Day 43 of 72 : summer lunch idea & a secret addiction


the pouty face came walking out of the bedroom at 9 am…she was grumpy and BORED!  Ever have that in the summer?  Her bestest friend was not available so I was going to have to do and she wasn’t cracking.  I made jokes…told her we could go to JoAnn’s…that met with a mean look so I threw out ” Do you wanna go to get some frozen yogurt?”

” Really?” the eyes of sky opened wide and the sparkle came back.  Grumpy Grace said “sure, why not” ?  By the time I run into JoAnn’s it will be 11:00…that is lunch time isn’t it?  We are diehard fans of Orange Leaf but there is a new guy on the block and it wasn’t as far so we thought we should try Yogurtopia…Yogurt + Utopia…you get the idea:)

I had Tart with Reece’s Cup and Brownie Bites

Grace had cake batter with Cheesecakes Bites, Reece’s Cups, Sprinkles and I don’t know what else.  She mixes hers all together

I don’t:) I’m a neat girl that way.

Hey..they concur…yogurt for lunch!




Disappeared…yummy in our tummies.  Do you ever want something salty after eating something sweet?  McD’s fries were calling my name but I held my hand up and said ” no way dude “.  Or should I ask…Have you ever had Frozen Yogurt for lunch?

Ssshhhh….but that night I went through McD’s and got a small Mcflurry with extra Reece’s cup and it was EPIC as my son would say!  It is my secret: going through drive thru’s without telling anybody and eating bad stuff…don’t leave me hanging that I am the ONLY one?  I think they have a reality show about that ….

Happy Friday all.  Be safe.  Swim it up and go have some FroYo for lunch will ya?!!







Katharine - Lol- Sounds fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend!

Privet and Holly - I just love you!
Here's my dirty little
secret: McD's fries
DIPPED in one of their
chocolate shakes….
sweet AND salty ~
Yum-O. But only if
I've done the time
on the eliptical or
in spin class!!!
Hope your weekend is
off to a GREAT start,
xx Suzanne

Glenda Childers - I have only been to one of these new help yourself yogurt places once. I need to find one in Chicago. I like choosing my own amounts. (ie lots of nuts.)



ps. My mom use to say that one of my daughters, who shall remain unnamed,"pouted with her whole body." Sounds like yours does, too. :-)

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