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any advice on moving?

I would love some H E L P

I want to share just enough with my friends because the weeks and months ahead are going to be rocky and I know I will want and need support to stay strong and choose health and not dysfunction. Healthy support. My husband and I are separating at the end of May.  I don’t want the focus to be on that but just so you might know where things are coming from in the next months.

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I know it’s Sunday ya’ll and I usually don’t post much but I am becoming dangerously overwhelmed at getting this house ready to move.

We are going from a 4 bedroom home to two bedroom.  Major downsize yes?

Does anyone have some helpful ideas that you might have used when you moved?

A check list for me from now until the end of May maybe?:)

I would covet some prayer also for a little cottage business I am trying to start at the same time.

OK…I am looking forward to lots good suggestions to get me going…I will start with thanksgiving…

all my girls standing in a circle with me…I have some God miracles to share from these women praying for me and the kids!

Happy Sunday~


the day that turns 42 into 43

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.
Louisa May Alcott

for a day that turns 42 into 43 the creator’s creation was all singing the sun up bright and i kneel and give thanks


or gifts aimed right smack dab into the middle of a mama’s heart

Son told dad he said he knew exactly what i want to get me..every time she goes to the mall she sprays it on AND the other one whispered out of a hurt heart that I didn’t get to pick the gift out so writing my heart in green and putting in 1.00 from my savings.  if you know grace that was generous:)

This is the candle I have been lighting every morning in thanksgiving.  I have been doing the Trail to the Tree from Ann Voscamp and she said somewhere in there about lighting a candle.  I have been practicing this and it has helped me to focus my thoughts first thing to thanksgiving.  The story behind the candle is a reason for thanksgiving in and of itself.

Grace & Evan enjoying their yogurt..

for tart frozen yogurt with strawberries, waffle cone chips & a heaping spoonful of chocolate chips

Ugly beautiful … sometimes we are in the midst of ugly and we have to purposefully look for the beauty even when we don’t feel like it. Ever been in a season like that? I can share with you from experience that beautiful things really will and do happen when I’ve begun to trust God.  More on this another time because I used to think I was trusting God and I would have argued anyone that said I wasn’t.  But I wasn’t.

for daughter’s knowing how I adore peanut butter cups when choosing..and I ate every last bite…even after I ate all my yogurtini…yikes! I’m not getting on the scale anytime soon.

this gift..I love. I am not a jewelry wearing girl either.  I’m basic..almost plain.  I don’t like drawing attention to myself with big earrings, bracelets & necklaces but when I fall in love with something…it is hard and forever.  I LOVE my watch.

I’m NOT a perfume wearing girl..I like lotion.  Why?  I haven’t ever been able to find a smell that is ME.  I used to wear Eternity 15 years ago until morning sickness made me stop.  To this day the smell still makes me want to throw up. This smell makes me feel powerful!

this is taped to my back door…her heart colors words for me as visible reminders to live by

for the choice of nori or soy..i choose soy

for black that is slowly turning to color

for the incense of saint sisters praying on our behalf and the answers falling down like rain

for an upcoming year of fabulous…even when putting on foot infront of the other on a bed of cracked dirt…

the gift of learning to live out of the secret treasures of darkness

for my sweet soul sister who listens to my rawness all jumbled & takes me for a pedicure and makes me choose what to do..and we did and it was good

On one of my memorial stones is written 43 and laid it down in rememberance.  a stone   on this crossing over…the 42 has stopped running..going from running away to running to love..falling in love with as many things as possible..running to the only One who doesn’t run

here’s to years time     life is good

A new friend to me is Joybird who is chronicling Late to Lent.  I also am loving the depth of Kelly’s heart…I see pieces of my own daily struggle in the midst of her words.  I happened upon Farmhouse from Kelly that I found through Emily’s @ Imperfect Prose.  So I have met many new friends this last week.  Praying you see all the gifts He is giving you this Saturday…now on  my way to shower and go take some photo’s of our towns Art & Crafts Fair to submit to the paper…scary!




word women wednesday & a healed marriage


Happy Word Women Wednesday to all you beautiful women! The birds are singing songs of praise already and it is still dark outside. Singing in the dark….hhuumm. Please open your hearts to sweet Wendy. I met her through Sibi’s post last Wednesday.  Wendy has a heart to share her testimony of how God healed their marriage.  Won’t you please show her some love and above all offer thanks to the ONEthe only ONE who can truly heal hearts yes?:) You can visit Wendy @ her blog A Daily Dose of  Del Signore **  I apologize for the layout of this post.  I copied it and every time I save it it runs sentences together etc…grateful for crazy computers:)

