Day 68 of 72 : do you have an after school routine?

I was working at the computer ( c’mon ya’ll – you know this moment right;) “will you sit outside with me” was the question she asked me night before last.

She’s 12 after all!.  Honestly – I didn’t want to right then.  I wanted to bury myself back in my work.   My heart wouldn’t let me though.  It tugged.  There isn’t much time left.  I should know that by now with 3 grown ones right?  The years are like a breath and their gone.  So I closed the computer and said ” sure” and her eye’s smiled the same as her mouth and we went outside.  ” do you want to ride bikes?”  Before  I could analyze ( one of my weakness ) I was on the blue bike…she on white and off we went like after school girlfriends.  Up hills and ( thank God for downhills ) the wind blowing our hair and her saying…” doesn’t this feel good mom?” did feel good.  The good down in the soul kinda good!  Then we finished off our bike ride with 20 lunges down the driveway….( and can I feel that today)

do you have to make yourself stop working to play?  I am looking for inspiring ways to engage the kids after school.  Even the big ones want to spend time with us…I believe it is every bit as important don’t you?  We cannot let the busyness of our times steal away our time with them right?:)

Where do you tuck in those ” just being” after school moments with your kids?

Do you have special dates with them?  a night? maybe special foods?  places you go?
Tell me..Tell me…

I would love to hear and learn and maybe steal some ideas from you…ha!






LLH Designs - I just love this, Tiff! Love that you felt the wind against your face on a bike ride with your girl! Love that you said YES to her…and are saying yes to the Lord! I want to be so much better at both. Because you are right…it's but a breath! Thanks for inspiring me!



LLH Designs - Love this, Tiff! Love that you felt the wind against your face on a bike ride with your girl! Love that you said YES to her and are saying YES to the Lord! Thanks for inspiring me today. I want to be more of a YES mama!



LLH Designs - Funny. I wrote one comment, but it said there was an error, so I wrote another because the first one disappeared. But now here they both are! Oops! Love you twice!

Lisa @Granola Cathol - We take our tea time after school. Since we get home at 4 or later, my kids are famished. So we do an English type tea, with light food to eat. Everyone sits down for 30 minutes to eat and decompress about their day. It is a great way to transition to being home before hurrying off to do homework and make dinner.

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - i completely relate to this post. i have my nose stuck in my computer or in my phone way way too much. you are right. it is like a vapor and poof it's gone. thank you for the gentle reminder to pay attention to what's most important.

tkilgore - I love ya twice too;) and you inspire me all of the time!

tkilgore - now that is a good idea Lisa! time inbetween to decompress…

tkilgore - always always to myself first…somedays I am on the brink of throwing all technology out the window and running to the prairie…until I had to straighten my hair!

Amy Sullivan - At times, I find it really hard to force myself to stop working because let's get real, how much time do we get to ourselves? But you are right, these precious moments where our kids actually like us and think we are fun won't last long.

Right now, I am loving after school time! We have a routine. Snack, usually popcorn. Time outside, usually on the playset. Homework, lounging, and reading.

ps Your daughter is stunning and your photography is crazy good. Hope you are doing something with that gift!

Jen - Um, yes, I have a very hard time letting work go and making time to play. I would love some more ideas on how to play around more with my kids, too! One thing that I have been more intentional about is spending more time talking as they are going to sleep at night. Cuddling in the bed leads to some sweet conversations.

Privet and Holly - This is such a

perfect reminder,

especially with

school around the

corner next week,

to remember to just

BE with them and

not just co-exist.

My 16-year old still

doesn't have her driver's

license….Put it off

because, "Some of our

best talks are in the

car, Mommy!" Maybe 'cause

I'm a captive audience?

I still think that time

with a snack at the counter

is the BEST….call me

Donna Reed or Mrs. Cleaver,

but it's true : ) !!

Especially if you have

something really yummy.

Here's to the wind in

our hair and a child in

our arms!

xx Suzanne

Jennifer - Yes! I have to make myself stop working to play. Sad, but true and really something I am working on. I feel so much better after taking the time away from things. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your precious daughter. Special memories made!

amanda - It's so hard, this silly pull of technology. And your comment made me laugh – I'd run off to the prarie until I needed to straighten my hair! So funny (me too, sister!) Good for you for stepping away and enjoying the moment with your daughter. When I do it, and it's not often enough, I'm always glad I did. And it ends up being the highlight of my day. Hope you have a great weekend.

kerrie - Every year it changes but yes we do have after school routines. Last year I would pick up my two youngest, daughter and son, from H.S and we would almost always go thru the McD's drive thru. This was special to them because they have been raised on health food from me being an 'all natural' homemade is best Mommie(My B.A degree is in Food and Nutrition). This year it is just my son and we have been stopping off at the market for a cold ice tea or smoothie. We have planned to soon go to the gym together and swim. He is my youngest and misses his siblings so he likes to do special things. He is the reason I remain home full time. He wanted me here. I love that he wants me home. My daughter has joined her sister at our community college and we have our special times…like going out to coffee/tea or a girlie movie. I even have special routines with my oldest son when he gets home from work. I make him a meal that he loves or just listen to how his day was. I will really miss them when they move out. It does go by way too fast. Enjoy every minute. BTW…we still ride bikes together. ox

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