Day 47 of 72 : what do you do when your on the brink of the unknown?


when we are standing on the brink of the known and the unknown and all of our emotions dance dizzy in our heads and fear and trepidation want us to take their hands and run away but as we look to what is in front of us…some of decide to go ahead and take the dareand live to ring the bell of freedom.


these two did just that yesterday.

Praying for these kiddos as they spend the whole week being nurtured in the word and challenged to step out of their comfort zones into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is ( that is a song but can’t remember which one:)…with no way to contact home…they have to trust…people that are total strangers. ¬†It is also a test for me to trust the counselors with my kiddo. ¬†Letting go of control.

What emotions are inviting you to dance as you look to the unknown?
Are you going to take their hand or you going to take the dare to live?
Will you dare?


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Patti Hanan - I love the precious picture of the children at church camp. God bless every adult who works in the harvest field to bring children to the Lord and a deeper walk. And yes, may we all dare to live fully.

Michelle DeRusha - Stepping out into the unknown, taking a risk in His name — I am thinking on this a lot lately (maybe a post along these lines from me soon, too). And so glad you linked up again this week, T — I haven't been by here as much as I would like to. And I love the "new" look!

Amy Sullivan - T,

I'm so glad to read about your experiences before I must face them myself…at this time, camp still seems a little scary.

Praying for good things.

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - everything is unknown lately. big chick goes to junior high camp tomorrow…kind of an initiation type thing. i'm scared to death for her and she seems pretty okay. wish i could have just a little of her bravado. i'm tired to the core.

Privet and Holly - I've got a
family reunion
and a family
wedding this week.
I pray that I
can take it all
in without passing
judgement or feeling
compelled to comparison.
I just want to
love on my family
and extended family
and JUST BE. Just
take it all in.
That is my wish.
Sending prayers your
way that you'll survive
this week without your
sweet girl!!
xx Suzanne

Bobbi - Whoa…there's something I need to sit and ponder for a bit. Yowsers…I mean, thanks!!

Connie@raise your ey - "standing on the brink of the known and the unknown"…exactly where GOD wants us, I think…for we never really know what will happen in a day…in the next second…we just trust The One Who knows.

Praying for you all in this week of unknowns.

All for GOD,


lissa - I am regretting not sending my oldest to camp this year. Her friends left today and I sorta wish I'd sent her. I will make sure to make that a priority next year! Way to go mom! They're going to have the best time!

Shelly - We sent our youngest son to camp for the first time this year. It was a little scary but he came home with the camper of the week trophy and full of God's word! :) I think the unknown for me, is stepping out into ministry…writing, blogging, speaking, etc, and trusting that God is enough even when I'm not (which is always!). If only I had the full plan or could have a detailed conference call with God Himself, getting all the facts and strategies beforehand :) But, I guess, that would negate the need for faith and courage…Thanks for sharing!

Eileen - So thankful He is always, always with us as we step out into the unknown!

laura - Praying for these brave ones (and their brave mamma) as they step out in faith, Tiffini! Sometimes I think these things are easier for the young ones than for us. I need to practice this–trusting enough to risk. Such the challenge.

laura - Oh, and, the song? Did anyone else recognize Casting Crowns? The Voice of Truth. Such a good one.

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