Have you ever had one of those days that a million thoughts are floating through your mind? The things you want to say, but don’t have the courage to display for the world? You worry about who will read it or if they will judge you. Then again, you are certain there will be a couple who do! There are some things others desperately need to hear, but you’re not sure you are actually brave enough to spell it out to them.
I’m having one of those days…..
I see people around me letting their marriages fall apart. They do absolutely nothing to save them. Or maybe they don’t know where to start. Maybe they feel hopeless and think their specific situation is beyond repair. My heart hurts for these people because it doesn’t have to be this way.
“For nothing is impossible with God”
~ Luke 1:37

I’ve hinted of the fact that Ryan and I are building an amazing testimony of how the Lord has worked miracles in our lives, individually and together. He’s not even close to being done! Every day God shows us something new in our marriage and in ourselves. What I want you to see is the progress we have made.
If I told you we almost called it quits, would you believe we’ve made it this far?
To be honest with you, there were times I just knew we wouldn’t make it.
God showed me how wrong I was.
The Lord wanted nothing more than to see our marriage work.
That’s how He designed it!
In the past (before we let God have control of our marriage) I tried to “fix” Ryan’s problems. Somehow or another, I thought I knew what was best for him. Did I stop to look at anything wrong with myself?
Heck, no! I was as close to perfect as it got! <– You may insert as much sarcasm as possible here!
First of all, shame on me! The things I was working on changing in my husband were the things that made him who he was. He is such a wonderful, good hearted man. What the heck was wrong with me???
Second, God doesn’t make mistakes and He sure didn’t start with my husband!
I’m not saying Ryan was perfect in this whole equation, but I wasn’t making anything easy on us either!
We didn’t stop to embrace what made us amazing together. We just saw the little flaws….
We didn’t stop to think about the promises we made to each other and to God.
We had a non-traditional family, a baby, and loads of stress piling up from every angle. It seemed like every time we turned around there was something else putting a strain on our marriage (Have you seen our renovation struggles? Ha!).
In all seriousness, I honestly believe we have been through more marital strain in our almost four years of marriage than your average ten year old marriage.
So what did we do? We kept on trying to fix things ourselves and keep everything hush-hush from our family and friends. I tried to medicate my problems away with hormones designed to fix hormones. I read book after book that guaranteed a way to fix our marriage. I talked until I was hoarse about what each expert said and what we should be doing.
Looking back, all I can say is, “What a joke!!!!”
All this led to was frustration when it didn’t work.
Guys, I wasn’t raised this way!
One thing my mother always taught me was to turn things over to the Lord.
Why couldn’t I do this????
It’s such a no brainer, simple concept.
Did I not trust the God that ensured my very own salvation to be able to save my marriage?
To this day, I cannot explain what held me back.

I was such a fool!

Looking back now, there was a specific breaking point for us.
There came a time that two of the closest people to us saw what we had kept hidden.
These people could have helped us long ago had we just asked for it.
Not only did they give us methods to cope with some of the strain of outside forces, but they shared the most important coping method:
Allowing God to come into our lives and marriage!

Ryan and I both were Christians already, but we chose right then and there to give all of our worries, issues, and struggles to God.
That right there is what it’s all about!
The weight of the world was lifted from our shoulders.
God will provide every single time!

He surrounded us with His unconditional love and took care of us.
He healed our hearts, strengthed the bond between us, and showed us a much better way to live. 

The first thing I noticed was that God opened my eyes to my own faults and gave me a better heart to accept and truly love my husband. I walked away from all self-help books but one ~ The Bible. I stopped all medications and low and behold, my hormones acted better than they had since I was a teen! I prayed before I talked about touchy subjects between us.
I am so thankful we traveled this road together. I wouldn’t change a thing about it because I am here now telling you how great my God is.

I have come back to the unpublished version of this post several times. The whole time I prayed that God would give me strength to share this with you all. Not to brag at all, but to give hope. I know that if I am able to hit “Publish Post” on here, I can maybe inspire someone to stick it out. Ryan and I didn’t have the model marriage, but we make it work every single day. God is still working with us. We are very far from being “done”.
God has made it all possible!
The biggest thing I have learned through this process is that God has shown me love and mercy when I least deserve it. It never ceases to amaze me. I have done so much wrong, He forgave it all.

