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Day 47 of 72 : what do you do when your on the brink of the unknown?


when we are standing on the brink of the known and the unknown and all of our emotions dance dizzy in our heads and fear and trepidation want us to take their hands and run away but as we look to what is in front of us…some of decide to go ahead and take the dareand live to ring the bell of freedom.


these two did just that yesterday.

Praying for these kiddos as they spend the whole week being nurtured in the word and challenged to step out of their comfort zones into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is ( that is a song but can’t remember which one:)…with no way to contact home…they have to trust…people that are total strangers.  It is also a test for me to trust the counselors with my kiddo.  Letting go of control.

What emotions are inviting you to dance as you look to the unknown?
Are you going to take their hand or you going to take the dare to live?
Will you dare?


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Day 45 of 72 : I will not use the “S” word will you?

S C H O O L…..whew!

there I said it.  You are in one of two groups.


1) one who doesn’t think about school until a week before..saying ” tomorrow school starts?  really?!  and you make a mad dash to the nearest dept. store


2) you are a are already checking items off of your to do list


I am a #2 kinda girl. I have to budget…I feel another confession coming.  Another addiction…I LOVE walking into a store and seeing all of the school supplies…the crayons…opening the box and giving it a big sniff!  Weird maybe but I love love school supplies.  I have a pen fetish.  Have for years.  Anyway – back to the post.  Maybe I should have been a teacher….

Are you a last minute school shopper or do you plan…have you already started shopping?  If so – what are some of your favorite go to stores? Anyone have those ” tween ” kiddos that are so hard to buy for? Keeping it appropriate but still fashionable?  Me too… here are some of my favorite places to peruse…even if I don’t get to buy;)

Mini Boden & Johnny B..

Garnet Hill Kids

Matilda Jane ( there back to school collection is to die for…not really but the flesh says that;)…seriously AND their models are wearing big glasses just like Grace did in my header…too funny!)  Go browse will you?

Another gal…Paige over @ Simple Thoughts always has her girls dressed so cute.  You might check her out as the days draw closer;)  Well..happy Monday and I have some very fun suprises up my sleeve over the next couple of weeks.

Are you using the “S” word yet?


1st Day 5th grade

send the spring rain on our hearts today Father that they be broken by your plow so that we may be a plowed women…


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Day 44 of 72 : middle age hair & Ree & a homecoming & kids sayings…


When I look back over pictures of me when I’m middle aged ( besides the one where my eyes are closed or it looks like I’m picking my nose)  I’m not kidding…my family will attest to this.  I don’t know how these pictures happen they just do.  Anyway – back to the post. I’m most likely to find my hair like this…


a ponytail. It’s easy.  Maybe not as flattering but it takes forever to straighten my hair to wear down.  What is your ” go to ” hairstyle?

Close your eyes and pretend I’m Ty Pennington for this to work Ok? ….ready?  Here goes – Guess I only  have one more thing to say….Welcome Home Farmgirl Paints/Strahle FamilyWelcome Home!  That is my FAVORITE part of the gets me everytime.

I’ve re-fallen back in love with Ree…I stopped reading because most all of the food is so… full of guilt!  You know what I mean?  Then I saw these My brother’s Chicken Tacos I might just have to start working out a little harder…I just kid


Am I the only one who has kids that pick up quirky sayings and then use them on me? Here is Grace’s “ new thing ” to say

I just kid…really?

She will say something silly like–you gotta picture it like this….her big blue eyes looking to the skies with her lashes beating quick and hands over chest like in the movies…and she dramatically says to me….” You have so much to learn Mom”! and just as quickly, as the words come out,she grabs me and laughs saying…

I just kid…I just kid

and her laughter fills the room as she gets a kick out of herself.  The child of my old age.  How she lights up my life.

And one more thing…my favorite verse this week.  I have so much to say about these words…but I will leave them to hopfully speak to your heart just especially for you this Sunday.

In you the orphan finds mercy.”….Hosea  14:4 ( the last sentence in verse 4)










Day 43 of 72 : summer lunch idea & a secret addiction


the pouty face came walking out of the bedroom at 9 am…she was grumpy and BORED!  Ever have that in the summer?  Her bestest friend was not available so I was going to have to do and she wasn’t cracking.  I made jokes…told her we could go to JoAnn’s…that met with a mean look so I threw out ” Do you wanna go to get some frozen yogurt?”

” Really?” the eyes of sky opened wide and the sparkle came back.  Grumpy Grace said “sure, why not” ?  By the time I run into JoAnn’s it will be 11:00…that is lunch time isn’t it?  We are diehard fans of Orange Leaf but there is a new guy on the block and it wasn’t as far so we thought we should try Yogurtopia…Yogurt + Utopia…you get the idea:)

I had Tart with Reece’s Cup and Brownie Bites

Grace had cake batter with Cheesecakes Bites, Reece’s Cups, Sprinkles and I don’t know what else.  She mixes hers all together

I don’t:) I’m a neat girl that way.

Hey..they concur…yogurt for lunch!




Disappeared…yummy in our tummies.  Do you ever want something salty after eating something sweet?  McD’s fries were calling my name but I held my hand up and said ” no way dude “.  Or should I ask…Have you ever had Frozen Yogurt for lunch?

Ssshhhh….but that night I went through McD’s and got a small Mcflurry with extra Reece’s cup and it was EPIC as my son would say!  It is my secret: going through drive thru’s without telling anybody and eating bad stuff…don’t leave me hanging that I am the ONLY one?  I think they have a reality show about that ….

Happy Friday all.  Be safe.  Swim it up and go have some FroYo for lunch will ya?!!