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God says to us that there is treasures in darkness. Have you ever wondered what that meant?  Like really?  I am.

I’ve looked into eyes that have lived through intense pain or hard places and much time goes by and they are thankful that it happened?

Said it was a gift. The darkness birthed a gift. I don’t know how, when, where, what or why but there is a gift.  And this gift will always honor Him and me/you.  It is dark now.  As simply as He shared this with me –  I whisper to you today…there is a gift that He wants to give in the dark places.

And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness–secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.  Isaiah 45:3

if you’d be so willing to share a time of darkness where in
the end was a gift – I’d be so humbled to read them
waiting on Him-


paula’s russian princess & word woman wednesday Linky Party

Hello everyone!  Hope you are enjoying this Wednesday.  We’ve had two days of vibrant crystal blue skies and I have loved watching the green leaves brush the sky when I peek out the window.  I am tickled beyond words to share Paula with you.  She is..

a prayer warrior

a treasure…the real deal

a joy chooser..even when its hard

a God lover

and she doesn’t have a blog.  Until she does I am humbled to share her story here from time to time..and she has LOTS to share that will both challenge you to seek Him and call you to choose joy even when its hard.  If you would be so kind to leave your comments for her below – I’m sure she will peek in:) Please meet my friend…Paula & her beautiful daughter Olevia!


After 3 miscarriages, one tubal pregnancy(more about that later) and two big-o boys of 10 and 13, this little brown eyed girl from Russia caught my eye.

I was in a Bible study with my friend Holly, who also has biological and children from Russia, when she mentioned this little princess from Russia.  My response…I’m done, are you crazy, my boys are 10 & 13! All the time my heart was racing.

I got home and she called and asked me to go to lunch and help her at the adoption agency volunteering with some extra paperwork.
I was a nervous wreck the entire night and next morning until I got there, God moving you think?! We walked into the office with all of the pictures of the kids and such.  I walked over to the desk, picked up this picture of a little girl in a yellow dress with a big white bow in her hair with the biggest brown eyes and said “oh my goodness Holly, this is my Olivia.”  I turned the picture over to show Holly and she said, “that is the little girl that I was telling you about yesterday.”

We looked at the name and it was Olesia. That name would translate to Alyssa in American name which would absolutely not work for us because our oldest was in a playgroup as a younger child and a little girl named Alyssa was in it with him.  She would always spit on him and it drove him crazy and was just nasty!  Besides we always wanted an Olivia.  So, in order to keep her heritage we changed the “s” to a “v” and we have Olevia and she just corrects everyone the rest of her life.

This July will make 14 years that we have been blessed with her as our daughter.  Would we do it all over again, in a heartbeat!!  Would I relive 4 miscarriages, 1 tubal pregnancy to get my precious Russian Princess – Absolutely! Through this process, God blessed our lives in so many ways.  He taught us more patience, obedience, tolerance of another government.

Our Family Verse is II Timothy 1:7

For God didn’t give us the spirit of timidity but the spirit of power of love and of self control.

You can use this verse in every circumstance in your life that you encounter if you put it into practice….to be continued!

**********Linky Party Info**********

Have you ever experienced had that happen to you? One of those God things?  where everything just came together and left you dazed and confused?:) in a good way?  Has God put a little Olevia in your life?  If so – please feel free to share in the comments below OR link up a post OR if you wrote something for our writing prompt ” What is God teaching/showing you in your life circumstances/trials right now ?”  I can’t wait to read what has been on your hearts lately…so will be talking to you soon. Now off to my babies .. yes my last child.  Baby number 5′s 5th grade graduation.  Yes – I am going to wear a dress…ugh.  I feel like a fish out of water when I wear dresses do you?

Happy Wednesday…and don’t forget to say Hello to Paula & Join the Linky Party will you:)  It will be open until Thursday @ midnight.




what I am about this spring “list” & a writing prompt

Pain is a tool ( Amy :)..and it is driving me to restore my dreams when as yet I’m not sure what in the world that will look like.  If I don’t start putting some action in the right places I will find myself in this exact same place this time next year.

here are some of my ” right actions “

to talk to God more …with no plan.  Wait for Him to show up.  Relax

to still workout to the best of my ability..even if I just walk ( explain more later)

to try new ways of eating to see if my health improves

to spend time LOVING the grand babies…( see below:)

plant a garden ( if it doesn’t rain to much we are planting this weekend )

make a rain barrel

to choose joy about where He has me right now

to look at alternative ways to deal with my Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis

to home school this year…( praying )

delving into inspiration rooms as we get to give the house we are moving into a total makeover

planning our summer of free things to do around town

putting up a clothesline when we move

continue to keep things in my life that are simple


to try new things..go new places ( like this new dress I made myself get…out of comfort zone )

making a summer reading for a few I’ve added

visiting the Farmer’s Market …often

making homemade bread from here for the first time

Best gluten free bread recipe with no rice flour or milk

taking more pictures of nature.  More and more I am drawn to nature.  I am really excited to participate in Bible Dude’s In God’s Backyard

this is just a sampling of what God has been showing me that I am to be about right now.  All of this I am going to blog about.  I am just going to go way out of my comfort zone and see what happens!  Why not?:)  As my new friend Suzanne penned about the track of life and really- we don’t know how long we have and I want get to the end and have no regrets. I can choose to sit and make excuses as to why this or that but I don’t want to.  I want to live each and everyday I have left to the best I can that day.  Even though physically I’m a mess…if I let go of what used to be or what I want and just embrace what is…just maybe God can live through me the way He wants.  After all…it is for such a time as this that Esther was called…

if we sit really still and listen –  I think you can hear Him calling too…

::Word Woman Wednesday Writing Prompt::

Here is the writing prompt for this Wednesday’s Linky Party. Feel free to participate and share the prompt with friends.  I am going to post a prompt every Monday when I linkup to Jen’s.  I will have the post up on Wednesday morning at 12:01 a.m. and leave it open until Thursday at midnight. Ok..see below for the prompt.

