simple summer

no internet…not even a peek for three days.  I just didn’t. I breathed deeply the weekend we all had together.  This summer is almost

upon us and it has me reminiscing about summers long ago when my oldest three were small.

Sleeping until 10 and them eating breakfast while I hung clothes on the line

everyone scurrying around doing their chores

packing the cooler

laying out dinner for that evening

putting on our suits and packing the swim bag full of floaties, rings, towels and sunscreen

and we would stand in line at the local pool for the 1:00 opening time.

We’d play…I’d lay out:) until 4:00 and we would pack it all up and head home

tanned skin that smelled of Coppertone Water babies

just in time to make dinner for Daddy to come home.

and we would do it all over again the next day.  A simpler time.  A simpler life.

There was no internet, blogs, facebook, twitter and such to steal the hours away from each other like today

I miss that time.  I am wondering if I could do that again this summer?

Granted – Grace is almost 12 but before my last one slips over to ” to old” for that Mom I think I might like to try

After all – she does say she feels like she lives with old people and doesn’t get to do anything fun…

So maybe – God is giving me this summer to recreate a simple summer for Grace to savor for a very long

time…ok maybe for me to savor for a very long time…sigh

To put aside studying the Bible to much, praying to much, anxious that I’m doing it all ok much and start living it out in the

everyday…this summer.  ( cause sometimes I can get caught up in a works mentality and forget to I’ve got to live it mentality)


over the weekend we observed our thousands of tadpoles we have in our little fish pond.  Worrying that we might have

thousands of croaking frogs before long:)  Wishing I could sit and talk with all of you about how your holiday weekend was:)


wondering if you have any summer memories that you would
want to recreate.  A simple summer for you would be?


Humming Surfing in the USA,



lissa - I really like this post! I LOVE the thought of a simple summer! I think it's a fantastic idea! Then we can make more of these wonderful memories!

Glenda Childers - Tiffini,

I pray you have a wonderful sweet and simple summer. . . at least a few days each week. I enjoyed no computer over the weekend, as well.

I think I want to make a list of fun things to do this summer.

(Suzanne of Privet and Holly is calling it a "sandbox list.")



Glenda Childers - ps. I am home from the plastic surgeon . . . it was really quick and I am glad to be done.

Robyn Q - Oh my! How tad poles bring back memories! We had millions of them on the ranch when I was a kid. We played for hours and hours with all the frog stages. Simple is good is so many ways. But I LOVE technology, too. If I could balance it all to a healthy place….

Go make lasting memories!

Paula - I'm liking your idea! I loved sitting in the shade at the baby sitters raking up the dirt with an old measuring cup, adding just the right amount of water to make mud pies. Sitting on the concrete steps smelling the honeysuckle while her husband would cook the hamburgers and us kids were waiting for the lightening bugs to come out! Now that was summer!!

I'm loving your idea!!! How about we all come together once a week to connect over the summer so we don't disconnect?! Think about it? You know logistics.

I've been praying for you friend!!

Jennifer - I have been thinking the very same thing, Tiffini! My children are 14 and 11 and these childhood summers are slipping through my fingers. I want to savor all the summer goodness with them and lay aside some of my stuff for awhile. I'll let you know how it goes. . .

jenny - T- this reminded me of things forgotten. Lemonade and chocolate chip cookies and walking. Lots of walking. Building tents out of sheets. Swimming. Finding bugs and marveling. All good. No wonder I love summer.

Joybird - We'll miss you but I think you should follow that impulse and see where He takes you.

kerrie - I think I've been doing this every summer for the past 10 yrs. I really miss those times too. Miss the simple days. Three summers ago when my youngest two were 14 and 12 I did just what you are wanting to do. I bought them pool passes at the community pool(not the new fancy one in the newer part of our city, but the old one in the 100 yr. old park near our home) and we went to that pool every day. It was one of the best summers they ever had. They still talk about that summer. So, try your best to do it for your Gracie. She isn't too old yet. And she will remember it forever. And do it for you…You need a summer vacation too…you need to get out and away from the suffering of a broken marriage. You need to to just live again. It's okay…just let go and return to the innocent days of youthfulness as best you can.

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