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smooth stones of beauty

on Your wonderful works, I will meditate…after the rain…flowers bloom

kinda like a lovesick school girl I have been lingering long … meandering His beauty that just beckons me to come.  everywhere I look I see the tiniest creature that scurries about for its food to the bird without a single care as it sits perched on wood rail taunting me with its freedom to fly unshackled from angst  to the silhouette of newly formed leaves against the backdrop of hombre reds, oranges and yellows of leftovers the orb that You faithfully cause to rise and set each day…and I can’t stop beauty hunting.  It pursues & consumes my time..more than blogging…more than all of the “life” that is waiting all around me.  I know one cannot live forever in this place and let go of life but what if I can begin to release the bricks and pick up smooth stones of beauty that You are showing me every. single. day and begin the outward process of rebuilding my “seemingly” dying place into a heart house of beauty that only comes from spending time with eyes of spirit instead of eyes of flesh?  oh please open my eyes again today to your beauty

the bricks have fallen down, but I will rebuild with smooth stones;

the sycamores have been cut down, but I will replace them with cedars…Isaiah 9: 10

have you been beauty hunting as of late?


We will be having Word Woman Wednesday this week with a linkupmaybe share something about when you were a little girl? A writing prompt;)  I will keep it open until Thursday at midnight to give you some extra time.  I always enjoy childhood stories don’t you?  to be more childlike in our faith…looking forward to Wednesday.  I am looking forward to visiting today.  I have some downtime.  A gift for me today is it is going to be 95 degrees.  Outside my window is sun and life and I am basking in it as I spend time with all of you today.   I pray He meets you …right where you are.

praying to see,



sharing with my friends over at Finding Heaven…please won’t you come?


the dying places…

Today, have faith that places that seem to be dying places…God means to bring forth life.  Ann Voscamp

photo source here

as I sit here in quiet  morning looking out at the saturated trees of green against the backdrop of the blue sky.  the prayers of the saints that He already knows … and how I wish I could always remember them all and always say the right words to Him … the word He reminded me off last night that I just HAD to find and I did, and in Psalm 104:2 it says You are dressed in a robe of light and I am left undone in Your precense…


it is You and me and tears are my words of love spilling into the hands that are holding me. Not tears of sadness but tears of joy that God brought life out of Jesus death.  It is in the dying that new life begins to form.

is it me that is dying? my heart being so tender that His dew sits on top seeping into my soul soil?

often i want to really see when i ask for faith and often i want the things of this world more than i want You and I often ask in ungratefulness and am full of anger and bitterness and coming into the light that… exposes….the I wants.  When there is no human way out – are You able..when You say stand and see and faith calls us out into the unknown to be tested … You turn the soil over… and drop in a healthy seed.  If new life comes out of us dying… it comes like the rising always does, unexpected, when you turn and you’ve got spices for a burial and He says your name and the gardener’s actually God and He means to grow you ..{ excerpt from Ann Voscamp post }

wrapping all my heart today in praise…hand tied with strings of love and offered to the only One who can bring life out of death…to open my eyes to the places that seem like dying places…God means to bring forth life.

do you have stories about seemingly dead places that God brought life out of?



Would you please help Gabi?


by chipping in whatever you can – to raise the money needed for an Ipad 2 for Gabi?


The ipad 2 has the camera so she can skype her family and friends, play games and give her a portable way to give her something to do.
But more than this it gives us a tangible way to let Gabi and her family know we are loving them…supporting them.  Always in prayer but also in deed.

Here is Gabi’s Caringbridge so you can keep up with her journey.

You can click here to register for the 5k run on May 21 to to support her family and assist with gas and any other costs they may need assistance with as they stand strong with Gabi.

Its easy to “chip in”  for the ipad 2.  Just click on the ” chip in” button on the right of my sidebar.  It ends on June 5th.  The sooner we can raise the money – the sooner we can put the ipad 2 in her hands.  We are so excited to be able to give Gabi her gift!   A gift wrapped in love from hands and hearts from all over the country.  A sincere thank you for praying, loving and being His hands and feet.



word woman that touch the heart

**  This post is written by Eileen @ The Scenic Route. I’m so sorry…I usually write an intro but I loved the way her words opened to the picture so I wrote the intro. at the bottom.  Sorry for the confusion.  Please go visit her…she is wonderfully uplifting!:)
Don’t you love when a certain activity triggers a happy memory that instantly brings a smile to your unexpected,spontaneous, out of the blue smile. I look at these moments as little gifts. One little thought can fill my heart with so much joy. I can amuse myself for several minutes just by reminiscing about that one happy moment in time.

fieldsandwoods:  “Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.”
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Here’s how one of these moments transpired today…

This morning, I was thinking about taking my dog, Bisbee, for a walk. Like many dogs, there are certain words or phrases that, when she hears them, she starts to do her happy dog dance.

If I happen to say any of the following words or questions, she knows that a stroll around the neighborhood is bound to take place shortly.



go for

you want

you want to

Well, what do you think?

It’s actually gotten to the point in our dog/master relationship where sometimes I don’t even have to utter a word…she just seems to know what I am thinking. You know how people say that owners eventually begin to resemble their dogs? Well, I think owners and dogs eventually learn how to read each others minds too.  Atleast when it comes to taking walks.

She knows what I am thinking.

This thought triggered another thought this morning...and with this thought came one of those moments when a smile washed across my face and a specific memory warmed my heart. It was a conversation I had with my son, Sean, who is now seven years old.  At the time, he was only three years old. I was driving home from town and he was in the back seat of car. I can still picture this moment and how I glanced up and looked in the rearview mirror when he began to speak to me.


“Mommy, are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?”

“Umm, I don’t know…what are you thinking?”

I don’t know…I’m just sayin’…are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?”

A silly, random, memory

I was trying to think of a lesson for this post and I guess it would be to cherish those things in life that bring a smile to our lips…and to hold these moments close to our hearts. Appreciate and savor the daily little gift of memories that prompt a smile.



Appreciate and savor…how I need to be reminded of this…and YOU?  This is just a sneak peek at Eileen who walks in the wide open spaces of God’s love.  Her blog The Scenic Route is where she imparts her gift of taking God & life and connecting the dots between the two. She loves capers, barefoot running alongside her husband and Sean ( her 7 year old boy )     If you follow Eileen on Facebook you will almost always LOL at her posts.  She brings you back around to God’s grace. And while your at it…savor a memory…or two today.  will you?

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