Dear monday: why do you blog?


Why do you blog?  I know…deep question right?  One that I am really digging deep to answer.  Asking your help at the end…

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Here are TWO questions I am asking.

Why did I start blogging

I started this last October to just start writing my heart about the changes that God  was doing in my life.  Laying down the heart words on paper.  I have always journaled but the problem is when I went back to read the journals…10 years later I am still in many of the same situations. Not much change.  That is a big problem.  for me.  I am walking the middle right now waiting for direction on which way to go … right or left.

Warning: Vulnerable Confession!

I have NO background in writing, crafting, design, photography anything. I didn’t even finish high school.  I was married at 16 and had my first three children by the time I was 22. I did later go back to get my GED.  That being said – I’ve been a stay at home mom since I was 16.  So 26 years.  I am blogging for ME first…to sort myself out…HA!   I would love to write some kind of book.    I have a few ideas.  I will need an editor as you all know I don’t know the grammer rules etc.  I just write how I talk….lol?  works for me but not so much for a book:)

It has been 5 months?  now what?  what is my niche?  I really want to know!

I have no idea. I know – not a good answer but an honest one.  I am definitely a beauty hunter this I know.  My heart is deep and complicated.  I love to write the heart dialogue down and I look for God to answer them.  I am wanting to find out who I am, my purpose and how to live securely and …….I have a heart for women who’s hearts are hemorrhaging, women in abusive relationships and are locked in prisons of fear and do not know how and/or do not have the tools and support to live life fully. How to take care of themselves and their children. How to find healing for the lies that were laid down with the wounds.

I do enjoy decorating, cooking and all of the things that encompass being a woman.  Just not sure what the blog should be about.  Maybe it can be all these things… I just don’t know.


this is what has been on my heart for my blog…His blog really.  I really do pray very much about this blog and the direction He wants me to take it.  He initiated this and I am want to follow hard after it.  I think of you all often as I write.  Three of my five children are grown.  The younger two are 16 & 11 and I feel it is time.  This last 10-11 years have been tumultuous to say the least. Lots of changes.  If I’m going to write a different future I am going to have to get off the fence and go right or left.  I don’t want to look back in 10 more years and STILL see the same thing.  It is like deep dreams that I have buried and or never believed inare now saying ” It is time” .


What is your niche? do you know?  how did you know?

Why do you blog? Honestly?

I would love ANY constructive criticism on what you all may see as my niche.  What I might do away with and what I should do more of.  I would love very much to hear your words.

Thinking your Monday is the first day of a brand new dream


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Cha Cha - Okay we need to talk–I am headed to twitter to DM you.

Love You,

Cha Cha

Robyn Q - You are deep and your heart comes through your blog loud and clear. Beautiful. I have no idea what right or left is or anything about direction. This I know of you and have been thinking of you as I drive (weird…maybe…or just God). You are a facilitator. You are an arranger. You bring people together. Keep following your heart! God will work out the details – probably with the help of others – let them. Prayers for new beginnings.

Amy Sullivan - T,

What a good question. I know why I blog. I blog because God told me I had to learn to stop being so selfish, and in addition, he told me I needed to write about it (I just finished a post on this very thing!). I argued with God because I didn't want to write anything even remotely related to this topic.

In fact, I have multiple projects started that aren't Christian and aren't nonfiction and are what I see as "more me".

I, Amy, had big plans for writing big things and His little idea did not fit my plans. However, God has been following me around, and refusing to let me cave on His plans for me.

You? (Here's my two cents). I saw your niche when we worked together on your guest post at my place. Even though I only know a bit here and there, you are to write your story. Not necessarily a memoir, but I see you taking one of your biggest challenges, and writing about that. You strike me as a fighter, a survivor, and I see that playing into your writing too.

Kathleen's Red - I started blogging not too long after I lost my mother. I was feeling really alone and I had to find a way to express myself more creatively. I never wrote anything until I wrote a memorial piece for my dear Mama's funeral. Then I got hooked and met so many wonderful women I haven't been able to stop. I sometimes feel like I have no style or theme like so many of the blogs I visit, but then I remind myself that I can just be myself and not put pressure on myself to be like anyone else. I find reading blogs where the writer is honest and willing to risk being exposed to be the most interesting for me to read.

