Bloom where you’re planted

Mary Engelbreit

we’ve all quipped “bloom where your planted”… but am I?  blooming I mean.

have I broken the pot and loosened the soil and dug a hole and planted myself here?

In my present tense

kristilynnmcd:  theoreticalknitting:  I really want to make a blanket soon.  I’m also wanting to make a blanket pretty badly.

photo credit meggie lynn

I am always striving – straining – perfecting and controlling every area of my life…uprooting my souls

shriveling roots making it harder to take root in soil anymore?

I think I am bloominglately..choosing to spend time gently patting the soil around these old roots


I love cowboy boots and lately I am having an

apron fetish…wonder if I could sew one?

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to share words with Brooke McGlothlin!

connecting hearts & words with the SDG girls and Jen at Finding Heaven…what do you have to say?

Finding Heaven

and Michelle @ Graceful


Jen Ferguson - Do you know that I randomly (randomly?) had this exact same thought today — bloom where you're planted — while I was making my bed. The same thought, the same day you did. Confirmation, perhaps? For us both?

And I think your "old roots" have new life, girl. I can see it coursing on the words of this post. New life, rekindled joy.

And yes, I'm sure YOU could sew an apron.

Erin @ It's Gra - I love the picture! And that quote is one of my absolute favorites. I love aprons, too! Especially vintage-y style ones.

Praying for you :)

Robyn Q - Lovin your style today!

Sewing is overrated in my book. I leave it for other "flowers". Cowboy boots always take the cake.

Maybe it's the hint of spring, but I've been reflecting on the ways of blooming lately, too. We need to hear more! Blessings.

Cha Cha - I want to bloom where I am planted…………..ahhhhh

Thank you for patting and watering the dirt around my heart this morning. I want to thrive here.


Cha Cha

Bobbi - Good questions…thanks! Hmmm….

Rachel - I think I've been holding my roots out of the soil, wanting to find the best soil. Its time to bloom where I am planted, trusting God will give me the best soil. Thanks for sharing your heart with us at SDG :)

Amy Sullivan - An apron fetish? It's funny you say that. I've never wanted an apron in my life, but after seeing that pic, I think they are quite sassy!

Here's to blooming, T.

Andrea - Apron + boots = you're speakin' my texas language, girl. Praying for good soil for both you and I.

Abby - This it the thing that my twin sister shared about our mom at her memorial service. We each shared a piece and I shared about 'Home' and how she was that, but Sara, my twin, based everything on 'bloom where you're planted'. And my mom struggled for this when she ended up in run down houses–life a financial shambles, but she did. She planted flowers and made each space beautiful…I miss planting flowers and the literal uprooting, but that's b/c we are planted, I think? So, in some ways, writing and my blog are where I am staying planted and blooming and our movable 'happy place'.

God is good. So glad you are fighting for the blooming:)

LLH Designs - I struggle to bloom where I'm planted when I'm plopped down in a new spot. I tend to shrivel up and hide out at home vs. really bloom. I admire those who are good at blooming where they are planted. Such a gift!

Andrea - I love aprons. If you can't sew one, Etsy has several cute ones!

Claire - I love dottie angel!!

You could definitely sew an apron. its very easy! Betz White has a 10 minute pillowcase tutorial to turn into an apron

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