Day 23 of 72 : the call

Almost like nine or so years of age.   I heard Him…I talked with Him.  for real.

Since then, He’s never left me alone. All these years.  Am I just now answering His call? It has been burning

in my bones for almost 15 years…this desire.  I’ve tried many things to extinguish it.

wander back in time…
is there a call you never answered..or did and then stopped
talking somewhere along the way?

photo credit Jakob Valling



Kara @ The Chuppies - I love this–

He calls.

He pursues.

Gives me chills…Him…so real.

Reminds me of lines from my favorite C.S. poem:

"Leaving the forests where you are pursued in vain

–Often a mere white gleam–I turn instead

To the appointed place where you pursue."

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - okay first things first. i love your new look! it's so beyond cute. makes me want a redo:) and i'm coming up blank on the call thing. when i went to camp as a little girl i felt the Lord call me to do deaf ministry. so weird. never followed through with that and have no desire. i really feel like i'm walking in my call now. and that's a good feeling. have a great day girlie.

Margaret Almon - I used to think of a call as an obligation or a duty, that God wouldn't call me to something I actually wanted to do. Now in my 40's, I'm realizing that my love of making art is my call, and it is part of the "wallpaper of lies" that you mentioned, to imagine that if a creative spark is within me, that God will arbitrarily decide I shouldn't use it.

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