Jennifer - I love this post!! But then again, I pretty much love all of your posts!! I suppose the reason I blog (besides because I love posting book reviews) is to have an "uninterrupted" forum where I can purge a few of my thoughts. Sometimes it's easier for me to sort things out and get them resolved if I've blogged about them. I completely understand your thoughts on journaling. I read back through my old journals, and so much of it is a re-churning of the same old repetitive stressors, weaknesses, and far to much…well…whining. I whine a LOT. And I see so much LACK OF TRUST in God in my journaling. I still do it sometimes, if I really need to work something through, but I resolved not to journal daily, like I used to, because I generally upset myself, mulling over a lot of problems I couldn't solve–problems outside my realm of control.

Now YOUR blog is fantastic. I love that you don't have one particular "niche" and that you write about so many different topics–BUT, the threads that hold each post together are that they are all FOR women, they are all REAL, they are all about CULTIVATION AND TENDING (whether it be of relationships, the home, beauty, healthy habits), and they are all centered around GOD. You are such an example, and your blog is such an inspiration to me!! It is uplifting. Even heart-wrenching posts are UPLIFTING. You EDIFY others, and that is a true gift!!! :)

So wow, WAY too long of a comment!! Sorry about that, but I started to gush!!! :D

Erin@ It's Grac - I sense desperation in your heart on this "I have a heart for women who’s hearts are hemorrhaging, women in abusive relationships and are locked in prisons of fear and do not know how and/or do not have the tools and support to live life fully. How to take care of themselves and their children. How to find healing for the lies that were laid down with the wounds." I strongly believe that when the time is right, God will unleash this in whatever means He sees fit. I think of Romans 8:28.

Why do I blog? I was asking myself the SAME thing today. Sometimes it feels like a chore, and I never wanted it to feel that way. I originally started for fun and a way to keep family in touch with what our family was up to. Then it re-ignited my passion for writing and story-telling and encouraging women, too. But now sometimes it feels like I have to do this. All that to say, I feel what's missing is a "schedule" or better organization on my part. Anyway, long winded answer :)

Praying for you..and wanting you to know you can do it.

Rachel - I blog as for self expression and to find community. I love that as added bonus I am inspiring others. It makes me really consider my posts and love reaching out to others in this unique way.

jill - You are couragous! Love that!! You are real, love that too:)

I really relate to this post and to you…

I first started to blog because of my art business(why I'm an artist is a whole other can of worms), but quickly and unexpectedly I started to witness to what God is doing in my life. I really blog to encourage and lift up.

Thanks for this post, you rock girl!

Jen Ferguson - Oh, where to start, Tiffini? I have to say that I agree with Erin and Amy. And I think this blog is about FREEDOM. Freedom in your life that will echo onto these pages. Perhaps this space is to be a reflection of the choices that you are making in your life — the choices that bring you closer to freedom, closer to Jesus.

I blog for the reason I posted on the top of my blog. Here it is:

Most days it is so easy for me to get bogged down in my reality, the tangible, day-to-day happenings that make up my life. Oh, but so much more is waiting for me if I would come and sit awhile with Him. No matter what situations seem to define my life, there is a piece of Heaven waiting for me – a place of peace, restoration, and comfort. Being in this world is hard. Daily struggles, tribulations, and people pulling us in all different directions can take a toll on our lives. Somehow, though, finding a piece of Heaven can give us a new outlook, a new purpose, and direction we may have never considered. Finding God in those quiet moments brings refreshment to our malnourished souls. I am not great at keeping a personal journal, but thought that I might be more willing to write down my revelations if someone else might respond. That's a good reason to blog, right?

Stephanie - oh girl, we couldn't be more on the same page. As I am moving my blog to wordpress, I am asking myself the same things. But…I just want you to know that, ummmmm, okay….I know you don't blog just for me….but on some days it feels like that, LOL! You are so gifted girl, education is not needed for God to use you! He has all the education in the world to pour out on you! I don't know what your niche is, but I know that what your are doing right now blesses me and womenen like me :)

Christy - I think every single blogger ask themselves this very same question. I know I did…you see I don't feel I have a niche…and it took me a while to be completely okay with that. I mean I could if I wanted too….single girl, Christian, randomness….but in the end they are all part of me and I don't want to settle into one niche….

