“Does God stir the waters of hearts?”


Child of God! If you want God to answer your prayers,

you must be prepared to follow the footsteps of

‘ our father Abraham ‘ even to the Mount of Sacrifice.” ( Romans 4:12)

(streams in the desert)

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Whole-Souled…does wholeness come through troubled waters?

It is at this pivotal point that I’ve found myself in this week

I’ve realized that God is stirring the waters of my heart

through new eyes I’m beginning to see these hard places, trials and emergencies

are for my learning.  To try out in ” real life ” what I’m learning on the inside.

He is taking my fingers

and gently undoing them from around the deceit and oppression that I have been

trusting in and placing those same fingers in His hand…showing me the

deep waters of trouble that have kept me from living life as He intended.

Ah Ha…this is why ” It is not me that is seeking wholeness it is Him that has

initiated the wholeness with the stirring of the waters. “

Is this how the Great Physician heals hearts?  by stirring up the waters so we can look

at the hunger that gnaws incessantly…inviting me to come.

He does allow us to choose doesn’t He.  He never forces.

I know to do so will be hard.  I will have to sacrifice things I think I can’t live without.

the hunger presses me forward though.  to take that step down

into the deep troubled water…

and He waits for me there.

For an angel went down at certain times into the pool,

and stirred up the water.

Whoever stepped in first after the stirring of the water

was made whole of whatever disease he had. ( John 5:4 )


Are you holding anything back from God..thinking you could not live without it?
Are you willing to take that step into the deep water…deeper faith?
Have the waters of your heart been troubled?  Are you longing for wholeness?
Happy Holiday Weekend:)


jeana - Stirring Waters in my life for sure. Thank you for posting. Have a beautiful weekend!

Midwest Magnolia - M - Love it Tiffini! This has happened to me many a times:) Happy Memorial Day to you as well.

Robyn Q - Yes, out of the water but always going back. His Glory has so many levels. Challenging for me today but in step with what He has already spoken to me. Blessings my friend!

LLH Designs - Got a rare Internet connection and wanted ti check in you, sweet friend. I love your question at the end about holding anything back from God. I would have answered a quick no a few years ago, but God has rched in deeper and I e that I've secretly said no to God in a lot of areas. How I long to say YES, Lord.


Stephanie Clayton - I love what you said about, is this how he heals, stirring up such a hunger in us. I have never thought about this before, but yes, I never would have been able to begin to healing process withouth this voracious hunger for Him, and I know it's not of my doing, so it must be from Him. Wow, thank you for awesome insight through your beautiful words…Love you girl!

marlece - Out of stirring water come Living Water. He does mend so well if we are open to it. I am so grateful we have a Lord who is in the business of making us whole 'again'. We are sinful creatures and He just keeps working at healing us with His love. We serve a God we so can count on.

I love this post Tiffini..

emily wierenga - dear tiffini, i know this soul-angst well. loving you in the midst of all of the struggle and praying for you, friend…

Amy Sullivan - To try out in real-life what we are learning on the inside. . .but it's so scary!

So many times I feel the stirrings of change only to push them down because I'm just not ready to live them out yet.

Joybird - interesting Tiffini, He's given me a completely different metaphor and picture, but what you wrote sounds like me this month. Painful in hard to understand ways until He shows me the necessary work He is doing in my heart. And His result will freedom and abundant harvest. But I have to lean into Him and embrace the pain. Asking Him to do a swift but thorough work.

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