Day 46 of 72 : it’s snowing!

snowy day

just kidding! It has been in the 100′s here for at least 2 weeks!  The weather makes me yearn for this…..  It has been super busy this week.  Lots to share.  I will be back to do so and I WILL VISIT Jen’s linkups over the weekend.  I feel so bad that I haven’t gotten to get around.

what is your weather making you yearn for?



Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - air conditioning;) i take my little fergie for walks a few times a day and come in drenched. so glad i don't have fur…poor thing.

kerrie - Your funny. I like that photo.

Rachel at Eat and Wr - Girl – you are making me pray for snow right now. Which I don't think will happen since, y'know, it's July and I'm in South Carolina. Can't wait for the Fall is all I have to say!

Jennifer - *sigh* that photo is just beautiful! I am yearning for a bit of that too. ;)

angela - I yearn for lemonade to go with the heat….but not snow! Even though this heat is more than this *summer lovin girl* wants, I STILL can't wish for snow and cold weather!!!

Eileen - The other day it was so hot, I thought of snow too! The verse in Isaiah came to mind…"Though your sins are red as crimson, I shall make the white as snow…" It was a very refreshing thought!

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