I blog because I adore writing. When I sit down in front of my computer and hit compose I am at one with my heart and I cannot wait to see what God unveils. Even on those silly random posts I do at times…. I know He enjoys because He sees beauty in humor….and all things me….and YOU.

If I start seeing writing as a chore or something I don't want to do….I take a step back…I put up a little note and say I am on a blogging break…and I seek His Face even more…and my heart is refreshed and I come back….writing because I love it.

Just enjoy the time when it comes to compose and write with your heart… That is what makes this place so beautiful :)

Pamela - This is my first visit to your blog. I'm following from the Soli Deo Gloria. So I can't give you a solid answer for your question. I do know that God will guide you as you obey each step.

The reason I blog? Because encouragement is my life long passion. There's so much to be discouraged about. I want to make life more beautiful, more meaningful and more blessed for others. And I want to teach others how to encourage–that it doesn't take a lot of creativity or money. God was very definate when it was time for me to blog. And He bloomed the throught in my heart that it was to include my daughters. So we blog together and it brings more joy than I thought possible.

As a writer, my advice to you would be 'start the book." Don't worry about grammar, punctuation or spelling. Just write your heart. The other things can be fixed. People just want to hear your heart and from what I'm reading, your heart is very, very special.

Glenda Childers - I have been thinking about this myself this morning, Tiffini, after reading chapter 3 in Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. A few quote that really got me today.

Martin Luther ” If you want to change the world, pick up your pen.”

John Piper ” there are eyes in pencils and in pens.”

And some guy I had never heard of ” To name a thing, in other words is to bless God for it and in it.”

I blog because life and words matter.

I blog to share my life with my liternal daughters and my spiritual daughters.

I blog to keep myself thinking.

I blog to make myself slow down and enjoy my life.

I blog beause it is fun.

Oh boy, I think I’d best write a post about this in the future.

Blessings on you as you figure out your place in blogging. I think what you describe is similiar to my blog . . . a lifestyle blog. So it isn’t focussed to just one thing . . . but anything from my life.

Are you enjoying the Blogging Your Way class?


Glenda Childers - P.S. Great comments today.


Courtney - This is a hard question – and one every blogger has to ask herself, constantly. I’ve always been told, “Write what you know.” You clearly know motherhood and relationships. You don’t have to have everything figured out to “know” it – but you’ve been there, you ARE there, and you have a lot to offer on those subjects. Others too. You’ve got to go where you feel God is leading you.

I started blogging to better embrace motherhood and domesticity. It has turned into a real spiritual journey for me, as I come to know myself and God better. I love blogging and it hasn’t turned into a chore – yet :) One thing that helps me tremendously is to have a schedule or a plan about what I will write. It gives me boundaries and guidance, so I don’t feel so completely overwhelmed. My schedule or “work week” is posted on my sidebar. I may change it up down the road, but having that guideline really helps me focus.

Good luck as you search for your answers. You’ll be in my prayers!

Shari - Ha ha! You're asking your readers, too…. I did that today! I haven't got as many as you do, but they've been emailing me to give me encouragement and ideas. It's pretty awesome!

I love your blog!! I actually said, "ooooo!" as soon as I checked it out! See you in class!

Melanie - i love your honesty in this post and i love how we don’t need a formal education or credentials to be used by God. Your heart and desire to reach out to women is truly beautiful and God will use that. Just share your heart here. Like you’re doing already. Your words will bless others. They’ve blessed me today.

Glad to be in this community with you.

eileen - I really enjoyed this post. I was attracted to your blog because I tend to gravitate toward other bloggers who are not afraid to talk about the hard things. Real authentic community is not always pretty and "perfect". I like the courage I see in your writing and your blog.

At first, I started to blog simply as a place to put all my writing. I started writing again about 2 years ago… after not writing for 15 or so years. My blog has slowly transformed. I have always felt a strong desire to share my story with others and perhaps inspire others in their walk with the Lord. Blogging has been such a blessing in my life. It's been such a great journey getting to know you and so many other bloggers!

BIg Fat Mama - I have felt this way so much too. Why am I blogging and where am I going with this. I had to turn my question around. Why is God having me blog and where is HE going with this? I just write what He puts on my mind, and then give it to Him and let Him take it where He wants it to go!

LLH Designs - Your niche is diving into the deep…naked! :) I love the way you throw off fear and strip off layers.

