why do you blog…part 2

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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”…Brene Brown

Dear Monday…why do you blog? was a post that had a lot of feedback causing me to continue to dig deeper for my blogging purpose.  I am sharing three.

3 reasons I blog…right now



a foundation of flesh…a support system.

God is raising up a foundation of women for me as I step onto the battle field to go hand to hand combat with the enemy on my own.  Beth Moore said that no one can fight the battle for you in the end.  They can help us on the way there but in the end…it is us.



Rom 8:30 says….Bring them into the calling that You have predestined for them.  I feel that blogging is Him bringing me into my calling. I’ve wanted to write since I was a little girl and never did.  Just a dream.  Now I can.  It is helping me grow in the art of writing and sharing.



In my ” mid-life”;) God has opened my eyes to see women more uniquely and not so much as competition.  Each of us has an authentic calling, genetic makeup, learned behavior, wounds from lies believed, personalities and what we do looks different from everyone else.  We so often put ourselves in a box that is supposed to look like everyone else and when it doesn’t, we automatically think it is us and questions ourselves as to whether we are ok?

I learn a lot from other women who are different from me.

Women are scary. We are not easy to be real and authentic with.  We don’t trust easily.  We put on masks of perfection and in reality, it is the imperfection that we all so need from one another.  Inside we are ate up with trying to be like them and losing ourselves in the process.

Bottom line for me  is …I have some goals for my blog but I am learning to enjoy them as part of  this journey.  Enjoy the art of creating. I am learning to love finding ME.   Just be YOU!

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world…Mother Teresa

We never know what He is using our story for. Whether you have 20 followers or 2000 followers your story is just as imperative to share as anyone’s. Let us be encourager’s of each others art or calling today.

One’s reason for blogging is not another’s…it doesn’t make you wrong and them right…and it is His blog anyway;)

I get up every morning excited to be with you all..to share my heart as God is healing it..to sit before each of you and learn..I couldn’t be more complete in THIS area of my life.  the rest….well….TIME:) I wish I could give you all a big HUG…thank you for your outpouring of love to Gabi yesterday.  My heart was over the moon as I’m sure theirs was as well.



Word woman Wednesday & Linkup is tomorrow…a sneak peak coming your way.  Be sure to come back and share in my happy ok?

21 Days of Prayer Warriors begins this Friday April 1….do you have your book copies and ready to go?  Click here to sign up.  Click here for the Prayer Warriors blog.

Nikki is working on a button for Gabi so you can grab one to put on your blog if you’d like…

Please come meet the women God has brought into my life…I love them all…every unique one of them…@ Jen’s Finding Heaven..

Finding Heaven

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Pam Balla - What a wonderful post so full of the strong beautiful women you are
and so full of Love for GOD
I enjoyed every word and agree the journey of everyday is a Blessing
This post is a Blessing for us all

Amy Sullivan - I love your words. I always have. I remember the first post I ever read by you. It was about your giving jar. Ever since then, I've been hooked on the way you easily connect with readers you don't even know.

You know how I was talking about words that parade through our heads? Yours should be bright, bright future.

Jen - Oh, man. You did it again. Your post has left me wordless — all there is is feeling and emotion and … the best of all…love.

I see you as just this amazing, beautiful flower. Just opening. Precious!

Melissa Lewis - Midw - This is such a great and thoughtful post. I'm glad you chose to follow your passion and write.

Christy - I love that we can all blog for different reasons yet our central reason can still remain the same…. Him.

(that quote at the top of your post is amazing…and the Mother Theresa one is a long time favorite)

I love your reasons for blogging as they are quite similar to my own. I was so pleasantly surprised by the community of blogging…I had no idea when I started how very beautiful it was!

jenny - "We never know what He is using our story for."

Thank you for this, Tiffini. You are one amazing lady. I am praying hard for you.

Rachel - I love this post! It's amazing how God uses everything we do, isn't it?

Pamela - The quote from Mother Teresa is one of my favorites. Your "Why I blog" list echos in my own heart. I have a friend who signs everything she writes FFG — for God's glory. Your ministry of blogging has touched my life and, I'm sure, people around the world.



Andrea - i don't always know why i blog, and some days i wake up and think, "i'm done." but this was good – and encouraging. so glad to be a part of your community here :)

paige - beautiful post…

too funny, i think you were visiting me while i was visiting you…
prayign for sweet gabi & her beautiful family too

♥ Carrie Shan - Thanks you so much for this post. I am going to bookmark this to look at everytime I forget why I blog or am feeling a little unsure about it. Thanks you.

Paula - You make me want to blog. Right now I'm just a stalker. I am so inspired by your blog and open it like a new present each day. It brings me JOY!!

LLH Designs - Great reasons to blog, Tiff.

A quote I like: "God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called."

I love how He is qualifying you as a writer here in this place.


Nancy - I laughed when I read this line: "Women are scary." So true, isn't it? I do love the women I've met through blogging though. There is real community here. And you're right–each of us may have different reasons for blogging, different goals. How God chooses to use us really is up to Him!

Lynn Mosher - I so enjoyed your reasons for blogging. I so understand being called…even though I didn't know I could write! I love the quote LLH used, “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” So true! Great post!

Stephanie - Oh Tif, I love this post…as I always do your posts. I will fight with you anyday, just not naked. LOLOLOLOLOL! You know this is one of those jokes that I hope if we still know eachother when we are 80, we will still laugh about! HA!!!!

BIg Fat Mama - Oh, I am praying for sweet Gabi.

And I think of blogging as just an outward reflection of what's going on inside. Always changing and transforming as I myself change and transform.

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