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when sickness comes..time is given.

TIME has taken me back to the days of curriculum, field trips, lesson plans, crazy messy house, chalkboards rooms turned into ” schoolrooms” and I want to stay.  HERE.  in this place that I used to wish would hurry.  hurry and grow.  I want more me time.  and I wander what story my kids were reading of me that day.


Rainbow color has my spirits lifted this week. I ran across this little project and  it captivated my home school heart.  If you still have kids young enough – I hope you take some time to paint a color story into their little hearts todaycolor words that strengthen the person they are becoming….come color with us?

If I home schooled I would be all over Pink and Green Mama.  Her art projects are precious.  Make some time to go visit will you?

Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. When I saw it, I fell face down, and I heard the voice of one speaking

Ezekiel 1:28


we can ALWAYS rewrite the story

what story are you reading to them today? take time…I just had a real heart to heart with my son..he’s 16.  In my memory he is 5 running around outside shirtless in the dirt with his matchbox cars.  It goes fast.  I’m encouraged to keep lifting them up and praying truth over them.

when they are to old for matchbox and crayons…spend time talking with them about their world.  Today.


Don’t forget— April 1 21 Days of Prayer for our sons begins…click here to signup.


Our randomly selected “Word woman sign” giveaway winner is comment # 1!

STEPHANIE - MARCH 15, 2011 – 8:31 PM

Tiffini! I had no idea you were so artistically inclined! Would love to win this! You are so talented, in so very many ways!!!




word women wednesday w/ farmgirl paints & linkup

I’d pretty much sworn off guest posting.  It’s a lot of extra work and it feels like no one really reads them.  When I go to someone’s blog honestly I go to read what they have to say.  So when I was asked recently to write something for Tiffani’s Word-Women Wednesday’s I was surprised at how quickly I said YES.  There has been something on my heart for a long time now and it just seemed a good fit.

This is kind of a touchy topic.  Have you noticed lately a complete gray area with right and wrong? No one seems willing to stand up for what they believe in anymore.  I’m not really sure people even know what they believe in.  If you are a Christian you are Christ’s follower.  We follow his example.  He didn’t just choose to be around godly people, actually he picked some pretty flawed men to be in his posse, BUT that didn’t mean that he became like them.  We are supposed to stand apart, to be different.  We are called as his followers to be salt and light.  There should be something so unique and special about our walk that people are drawn to us and ultimately to HIM.  This doesn’t mean we walk around like religious zealots pushing our views down people’s throats.  It just means that we do as he taught us in his word and know what we believe as believers.  Our lives might be the only Bible others ever read, but do we know what the actual Bible says?  It’s very clear, very straight to the point…no gray.

I’ve just been saddened lately.  It seems that everywhere I look sin has become the norm…accepted, applauded even.  At church a few weeks ago our pastor showed a youtube video of a middle eastern leader proclaiming his love for the Lord.  He was boldly declaring that Jesus was the way, the only way and that he was willing to die for his faith.  Recently he did die.  He gave his life to proclaim his faith.

As I watched that video anger started to build in me.  This man actually died for standing apart,  for declaring what’s right and we can’t even chance a cold shoulder or risk losing a blog follower for fear of rejection.  We’ve become afraid to speak truth.  We’ve become gray.  Where’s the black and white??  I want absolutes.  I want to boldly declare my faith and not care if someone agrees with me or not.  It’s not a popularity contest.  We do have enemies.  The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy.  Are you willing to pick a side and defend what the Bible says?  Do you know even know which side of the fence you are on in this monotone world??  There are sides.  This is a fallen world.  When I actually stand before him someday (and we ALL will) I want him to say well done thou good and faithful servant.  I know I’m not perfect.  I’m so very flawed just like those disciples, but with all my heart I hope to hear those words.  The Apostle Paul said it best in 2 Timothy 4…

1 I give you a command in the sight of God and Christ Jesus. Christ will judge the living and the dead. Because he and his kingdom are coming, here is the command I give you.
2 Preach the word. Be ready to serve God in good times and bad. Correct people’s mistakes. Warn them. Cheer them up with words of hope. Be very patient as you do these things. Teach them carefully.
3 The time will come when people won’t put up with true teaching. Instead, they will try to satisfy their own longings. They will gather a large number of teachers around them. The teachers will say what the people want to hear.
4 The people will turn their ears away from the truth. They will turn to stories that aren’t completely true.
5 But I want you to keep your head no matter what happens. Don’t give up when times are hard. Work to spread the good news. Do everything God has given you to do.
6 I am already being poured out like a drink offering. The time has come for me to leave.
7 I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.
8 Now there is a crown waiting for me. It is given to those who are right with God. The Lord, who judges fairly, will give it to me on the day he returns. He will not give it only to me. He will also give it to all those who are longing for him to return.



