Day 67 of 72 : I had a baby in a cattle trough


Yep – you read that right.  I did.  My aunt is a nurse midwife.  I gave birth to my third child with my mom, grandma, my best friend, my sister and brother in law and the two girls upstairs while I blew bubbles in the water.  I remember that.  On all fours .. breathing through the contractions and hearing bubbles.  The things you do.  I was young and easily swayed with my aunt’s all natural approach to birth.    The first two births we in a hospital but no drugs!  Do any of you remember those days?  The days of all natural childbirth?  Oh my goodness!  What was I thinking!  I did it though.  Twice.  The girls were a year apart.  I breastfed Nikki you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding.  So not true.  Three months later there was a red line on the test kit!

{This is what the tank looked like only ours was new and clean..not something that had been on the farm}

Three years later we I thought a home birth…why not?  Let’s just go all the way and have a water birth.  And I did!   Reece was born under water!   We kept the cattle trough in the garage covered in plastic until I went into labor.  I think it was ” the trough” that all the birthing families shared.  Kinda gross huh?  It wasn’t though.  It was sanitized and kept sterile until needed.  I do have pictures of all of this.  Not the really graphic ones but I do have proof that this crazy woman gave birth in water.

I really forget about all of that stuff.  The birthing stuff.  It has been so many years.  I don’t know why I thought of it the other day other than I might share something with all of you that you didn’t know about me.

A quick after thought:  Dakota, my fourth child, I had natural as well and it was an old fashioned hospital experience { yuck!}...stirrups, drapes and the whole bit.  Way different than my first three.  But Grace, that girl has been the easiest baby from day one and you know what?  I had an epidural, a four hour labor and it was a breeze!!

Moral of the story:  Take the drugs…get an epidural!…haha!

Now it is your turn.  Make me laugh.  I need a good laugh:)  
Would you share something with me that I don’t know about you?
Or do you have a birth story to tell?..:)


Keeping it light and fun while the chaos continues….Linking up with Jen and the SDG girls!


LLH Designs - Oh, girl, you know my birth stories – 46-hour labor with the first and near death with the second. It wasn't pretty, but as we both know now: God makes broken things beautiful! And He restores the years the locusts eat.

Love hearing pieces of your story.



Glenda Childers - I delivered two babies with no drugs too . . . crazy.



Eileen - Wow…a water birth. Cool! My son and I were just talking about the day he was born. I tried to go totally natural but begged for an epidural when I hit 5cm. After that, it was a breeze. I remember getting the shot and then inviting all my friends from the waiting room to just sit around and chit chat! When it was time to push, it took about 20 minutes and we had a beautiful little boy!

kendra - Tiffani,

I love your writings.

"I really forget about all of that stuff." This made me think back to all the hard times God moved me to conquer. This in turn gives me hope in the midst of this new heartbreaking storm.

My birthing story: I had my first at 19. My body would not completely labor. They had to do an emergency c-section, which meant cutting my belly vertically. I remember crying to my mom as they prepped me for the OR, "I don't know how to have a baby the right way." She was born. I was healed.

9 years later, I had my son by way of a scheduled c-section. With all that between pregnancies healing time, my body still would not labor. He was born, and my body is still recuperating.

I still hope God has another child destined for my scarred and stubborn womb. The pain makes my blondies that much more valuable.

Privet and Holly - I wanted drugs for

the second one, but

there was a very inexperienced

intern on call and the request

for the shot came late….

The epidural didn't kick in

until AFTER he was born, and

then, only on one side! So,

when I went to go to the

bathroom, I was like Quasimodo,

dragging one foot along. Not

pretty! But I didn't care,

he was longed for; almost four

years between my two kids….I

was on top of the world. YES,

you DO forget; God's magic.

xx Suzanne

Robyn Q - You are brave! Anyone who has ever birthed babies without epidurals are BRAVE…all the billions of you out there! A galvanized water trough, honey? That's one for books! Even this country girl never dreamed of such a thing. WOWZERS. I love it though. Really love how you share your stories, they are so so good. You build strength into others just by your telling. Keep it up!

Jen - That's awesome that you had a baby in a cattle trough! I did natural births with both of my kids and I loved it. We didn't make it to the hospital with my daughter but at least she was born in the dr's office. She was the first baby ever delivered in that office!

Paula - To me it was a personal. Fourteen year old girls do this everyday I would tell my husband, why can't I? Was God punishing me? After seven pregnancies we have been blessed with two Godly men and one Russian Princess! Blessings in Abundance!

tkilgore - Jen..that is way cool! and to be the first at something;)

tkilgore - oh my Suzanne…that is funny..not funny but you know;) I have heard of that..the drugs taking effect after the birth. It is amazing how immediately after you forget about the pain..staring at those amazing little creatures!

tkilgore - too! we watched tv and were laughing and I was laboring…weird!

tkilgore - yes…what an inspiration you are…I love us sharing pieces of our stories don't you?

tkilgore - He is so good isn't Het miss Paula? How is that Russian princess of yours anyway? xo

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