How to get motivated to simplify


community… that’s how

I am going to join Simple Mom for this project.  I think it may help us in the process of moving ( yes, I’m moving – another post ) to organize and simplify.  I have written on it here and here.

For five weeks, we’ll work together and tackle different areas of our homes. Be encouraged and inspired, knowing that there are other families around the world rolling up their sleeves and working alongside you!

Begins March 7!

project simplify

Would you like to join me?  Just click on the graphic and it will take you to all the information you need. This is a big link up but it would be kinda fun to share our own experiences with our ” smaller ” group as well?  Let me know:)

Plus – it is just THAT time of year: Spring Cleaning

I also had this sweet little post delivered to my email and in case  you haven’t seen them yet I wanted to share.

I know some of you are writers and journal and would appreciate this.  You might just have to buy one of these lovelies:)  Why don’t you go on over and meet Katie @ Gadanke.


Happy almost weekend…oh also – I applied to go through volunteer training @ a domestic violence safe home that our community has.  I looked at this last summer and just kind of shelved it.  Well – I got another email and I applied.  We’ll see.




Glenda Childers - I just moved a few months ago, from Seattle to Chicago, and I am so so glad for everything I got rid of before I moved. So I will loudly cheer you on . . . YOU CAN DO IT.



Cindy - Hi Tiffini,

you know, somehow I got an email from you yesterday! And I think I missed Word Women Wednesday, but somehow found imperfect prose, and dared to let that much vulnerability show! But thanks for coming by, and for the email yesterday…by the way, I have come here to comment 3 times today, but got side-tracked with gadanke and simple mom's spot…ha, ha…good to "meet" you!

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