Day 19 of 72 : bustin’ loose

October of 2003 was when this stone was written. 8 years it took me.  This time and place.  The time God knew would come all along. I wonder – even before we make that step of faith – He knows setting the wheels in motion.  “It is loosed” are the words that I’ve been saying today.  Weird I know!

I want to believe all of who God says He is. I want to take You at your very word.  You tell me that you Word is alive and powerful.   I’ve been reading story after story of what You have done for Your people. You are the same God that I’m reading about!

These three things He has been teaching me on the inside.  8 years ago…even 5 I wouldn’t have known this.  I do now.

To know I’m loved..His beloved

That I am courageous..and can do it even though I’m scared

I’m trusting Him and His word and I’m bustin’ loose…

I don’t know what these days and weeks and months ahead will unfold for us but I chuckle because I’ve been reading about Elijah and Elisha!

do you quietly wonder if Christians in our country would begin
to believe trust Him with all that they are and have what
would happen?…I do

Here is what my Grace Adventure counselor and I came up with the course was done.

I want to remember this through the rest of summer and beyond…

Tiffini is a playful - authentic - worthywoman….who is ENOUGH!
forgot to add..before you say the above words…it should read, ” by the grace of God I am”
The haappiest of weekends coming your way..xoxo each one of you~



Holly@A Life-Sized C - Absolutely wonderful! I love your rock too! How creative…

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - well amen to that. i need a rock;)

Pamela - Oh yes, by the grace of God. For without that grace I would be unhappy, bitter and depressed. Isn’t it thrilling that God can not only help us to be better, but help us to see that we are!

Blessings and joy,

Heart n Soul - How awesome…..a defining moment!….love it. Pop over soon and visit my recent post on my unforgettable moment. I also love that it was written on a rock – very significant :)

LLH Designs - I love this! Love the thought of you (and me) bustin' loose! Let's GO!!!!


laura - Hi, Tiffini,
I love the beauty of this space! Love too–the rock and the image of you "bustin' loose"! He unfetters us, doesn't He? I feel the freedom. LOVE IT!

Privet and Holly - Love all of
your words at
the end of the
post…so YOU : )
xx Suzanne

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