my love~tgbg

Click on my Pinterest button to take you to my boards where you can see other followers and their food boards.  Worth perusing a little if your interested in some delightful recipes!



Amy Sullivan - Our easy go-to reciepe is so easy it's almost embarrassing to type. Grab some chicken breasts, toss them in the crockpot, throw in your favorite salsa and cook all day. Add some motz cheese and ta-da, Salsa chicken.

Random: So I just clicked over from a comment you left at my place (not how I usually get here, usually I come from my reader). It brought your profile up which I hadn't read in…hmmm, a long time. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know there is a type-o on your profile. It says you have five kids and surely you hit the wrong key. Right? Ha! But seriously, I did not remember that you had five kids!

Privet and Holly - It is DAY 72/72 and you

are moving today….how

serendipitous is that??

And so sweet of you to

still put up a post. I

didn't KNOW about the

recipes on Pinterest…

this could be dangerous!!

So excited to hear THE

HOUSE story. That Grace

is a cutie. Good luck

with it all, girlie, and


xx Suzanne

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