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Dear Monday…changes

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I am a busy little bee lately…LOTS of answers

some yes some no’s…all gifts

while busyness is all around my spirit is S   L   O   W moving right now.

SO -

I feel behind on visiting you all – behind on one of my best friends life – behind on New Day – behind

on laundry and housework.  Just plain ole behind.  And you know what?  I’m going with it because

when we are at that place with God and there has been prayers going up wrapped in gratitude and

we are in that place of forbearancewe must wait so God can do His work KNOWING He is making

all the necessary preparations.

I have been praying sweat over something that I can’t wait to share with you all…it is coming!

Oh..and don’t you just love the boots, flowers and the chair in that picture?  I can just dream myself right

into that little office can’t you?:)

also – Brooke McGlothlin will be with us this be sure to come check out her words and

her new ebook  Warrior Prayers…praying the Word for boys.  It is only 5.97.

Many changes coming my way that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

Are you noticing any changes in your heart lately?  Maybe share a way you are able to slow down and enjoy life knowing God is making a way?


I hate hotdogs

I HATE hot dogs!

so much so that when I was little…at the sitter’s…I snuck the ends of the

hot dogs in the plant that sat on the table.  To this day I have trouble eating the ends.

that being said…these are delish…

Super Bowl Series: Oven Baked Turkey Chili Cheese Dogs

Click here for these Oven Baked Turkey Chili Cheese Hot Dogs.   I appreciate this healthier version.  It MIGHT just make me eat a hot dog

every once in awhile;)

you have got to try this one!

FYI – put in more filling than it says to though. Next time I will put 2 cans of chili and more of all else.  Just try it once and you can adjust to your preference.

The hot dogs I  used  are only 40 calories compared to 120 in regular hot dogs.  With that being said go to the grocery store and make a treat your whole family will love you for…

see ya on “Dear Monday”…savor your weekend & enjoy a hot dog will you:)?…xoxo


We also have Brooke McGlothlin sharing  her heart with us on Word women Wednesday next week.  I will be giving away 2 of her prayer warrior ebooks…so be watching for more information.  I would love to join Brooke and her share her book.  would you join us?





The last couple of days we our weather has been in the 50′s…today 70 before we plunge back to the freezer…

dreaming spring…are you:)?


we’re learning day by day that ” the most foreign country is within.”  We are

our own dark continent, we are our own savage frontier. Many marvels

await discovery as we continue on the path to authenticity.

-Alice Walker-



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Today I am stopping to slow down and savor…gift

no harried hurry here today….just SIMPLE savoring each moment…one at a time.

Sharing for the first time over with Cheryl @ Culture Smith for her Saturday Simplify series.

The Simplify Journey




word women wednesday & a giveaway

Meet Stephanie..a woman who has the courage to be imperfect. It is our vulnerability that makes us beautiful. That connects us to each other.  May this just be the story for others to bare to be beautiful.

We are imperfect and wired for struggle BUT we are worthy of love & belonging so let’s take a step to let go with all of our hearts…of what we think we should be in order to be who we are

Brene Brown

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I often don’t have words to describe my journey over the past several years. There have been good parts, and bad parts, breathless parts, and joy filled parts, nervous parts, and closed off parts, happy parts, and sad parts. But, over all the word “parts” just seems to fit. Parts, pieces of a whole, or parts, things that can be divided or separated, or even joined back together again. Parts are really very versatile things.

For quite a while, I lived my life somewhat compartmentalized. There were the parts that I showed publicly, and the parts that only existed privately. The parts I showed my kids, my husband, my parents, my friends, my coworkers. Some of these parts stretched across multiple roles, and some parts existed in just one. It was only when some of the parts I preferred to keep private starting oozing out into the public parts that I began to struggle. It seemed that things that I had always been able to keep a lid on, were now jumping and bursting to get out of their box. And so began the fight to keep them down! They were like disobedient dogs that kept jumping on my leg, and no matter how much I told them to stop jumping, they just jumped longer and higher. I panicked.

And when I say I panicked, I mean it literally. I literally started having full on frequent panic attacks. This is when I sought counseling for what I called “performance anxiety”. Which eventually led to the realization that the part of me that I had kept hidden for 12 years, the date rape, it was the culprit.

After it happened, I was 15 at the time, the division began. I quickly learned how to wall things off into their own cells. It seemed like an excellent skill. No one could hurt me, because they didn’t have access to my inner parts, only the surface parts. But it all got so confusing, the parts kept dividing and dividing until I could no longer figure out what I was supposed to be to who and where and when. Stephanie, who’s that? She was completely buried in the charade, and I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

The process of counseling, I’m not going to doll it up, it was excruciating. It was like surgery that you had to stay awake for. Wounds were cleaned out, infections had to be removed, things were cut open, others forced shut, and the whole time I felt more alone than I had ever felt before despite the friends and family surrounding me. It was rough.