If you have some words of hope, encouragement or just a story to share please link your exact URL below. I will leave the linky open until Thursday @ 11:59 pm central.
Please go visit each other and leave a word or two to sharpen others would you?:) and if you will leave a link back to the House of Belonging.  Thank you so much sweet, sweet friends!


things that make me FEEL GOOD! – just some ideas for you


Shopping is a fleeting happythese things you can breathe them in deep … grafting them into your soul for the making of wholeness…

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Things that make me FEEL GOOD! – Just some ideas for you:)

-Writing @ Coffee Shops

- Eating FroYo with my fav toppings – strawberries, chocolate chips and waffle cone pieces

-smell of the air after rain

-kissing baby lips

- spending real present time with God

- Being silly with friends & family:)

- Sleeping in a tent under the stars

- Big Hugs from my kids

- walking around at the farmer’s market

- Watching the sun rise & set…especially at the beach

- going to sleep looking at the moon

- Curling up with a good book

- Putting my feet in the sand

- Listening to some good tunes

- Enjoying a coffee

- Laughing so hard it hurts…the funniest is when you pee..ever had that happen?

-happy endings to real life stories

-smell of coffee brewing

-my favorite t-shirt…it says insanity on the front and dig deeper on the back.  I could wear it everyday.

-having my hair brushed…esp. by 3/4 year olds:)

continuing to unclutter my life by giving all of the longings inside to Him…intentionally choosing to delight in the daily gifts…the little things that make my day brighter.  I then offer them back to Him…gifting Him with my delight.

if your so moved to leave one thingmaybe two things …  that make you feel good that you could offer up today as a gift?

Linking  this post up this week with

Jen @ Finding Heaven…please won’t you come share?

How about some frozen yogurt?,



Word Woman Wednesday Reminder:

If you would like to share something to do with Easter approaching? or just how God is working in your life right now..or your day to day life please be encouraged to link up tomorrow!


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Dear Monday…the time between morning & night


i think he will laugh but instead
he tells me he loves me the way i am.
hearing those words is like
being handed flowers.
— David Levithan, ‘smoking’ from ‘The Realm of Possibility’

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Is there a dark night of the soul? If there is I’ve been in one for the last 5 years.  The last months I’ve been hearing again and it is the little things like this…

the cricket and the birds sing praise to the Son risethe time between the night and the morning and I am an audience of one as they sing their song to the One and I am there..I am present. watching silently as they praise their Creator..I am privy and I can’t help but want more of them… of Him and their heart joins and I give it back as gift to Him. Can 13 or more years go by before a word spoken begins to come to pass?

When you give up trying to understand and just believe…{John 11:40}   He tells us we will see the glory of God and I want to see the glory. As Ann softly reminds me..If I too, live life fully with open hand… fingers stretching out to others and open to receive every gift of everyday and be the gift.  A living out the living words of Isaiah 58.  Am I to put hands and feet to these words?

A time of consecration…I pray for belief to see the believe that HE still does do wonders and He desires to delight in gifting us with His glory.   Apart from DOING anything …to just delight.  Everyday and often.  In the pausing…in the thankfuls…He moves.

In the pausing there is oneness that I’m not sure I want to let go of…it is a time of processing all that He is revealing…it is enjoying time with Him and thanking Him for everything..deliberately.  I have put my foot in the water and the waters have been cut off.  I am walking on dry ground. I’m journeying into a new land.  Joshua 3:13

This MondayI’m no longer frozen fearful on the edge of the Jordan.  I am following after the Priest because I’ve never been this way before. I lay down my trying to understand, creating my own way, conforming to what others think I should or should not do, unbelief, ungratefulness and I pick up believing, only going where you are going, knowing who I am and if that means going it humbly alone…I will, delight, thankfulness and letting go and living open before the face of the only ONE I have to do business with at the end.

He is ready to dispossess the enemies…we all have enemies…One enemy and on Day 3  I was reminded that the lintels of my heart are painted blood red and the destroyer passes over and cannot enter into this soul place to wrack ruin and death  { Day 3 trail to the tree } and my heart sang  soaring to believe this truth.   What courage this gave me to continue walking along the dry ground of the Jordan while the Lord of all the earth is crossing over ahead of me.

I am still in a state of soul shock but He gave me two of the best gifts I’ve ever had.  One on Friday and one on Saturday.  I can’t speak them yet.  I am treasuring them in my heart.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I am full!

This Monday where do you find yourself as your hand is shielding the sun as it rises over the Jordan river?  won’t you come with me to bend the knee this morning?

I want to thank each one of you who pray for me and encourage me with your word…I dearly treasure all of this more than you will ever know.  I treasure you.  I am going to catch up on emails..and we did get to go to the Farmer’s Market and enjoy the 85 degree day!

waiting for the song of morning,




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