What is God showing you through your life/trials right now?

Little or big!  Ok girlies…lets get to writing!

Also – the week after Wednesday May I would like to do a recipe linkup. One that will get us started off to a swimsuit ready summer;);)..what do you think?  I am looking for some new recipes and I’m sure you all have a favorite?   Maybe a family favorite for BBQ get togethers.  A favorite dessert or a fun snack idea for the kiddos?  Even the writing bloggers cook right?:)

sharing this post with friends at Jen’s SDG tomorrow…come with me and visit won’t you?

and with Happy Homemaker UK for her favorite post in May!






my secret name

from the youngest memory I have I’ve always known this isn’t how it is supposed to be. I’ve fought against something I didn’t understand … until recently.  Like the pieces of a puzzle God has slowly shown me the border pieces and the last one fell into place yesterday.

I see broken things.  I’m broken.  I believe God is calling modern day Daniel’s, Joseph’s and Nehemiah’s…we are in a time when His word in Romans 13:11 is coming to life…now is the time for all to awaken from sleep.

Photo here

In 1996 God quickened Isaiah 58: 8-12 to life sitting in a room one day..for the first time when I was reading the Bible..the words jumped out at me.

I have been praying for a couple of days…God, what am I supposed to be doing? Do I keep blogging? I feel torn to LIVE.  Sitting in front of a computer all the time isn’t living.  Texting, Facebooking, TV…technology…what I call living distracted is not working for me.  I must be missing something you want me to know.  Why are the doors closed for me a way out?  What am I supposed to do when a year from now the whole thing plays over AGAIN?  I’m losing my health, my mind and my children.  No answer.  Nothing new.  Fast forward to yesterday.

I was prompted to read Nehemiah.  End of story.  I knew…my secret name.  I’m a rebuilder.  He has given me a rebuilder’s heart. I’ve always had a love for Nehemiah.  Now I know why.  I believe this will become a series for me… How to rebuild in scorched places…”seemingly”  dying places.  What it looks like in real life…this rebuilding.  It goes right along with Isaiah 58.

I’m ready to live life.  I’m ready to enter in to possess.  I don’t know what it is going to look like but I am going to document it all here.  On my blog.  I can let the waves spill all over this place but I am choosing not to do that anymore.  Please pray for me if you think of it.  My body is literally falling apart right now.  I am so good at putting a smile on and sucking it up.  It is as natural as opening my eyes in the morning.  I have a Drs. appt on Monday and Tuesday.  Please pray for a direction and some answers.

I’m ready to begin filling in the inner part of the puzzle now. Has He shown you your secret name? ( a good book by the way)  I read it several months ago and prayed what mine was…I thought it might have been belong.  Was I wrong. I knew it when He showed it to me that this was it.

Rebuilder…I rather like it:)

Happy Friday and much XOXO,


Word woman Wednesday & Linkup

Today I asked myself, ” what makes me really like someone’s blog?”
well, silly it is the person behind the blog. Their heart.
Just like in real life you just ” connect ” with instantaneous knowing
They give something to you by just being them.
I am beyond excited to share Suzanne from Privet & Holly.  We were brought
together through Becky @ Farmgirl Paints (( hugs:) )  You know what?  She is going to be
a long time friend of mine.  She even has coffee with me…;)
Please go visit.  You will appreciate her unique style and her ability to draw you in with
her word weaving and her heart to find beauty in the small things { and I’m all about beauty lately }
This is going to bless your socks of while making you think long and hard to when
you were a little girl.

Meet Suzanne from Privet & Holly


Thank you to the amazing Elma Claassen on Flickr!

I stepped outside my children’s school the other day,
into the sunshine.  I was parked quite far away from
the front door and I found myself wanting to…!
I was feeling happy and the birds were chirping and
I had a a lot of stops to make on my way home.  “I
should just run to my car, “ I thought.  “It will save time.”
Which led me to ponder this question:

When do we stop running?
Not for exercise or to save time, but just for the joy
of movement, of propelling oneself headlong
into the great wide world?
The next day I was again at school.

It was dismissal time and another beautiful afternoon.

Groups of younger children clustered on the school  lawn,

chasing each other, skipping, hopping and….running.
With exuberance, abandon and complete lack of self-consciousness.

When do we stop running?

When we leave grade school?  Before?  After?

When does running as part of our DNA turn into something else?
Do you remember?

I had a birthday recently and I turned…..

Well, let’s just say the two digits add up to 12.

Hint:  I’m not 84 or 66, yet.

{Ah, to be 12 again.  Was I still running at 12?}
Every day I wake up with the knowledge
that my time on this planet
is finite.

I want to cram as much loving and learning and living

into each 24 hours as I possibly can.

This year, I will run!
One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.

-Helen Keller


I need to read this over and over.   To wake up each day thankful and aware that we are only given so much time.  Thank you Suzanne for your framing our lives today with your reminder to LIVE LIFE RUNNING!  Now – if you have a post to share please link it up below.  I will leave it open until Thursday at midnight.  Starting new week I will be sending out a writing prompt for each WWW….maybe Writing Prompt Word Women Wednesday…lol!  OK…of you go.  Take time today to really see what is around you.  I love each and everyone of you.  Thank you for posting and for linking up and for encouragement and for your prayers.  They are all valued.