But in the end, the parts became a whole. Not the made up parts, the parts others wanted me to be, the people pleasing parts, the self loathing parts, the phony parts – those had to be removed. But the real parts, the ones that were there that I didn’t want to own, the ones that I thought I had lost, and the ones who make me myself, those got to stay. God continues to form them into something more beautiful than I ever imagined. These parts aren’t perfect, but they are unique and custom designed by the King of Kings, and that’s what makes them beautiful. No more disjointed living. No more flailing on the floor wondering which parts go where while reading directions in a foreign language. God put me back together. He had to do some breaking, but He put me back together.

Father, I pray for the women reading this post, if there are any parts that they have abandoned, please show them the beauty you see in the parts they see as ugly. No more disjointed living God, unite us as a whole within ourselves, and unite us as a whole with each other so that we can do the work you have called us to do. You are amazing. I love you! In Jesus Name, Amen.


Do you have parts you’d like to linkup today…something that is imperfect but God has made beautiful?  a way in which you were vulnerable? or courageous?  Just linkup your post exact URL…you know the drill:)  I put the WWW button in the post today.  No perfection allowed here … so no pressure. no guilt OK?  Let’s just keep finding each other & connecting ok?


to enter — leave a comment and then head over to Stephanie’s on Friday to see if you won!  She is going to use a random number picker to choose one of you warrior WORD women…can’t wait to see who wins…

Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God


a tower…lie bricks & God breathed words & WWW giveaway

As I sit there..alone..the light streaming in from the holes in this tower mortared with pain lies I’ve believed…He shows me the first lie brick in my tower.  God is not good and cannot be for me.  Come again…it is time.

a random word blows loosening the mortar…gently waiting… to be noticed.  Pain can be so loud.  Have you ever noticed that?  I sit there thoughts circling..I go around and around them thinking all over the last weeks..I turn  go pick up a book..what? go pick up a book

the pain laced lies back down as I stand…which book?  I had several laying there so my hand just went to Streams…heart  racing…He was going to say something and I knew it.  I opened to February 5  and He breathed.

Here are God Breathed Words

Isaiah 52:12  ” you shall not go out with haste.” ( altar card )

for a couple weeks my wrestling  has been between my orphan mentality and my daughtership.  Pain , the mortar used to lay each one down. Years in the making…built high…to high for my flesh to tear down and hold together..but flesh has controlled and predicted for so long.  You see - I am no longer an orphan…but I live like one.

go pick up a book?  again?  February 11 He breathed.    I had just finished asking Him about a house…I go pick up the same book and He spoke

Here are God Breathed words

Joshua 3:13 { altar card }

as soon as the soles of the feet of the priests…shall rest in the waters…the waters…shall be cut off.

OK really? I posted on Joshua here. He leaves me wanting more of Him.  Something He is speaking to me…

If I don’t put my foot in the water where the situation is impossible God cannot stop the waters. I took a brick down and with the sole of my foot… I stepped out of the tower and INTO the truth that GOD does care and wants my/our good.

Here is the lie brick:

God is not good and cannot be for me

Here is God Breathed Words

Exodus 33:14

the LORD ( YHWH) replied, ” I will personally go with you, Moses {Tiffini} and I will give you rest-everything will be fine for you.”  { altar card }

This is wrestlingthis is choice…this is “am I going to choose to be the orphan or am I going to choose to be the daughter of the King ?”

I could feel the heat and energy in His breath over my soul.   I had a choice set before me…I wrestled exhausted.  I ate.  I chewed them up small and His Spirit made them edible for my soul.

My sole was in the water and my soul was a daughter and it cried Abba, Father!

I will leave us with this from Rose Marie Miller.  I think it represents us. women. would you put your name in the blank with me?  { altar card }

” _______________, you act like an orphan…you often live as though the Holy Spirit never came, could never help you live in impossible places and do impossible things.  You act ( or live ) as though there were no Father who loves you….

~ “Path” by Linn Photography ~ posted by acottageinthewoods

I’m still on this journey… thank you from the depths of my heart that you are walking with me…

Do you have lie bricks that you have built up walls with? Do you live as an orphan or a daughter?

This Tuesday I’m resting in the presence of friends @ Finding Heaven…would you come?

Come back tomorrow for Word women Wednesdays…and meet one of my kindred soul sisters Stephanie from The best is yet to be.

She is giving away a copy of Beth Moore’s ” Get out of that Pit”! So come and join in the linky party and link up any post that

encourages women to keep going in this journey of life.  It is never to late for God to do the impossible.  See you tomorrow:)

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