Becky Strahle


ending with this…this is a charge from His word I feel…how about you.  Time to examine my heart.

Lord of immortality, before whom angels bow and archangels veil their faces, enable me to serve Thee with reverence and godly fear. Thou who art Spirit and requirest truth in the inward parts, help me to worship Thee in spirit and in truth. Thou who art righteous, let me not harbour sin in my heart, or indulge a worldly temper, or seek satisfaction in things that perish.

I hasten towards an hour when earthly pursuits and possessions will appear vain, when it will be indifferent whether I have been rich or poor, successful or disappointed, admired or despised. But it will be of eternal moment that I have mourned for sin, hungered and thirsted after righteousness, loved the Lord Jesus in sincerity, gloried in His cross. May these objects engross my chief solicitude! Produce in me those principles and dispositions that make Thy service perfect freedom.

Expel from my mind all sinful fear and shame, so that with firmness and courage I may confess the Redeemer before men, go forth with Him hearing His reproach, be zealous with His knowledge, be filled with His wisdom, walk with His circumspection, ask counsel of Him in all things, repair to the Scriptures for His orders, stay my mind on His peace, knowing that nothing can befall me without His permission, appointment and administration.

.. from puritan prayers

Please share a button and linkup the exact URL. I will leave the linkup open until  3/25/2011 11:59 PM and as we visit today let’s think upon the words shared by Becki and from those who have faithfully run the race and won by standing firm in their faith.  May we seek to emulate them. I love you all and a deep thank you to Becki for her bravery and sharing her own struggle and desire to stand firm and follow Him in a country that is much like 2 Timothy.  May our hearts break to be the carriers of living seed to all who are hurting.



** Just an FYI**

Since arriving home yesterday evening I’ve hit a wall. I have been on iv steriods, antibiotics and strong pain meds and those were taken out yesterday before I left.  I awoke in the early morning to feeling very sick and in pain again.  I do have pain meds, antibiotics, and pain meds among other things by mouth… they just aren’t as strong.  I think I had a false sense of feeling so good in the hospital due to the medicine they had me on.  I have been sleeping most of the morning and will get around to Soli Del Gloria girls throughout the day.  WWW will be live tonight around 8:30 central.  And I will be posting the winner of the Word woman sign soon. Things are just a little crazy here but I haven’t forgotten.

God is a God who answers prayer.  I value each of your prayers on my behalf.  I can really sense His precense around me.  There is so much more to this story than just me being sick.  It is making it harder but He is God and He is my God and I will forever praise Him…xo Tiff


how can we live whole-souled?

Whole -Souled

moved by ardent enthusiasm or single-minded devotion to finding ME…authentically.

thenewdomestic:  porcelain lace bowls | the style files

whole-souled-ness : that which makes a person who they distinctly are. This would include our sense of identity,

but also what makes up our identity, most especially what arouses our emotions,

or awakens our spiritual or moral force and sense of destiny or purpose. Soul is where our freedom is rooted.

I trying to put this in a way so it is easily understood and not getting into deep theological meanings etc for what I am learning.

whole-souled is the whole of what makes up the entity called ‘me’

A little list below…for me and for you. A list that helps me think of what whole-souled-ness is.  Adding to that some ideas of what I can start praying about doing. Print it out if your a glue stick, crayon and marker kinda girl…I am.

