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Reaching hearts of boys for the Gospel & preparing a generation of men to love the Lord…

I didn’t ask God to give me a prayer ministry. I inherited it when God gave me two little boys.

In my eBook, Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most, I share that I’ve always wanted boys. For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed of the opportunity to raise boys who would be different…who would love God, their family and others.

I look back now and see so much self-righteousness in those dreams. Keywords? I wanted to raise boys who would be different. I did.

As if I could do it by myself.

It took God a whole 72 hours after my first son was born to show me how much I needed Him. Nursing was going great until the lactation consultant came in and told me I was doing it wrong…right before we left. She moved him around and moved me around and irritated both of us. By the time we got home he refused to eat at all and I found myself unable to feed my own child. For the first eleven days of his life at home with us he was fed through a syringe while I pumped and wept thinking that giving him a bottle would eliminate all chances of being able to nurse.

Thus began a series of life lessons on how little control I have over anything.

*Struggling to nurse my firstborn. *A wreck that nearly took my grandmother’s life and two others. *Stroke after stroke that left my grandfather blind…now fading into eternity. *The Virginia Tech shootings – a friend full of potential killed that day – shot to death. Husband a first responder. Rebellious second pregnancy that leaves me contracting in stress all day long. *Father’s older brother dies on my son’s first birthday. *Father’s younger brother dies 10 months later – same genetic lung disease. *Grandmother fading away in her memories. *Two sons born 23 months apart driving me to the edge and back every single day…stripping my pride…leaving me literally begging God for a miracle of the heart. *Husband who works shift work – people telling him they hope his family dies out of their own anger – and the stress? It follows him though he loves Jesus and he loves us.

This has been my last five years.

And I’ve learned this: life as a Believer isn’t about having control…it’s about letting it go.

From the book:

There are so many good books out there today on the topic of parenting that I can’t count them. Nor do I have time to read them all. But even if I did, reading these books and putting the solid tools in them to work still doesn’t come with guarantees.

Knowing this, it becomes quite clear that there is only one thing we can do…

Plead with God.


“The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” ~James 5:17

It’s our hope.

I’ve been praying the Word over my sons now for over two years. And what, might you ask, has it accomplished? I’ve seen God soften my sons’ hearts in specific areas over time, but honestly, I think praying the Word over my boys has done as much for me as it has for them. It reconnects my heart in faith that God is able to be true to His Word. It reminds me of what He’s truly capable of and that ultimately, He is the one most responsible for the hearts of my sons…the part I play is really so small.

No, I didn’t ask the Lord to give me a prayer ministry. He brought it to me out of my own desperation for Him. Along with it came freedom from self-righteousness. Freedom in submission. Freedom in His Truth. Freedom to give up control. Freedom to trust and hope and believe.

I still dream that my boys will be different…lovers of God…others. But now I have freedom in my dreams. Freedom to be who He dreamed I would be…and trust in the dream He has for my sons.


Brooke McGlothlin began Warrior Prayers as a way to connect moms to the heart of the Father in prayer on behalf of their sons. Every weekday she offers prayers formed from the Word of God targeted to areas where boys need prayer the most. You can follow her daily prayers on Twitter (#WarriorPrayers) and Facebook or you can pick up her brand new eBook, Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most and join her in her upcoming prayer challenge, 21 Days of Prayer for Sons.

Brooke is a homeschooling mom of two young boys, wife of the man she’s had a crush on since the 3rd grade, lover of Hokie football, co-founder of the M.O.B. Society, and offers hope for change to the hearts of women at her personal blog, A Life in Need of Change.


All I can say is buy the Ebook! I have 2 boys 16 & 20 and it is just important to wash them in the water of prayer.  Even our grown sons, our husbands and any men in our lives!  Overflowing with meat and worth the 5 dollars!


Amy Sullivan - Brooke,

So glad to hear your words today. Control is one of my big issues. Battling the urge to do everything myself, on my terms, is something I struggle with daily. I don't have boys, but have many friends that do. Also, love the idea of 21 days.


Thanks for hosting!

tkilgore - Brooke – I struggle with trusting God. Trusting if He has a dream for me let alone for my children. Your words are powerful and it has stirred what I know to be true that prayer is a lifeline between God and I and it is our hope.
Praying for God to stir the hearts to prayer and we value your words and thank you so much for sharing them:)
I am going to join you in the 21 days. I have two sons, 16 & 20

Bobbi - I'm not seeing the WWW linky but my post is up to share with ya'll! Smiles and hugs to all for a good rest of the week!

eileen - I struggle with being consistent in prayer for my seven year old son. When he was born I "dedicated" a couple verses to him and will often go back and read them. Just ordered the book and looking forward to reading it.

Brooke McGlothlin - Thank so much for having me friends. What a wonderful community you have here! I'm thrilled to get to be a part of it today. Many blessings as you let go and dream the dreams God has for you.

Stephanie - Brooke,
As a mom of a son with Asperger's, I worry about him so much. Thank you for this post. I am realzing that I need to worry less, and pray more!!! Thank you for this post, and your book! What an amazing blessing!!!

e-Mom - Thanks for your invitation to link up! Have a blessed day, Mom… and thanks for hosting.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Jen Ferguson - I, too, have dreams of raising girls who love Jesus and who desire to please Him more than the world. I know that I should pray scripture more than I do and sometimes I fear that I don't pray enough.

tkilgore - to be honest…I prayed it for Grace as I was praying for the boys. It love how Brooke has it laid out. I like it to because I have room to write:)

Abby - Thank you Brooke! Prayer is breath and breath is life.

I love your courage and heart to walk this and bring others along…what a blessing! And yes, they really are His, aren't they? Oh, knowing I need to/desire to pray more for my son…

BIg Fat Mama - I agree in the power of prayer!

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