it’s in the choosing

Lately, I’m wanting to eat junk,  stay in bed and throw the covers over my head, thinking I’m fat, fighting not to listen to the lies whispered in my ear, looking more of what I don’t have than what I do have, I’m not praying enough, laundry piling high, deadlines, unknown answers, not wanting to exercise and it is a fact of life that the other shoe really does fall. when it rains it pours. and oftentimes things don’t ever change.

I just want to have a big ol’ pity party


but I choosing not to at least not today.  He’s told me to station myself and stand and that I don’t have to fight this battle.  He will. and I’m just a teensy bit unsettled about this.  I’m used to doing SOMETHING.  but I want to trust Him.  He desires me to.

I’ve got lots of things to share with you all.  I can’t wait to go visit everyone.  I’ve got a story brewing, pictures of grand babies to share, a cuff that I have been wearing everyday that I LOVE, my shop…but lots of life happening so I am just letting things be. but I am watching.

hands giving back in thanks that I can choose to change. Do you ever go through times where you have to be intentional in not falling into self pity?  or the battle intensifies when our hearts really desire God?

Please pray for Gabi Tomorrow she begins her second round of chemo.  She’s a fighter.  You can click on her picture up there in the right hand corner to read more…thank you thank you for your comments on moving.  They keep me moving forward.  Glenda – I got trash bags today:)

I am sharing words and heart with the SDG girls over at Finding Heaven….

Finding Heaven




Jen - Um, yes. the pity party is sometimes just a hop, skip, and a jump away. I can always complain about something, but hopefully, more often than not, I'm choosing to see the good.

I'm so excited about the new things in store. And you know, I was looking at your photos on FB the other day, thinking just how wonderful you are…beautiful inside and out.

Eileen - Those pity parties we often want to throw sure can be tempting some times…but once we see how unproductive they are and begin to make progress it's a good feeling :)

Amy Sullivan - Who me? Self-pity?

Oh, the sad thing is sometimes I induldge in a good pity party. Poor me, poor me. I find the hardest thing to do is actually leave the party, but once I'm moving again, I do ok.

Glenda Childers - You go, Tiffini. It is one step at a time that will get this done. Great job taking a small step today . . . getting bags to sort your stuff. I am really proud of you and praying.



Ps. An occasional ice cream helps, too.

Melanie - love this honest post! Oh yes, pity is a struggle…it's so easy to slip into complaining, and I need to cling to gratitude daily. Thanks for teaching me with your words!


Natalie at Mommy on - Oh my, girl. Do I ever.

Like right about now.

I have been doing Weight Watchers but fell off the wagon the past two weeks. I was feeling SO good and now I'm not. And I just ate a Cadbury Egg. Ack.

I often wallow a bit then realize what I'm hearing and succumbing to are lies. Simply lies.

I'm so grateful that our mercies are anew each day. Every day is a blank slate – isn't that such a beautiful thing?

So wonderful to visit you this evening. I've missed your sweet face.

Mrs. M. - Self-pity comes in droves when I realize that I am looking inward instead of outward.

I have been where you are. It is not an easy place to be…but allow Our Lord to work. He will not fail you.

Mrs. M.

Christy - It's always nice to know you are not alone in wanting to throw yourself a pity party.

I can choose change….I needed to read that today. :o)

Stephanie Clayton - Tiff! I got my sign today, posted a FB and Twitter pic!!!! LOVE IT!!!! You are so talented!!!

Pity…yes…sadness…yes…longing for things I can't have…yes!!! All of those things, right now, are part of the battle. Fighting with you dear sister!!!

Connie@raise your ey - Tiffini, you are so wise to see the pity party for what it is…name it and leave it:)you're right…it's in the choosing…choose to bless and praise…praying for Gabi

Michelle - The Pity Party! I sometimes think they're OK as long as they don't take more than 1 minute. :P Right now I'm standing with you waiting and trusting. Praying with you Tiffani for this time of patience.

Pamela - I imagine you won't find many who haven't thrown a huge pity party. Today I will keep my hands busy sewing an Easter dress for my granddaughter and working on a scrapbook for a friend's son. Unfortunatly at the same time my mind can still wander off. I'll put an audio Bible on so keep that from happening. And I'll pray for you, too.



Paula - Tif,

Choose JOY. You can find anything in the journey. Disappointment, sadness, downright meanness. I choose JOY. Look for the JOY. You may have to dig. Dig deep, turn over rocks, dust them off but find the JOY. Somehow, find the JOY. YOU can do this!

A dear friend of mine who had passed in her early 40's. Her baby daughter is pregnant with twin boys and lost one of the babies. She is carrying both babies to term. As I sit here with headaches, God laid it on my heart to make her sweet one that will be with her momma a little book for their hopes and dreams for him because they chose JOY. They never lost sight of God's plan for them. Constant joy.

Tiffini my sweet friend always choose JOY and bounce yourself out of bed even when you don't want to. That first bounce is the hardest, the rest are easy!!

Lots of love and prayers coming your way!!!

jenny - okay, i want to say many things, but i have exactly one hour to rest so i will be brief. LOVE the new look. are those pictures from your home/world? LOVE jamie oliver – just saw that link on your list. LOVE that, right now, in this season, you are choosing by not doing, by waiting, by trusting. two verses: isaiah 26:3 and isaiah 40:31 (NASB version).

Debbie - I've been feeling like that a lot lately. Waiting for it to pass is hard. I just hit the reset button, get some rest and stop expecting so much from myself. It helps. Blessings!

Nancy - Yes, it is in the choosing but sometimes the choosing feels like an epic battle. It is easy to descend into pity, hard to elevate thoughts and emotions. So thankful for grace and the power of the Holy Spirit or I fear I would spend far too many days with the covers pulled up over my head.

misty - So true about those pity parties! We just can't! such wisdom you have!

Courtney - Yes! Always have to be intentional to avoid a big old pity party. I can get so short sited, but I'm convinced that is the devil trying to take my focus off God. Good for you for being intentional and focused. Doesn't it feel good to just rest in God?

Michelle DeRusha - Oh I hear you on this, I do. I fight the urge the do, do, do — and yes, I fall prey to the big fat pity party, too. And usually I realize it's in the midst of a spiritually dry period, when I've been sleeping in instead of having time with God in prayer and the Bible in the morning. Those mornings keep me grounded…just tonight I resolved to my husband that I need to get back into that routine…

Gaby - I think I would place top ten in a pity party contest. At least in the top twenty. My poor husband says that I go through a pity crisis every six months. I feel them coming and the praying begins. You are not alone!

marlece - Hey Tiffini, I just finished reading thru several of your posts. It looks like you could really be going thru some difficult times right now and that would certainly bring on a party of pity. It sounds like you know the remedy for this though and Jesus will take you away from it every time. Hang in there!

You asked me if I run…yes I do, and you?

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