I started blogging as an extension of my business, but it’s morphed into something more personal. Not sure how long God wants me to stick with it. Finding the balance between real life and the blog world can be challenging at times. We’ll see where God leads. :)


Abby - oh…i love all of the love you are getting here and concur so much…and see this as the Lord’s embrace over YOU. YOUR STORY. The LOVE you pour and the kindredcy you foster with me and so i assume it’s like this with all who feel connected with you…

i don’t think you got to read my post yesterday (that’s fine:)!, it was long–about Chapter 6 of Ann’s book: “I want to see!”), but more of my story and ‘years locusts have eaten restored’ I think for US that is what this blogging journey is…

coming to life and pouring forth His story through the brokenness of our lives and these words redeeming and healing not only us, but through His story over our lives–those who He brings…this is Ann’s journey and i couldn’t think of any more beautiful blogger to share a core ‘blogging call’ with:) did you listen to/read her keynote from Relevant?

amanda - I loved reading your honest words in this post. I think there are so many bloggers who struggle w/ this. I certainly do. But there's a sweetness and a beauty in your writing voice.

Jodene Shaw - This is my first visit to your blog, and I relate very much to the desires and dreams that you have stirring in your heart. It was those same things that caused me to begin a blog…to start writing and sharing it with others. As you keep going forward, I think you will find more of your purpose with it ~ which will grow and change as you do. I started out writing some journals that had length and depth rooted in what God was showing me. I found that I kept waiting for these lengthy posts of profound things God was showing, and then discovered Him and sharing Him in the daily things of life and family, started sharing my photography, and my journey into art. So it is very different.

One resource you might find helpful is the book and workbook by Dan Allender, “To Be Told”. This helped me in writing some of my own stories.

I look forward to watching your blog and seeing your focus develop…

Thanks for stopping in today!
love & grace, jodi

Linda Lewis - The "why" is a big question for all of us who blog, and I think there are many answers. In many ways, it is just another form of journaling, but instead of the words being locked away, they are shared with others who will find you as they look for like "sisters". Your niche will become clearer to you, but right now you seem to be touching young moms who are struggling to find answers in their own lives. There's nothing wrong with that.

kerrie - I am new to your blog. I just found it this week! I do like your 'nakedness'. We are in similar situations with a half empty nest. I too have been Mothering/Homekeeping/Homeeducating for the past 22 yrs. of my life. For two years now I've been seeking God on what to do for the rest…He's been bringing some clarity lately…and I am at peace again. You can read more about that on my In The Quiet blog post 'Return', if you want. Anyways I just wanted to share that I am a beauty person too…I live my days 'beholding His beauty' Psalm 27:4. When I began blogging my focus was to 'give beauty'. It was for me just as much as others. I wanted a place of retreat to go to. I named my blog after my home 'Sea Cottage'. The sea is my favorite place to be in the whole world. It is where I feel closest to God. So over time(I've been blogging for four years now) my blog went in a sea-themed direction. The most comments I have received have been to tell me that my blog is a place of 'retreat' from the busy-ness of daily life. When I have wanted to give up, I am reminded of why I blog~ 'to give beauty'…this has kept me grounded and with purpose. I began my In The Quiet blog for a place of contemplation…it is more like my original blog. I am also in a place in my life where I am pursueing my art again so I have a blog for that too…Seawashed…it is more for me to keep my pursuit of art organized. As you can see I have always journaled too. I hope all of this helps in some small way. One thing that I have learned from the Blogging community is to blog for yourself…your blog is YOURS, so don't ever blog what you think others might want to hear about…blog for you and let what is in your heart flow forth. I am adding you to my blog list on both my Sea Cottage and In The Quiet blogs. I do love the name of your blog…'belonging'…the very heart of God.

Bina - Hello!!

I am new over here…popped over from Jen's place…and so very glad I did. I have struggled with trying to maintain the blog in the midst of spiritual and situational struggles…and yet, not matter how pulled I get from it, it never lasts as He always calls me back. I have found myself in my blog…the true parts of me that I don't often express to those around me. I have found God in it…realizing even as I am writing that He will spinning and weaving my story right before my eyes. I have found friends here…some of them so dear to my heart that I can't believe I "barely" know them.

I appreciate this post…and the follow up…very much.


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