Just speaking for me here…My relationship to Jesus is central and all else flows out from there.  For you it maybe something different.  In my journey I will refer to God.  To put it in a little nutshell it would go something like this


It is more than just knowing about God ( or your faith ) it is about us.. in progression to be becoming all He destined us to be and everything, every choice in life…adds to this progression.  Not takes away from that.


what does whole-souled-ness look like…here are some of mine

**not fearing yourself..embrace yourself

**whole-souled-ness often comes out of pain, loss or being shattered

**a desire to be..whole

**Whole-souled-ness is not about  being a people pleaser…this is between you and Him

**We are designed with a unique God given gifts that He puts there for a purpose

**taking real time to draw out a map, taking notes, digging, real listening ( which real listening does involve action )

**baring your soul…getting naked ( I had to say it ) all parts of your soul to the One who safely holds it

**whole-souled-ness  is letting in this world..our control..our perfecting..because these things may   change as we grow in whole-souled-ness

**stop choosing things that take life from you that you hate..choose to replace with things that bring YOU wholeness.   Undoubtedly, some things we may not be able to change.  Change what you can control.

**this wholesouled journey involves simplicity..the choice to live simply so we can come when He calls…go when what you love in the moments of each day

**having time for you family friends and those on the journey alongside us

**clothes, home decor, smell, food, entertainment you do with your time adds to or takes away from becoming whole-souled-ness

**whole souled is ALL of who you are…becoming. Whole-souled-ness is the whole of what makes up the entity called ‘me’


This week sit with yourself…naked…ok I’m laughing:) And grab a candle, pen and paper, music, hot tea/coffee whatever…carve yourself out a little you area.  This will be your go to heart art place for your creative juices to start flowin.   Go ahead and start your list.    I would love for you to email it to me or link it up in a blog post to one of our www’s. Or keep it tucked away for the day when your ready to put your foot into the water.

country living

Moving into whole-souled-ness with a single minded enthusiasm…maybe the after glow of sitting with the One who created me and for the first REAL time listening to Him..and believing Him. I desire what He wants for me…and for you.

Whole-souled-ness will look utterly different on each one of us…how do you imagine your wholeness? will it require a total makeover or are you on your way already?  what was the moment when you first were aware that you have a one of a kind purpose here and you stepped into that purpose?  what changes did you make as a result?  Do you have a list you would like to share?

because when you and I step into WHO we were destined to be…something rights itself.  Life speaks into you.




Come be a part of the whole-souled-ness of beautiful word women will you? Soli Del Gloria @ Jen’s Finding Heaven.

Finding Heaven

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dear monday…2 series & a project…a winner

Plough deep in us, great Lord, heavenly husbandman, that our being may be a tilled field, the roots of grace spreading far and wide, until Thou alone art seen in us, Thy beauty golden like summer harvest, Thy fruitfulness as autumn plenty…from valley of vision puritan prayers



As I lay here being receptive to His grace I am asking “how do I begin to weave this together in story so that I can pick beauty from the harvest for myself and even more so… for others?” O Daddy we come with buckets in hands swinging to pick the first fruits from your fields. Ever so humbly I step and share the ground layout with our husbandman takes us from this crossroad to the end of our journey time.

I am going to introduce two series & one Project here at The House of Belonging.

  • The first series I will introduce tomorrow. It will be once a week.  It will have some helpful printable’s and such along the way.  As we learn to live in the depths but see You in the heights as we seek You for whole-souled-ness.

  • Not all marriages are or can be… restored …then what? It maybe a once a month or bi/weekly to start out.  It will start out with personal history, books and people giving a little ground work to the present day.  With as much privacy as I can so it will mostly be from my perspective.  Much of the whole-souled-ness work will then go into the marriage series.

  • The third project…not so much a series, will be placed however God leads.  I am a little girl who has a secret that I can’t wait to share.  I will spill the beans next Wednesday:)

This will also benefit women who yearn for the deep waters of whole-souled-ness.


Almost time for 21 days of prayer….click here to sign up.  21 days now has its own page!  Click here to subscribe.


Word women Wednesday with Becky@Farmgirl Paints.  Have you checked out her cuffs?  I keep thinking when I can I’d like to have one that says Word woman or jumping naked…what would you like yours to say? Don’t forget we will also have a linkup.  A place to share your heart and art in the form of a post ( maybe a hint for a writing prompt?) that will light a fire under the souls of women to walk in their calling.  I think Miss Becky’s words will light a fire in your heart!


**I will attach the winner of the Word women sign later this afternoon.  I’m still in the hospital and my daughter is the smart one so she is going to do it for me on her lunch hour**

a prayer for us…May our desires be enlarged and our hopes emboldened, that we may honour Thee by our entire dependency and the greatness of our expectation…valley of vision





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