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Lissa & menus…

Lissa @ Humble Pie says ” Let’s set up our kitchens in a way that they beg to be cooked in!”   Lissa I really want to borrow your kitchen.  Mine isn’t near as pretty as yours;)

Finding the good in it…as my Grace says to me…is that I can ” set up shop ” and scrub it down and organize it and make it a fresh and clean place to cook healthy & wholesome food for my family.

We haven’t ate out in 22 days which has  =

  • lots of dish washing
  • more food than your fridge can hold
  • TIME prepping, cooking & cleaning!  NO joke!

and I’m lovin it! I feel as if I am being connected back to my grandma ” roots “.  She was a cook.  The house was always filled with the aroma of love…her heart was cooking to show us how much she loved us. I miss her. I think I associate cooking with love.

The problem - I can and will “set up shop ” but I don’t have the  kitchen equipment necessary to cook…and prep.  It is not stopping me from not cooking but I am going to have to invest in some kitchen things if I am going to pursue cooking everyday.  The benefits have been to great!

……:)Back to setting up shop

I need some advice. I have a hodge podge of pots, pans and cookware.  Since I am spending more time prepping and cooking I would like to start investing in my kitchen.

Starting with Pots & Pans for example.  What kind do you use?  Do I buy non-stick or what?  Any suggestions?

I saw Lissa had Le Creuset.  They come a a rainbow of colors…just heavenly!  Here are a couple.

cobalt Le Creuset Cookware Set , 20 Piece - Cookware Sets

or more budget friendly…Rachel Ray?

I have been using Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook. I am in 100% with changing the way America eats.  I am all in on the whole foods/minimally processed food movement.  Lovin Jamie!

Also loving Cooking with my Kid…couple of recipe’s below.  I tweek a few things but it is SO doable!

Last week I cooked Jamie’s Cilantro Lime Rice, Cracking Burger and a Chopped Salad

This is my basic format for my menu planning each week

2/3 nights I make a new recipe out of Jamie’s Food Revolution Cookbook/or cookbook of choice

1 night crock pot

1 night soup & fruit

1 night sandwiches & fruit

1 night we eat leftovers or 2 if there is lots from the week

**I am making double batches so we have enough leftover for lunches the next day.  I am experimenting if it is cheaper than 6 dinners, 6 lunches and breakfasts.


Jamie’s Macaroni and Cauliflower Bake with a Salad

Jamie’s Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce – I am used to making spaghetti with Ragu & Hamburger!

One Pot Meal: Cheater Italian Wedding Soup (this is SO good )

One Pot Meal: Cheater Italian Wedding Soup

Grilled Apple,Bacon,Cheese Sand on Sprouted Bread & Fruit  ( sandwich each week ) My own recipe.  I am trying a new turkey bacon with no nitrates or growth hormones that I got at the Whole Food Market yesterday.

Crock Pot Fajitas with homemade guacamole..yum yum

Crock Pot Fajitas


is this sickening or what? Lissa’s kitchen…. you know I’m not being serious right? It is splendid! We can love living vicariously through Lissa & others like her but in REALITY that doesn’t work so well.  Let’s roll up our sleeves this weekend and join in shall we?

Are you ready to join Lissa and spend a weekend scrubbing down your kitchen? I am so in love with her Le Creuset and I love the color!  Keep bringin it girl:) Cooking good, real, wholesome food that my kids/teenager WILL eat…that makes me happy!


Get ready for Word Women Wednesday cause I have a breath of fresh air for you.  Linsey from LLH Designs is going to post for us!  So stay tuned and be praying:)

until tomorrow…T


It’s Sunday..keep breathing

To all of you beautiful women who have hearts that have been shattered…

To all of my friends who read my heart cries

from deep I want to say thankyou this Sunday.

This day of rest …won’t you join me in  hearing  this


country living

You are beautiful

You are brave

don’t give up

don’t give in

don’t let go

YOU are not done yet

sometimes all you can do is keep breathing and believing

offering my tears of praise and pain on your altar this gift to YOU

it is all I have today..take it and multiply it

country living

no matter what…


Photo Credit : Country Living

Lyrics from Kerrie Roberts Keep Breathing ( love this song!)


Coming this week

Update on 30 day challenge

Word Women Wednesday with Linsey @ LLH Designs


still jumping naked on Saturday

Jumping Naked…fearlessly into life this year..OK – I did say that.  I do want that.  Deliverance is a prayer.  SO – why do I keep trying to hold the pieces of my dream together. Why is change so HARD?  It is that very power that is going to reveal to us…ourself.  Is it in the sorrow..the breathing in of the falling apart  … that the courage to move out ofand into the skin of uncomfortable..where our authentic self can begin to emerge?

I can continue to stand on the edge and watch , count and vacillate with this… but today… I am going to surrender my heart to my Daddy… and trust the same God that Abraham, Isaac , Jacob, Nehemiah, Isaiah & Habakkuk trusted.  

for from old they have not heard or perceived by ear, neither has the eye seen a God besides Thee WHO ACTS on behalf of those who wait on Him  { Isaiah 64:4 }  I LOVE that part…He ACTS!

that His plan for me has nothing to do with me watching the days go by or my trying to keep the peace..where there really is none. That His plan for me is so big and beautiful that to get through the hard part.. the uncomforable.. is where He is inviting me to be…that is where I will be transformed.  That is where He will teach me that my insecurity is a lie. I have to chose to believe this.  I have to.

The scariest thing for me is watching the hurting that will happen, how will He take care of us, and have I been in His way all these years and kept Him from doing His best work yet?

Can I claim something? I’m not really a name it and claim it person but in this case I think it might be ok?

Can I claim that someday me and my kids will be dancing among the ruins?

Today I am lifting up my voice and crying…I invite YOU Father to make it all new…

God never uses anybody to a large degree, until after He breaks that one all to pieces.

The Heavenly Life

still jumping naked…on Saturday…how are you jumping today?


Word women wednesdays & LinkUp

Meet my friend Amy over @ Amy Sullivan…what consumes you? She makes me laugh with almost every email..I just love her..I see her as my teacher in some way..what more can I say?  Her heart is gripped by God to write…I love that about her and I pray her words seep into your soul…deep down.

Tiffini challenged us; What keeps you captive in your own mess? Tough question, but I immediately knew the answer.

See, my mess doesn’t look like this.

My mess looks more like this.

My room of captivity? Perfectionism. Perfectionism and performance.

I can give you a laundry list of reasons why my self-worth is tightly coupled to these ugly words, but shiny people don’t list the origin of our flaws, and we certainly do not wallow in them.

I’m sorry to hear about your problems. Head up, shoulders back. Brush it off and march on.  The ground may shake and the walls crash, but when the dust clears, you need to be standing, and preferably with a smile.

At times, being a perfectionist serves me well. I succeed, often, and that feels amazing.

The not-so-great part? I can’t stop trying to prove myself, and that feels sickening.

And here’s the real downer, friends—you can’t be a perfect writer, ever.

Do you know how many times I’ve reread a submission, post, comment, or email only to find it full of errors? Um, countless times.

Any idea what I want to do about these simple mistakes I’ve made? If you guessed smash a coffee cup into the computer screen, you guessed correctly.

Writing is full of mistakes and rejection, and I’m not talking about the kind of rejection that comes in a stamped envelope or a “maybe next time” email, I’m talking about the kind of rejection that comes from friends and family. Yep, the kind of rejection that comes from people not understanding what you are doing, or the kind of rejection that comes from blaring silence.

So why would God, who knows perfectionism is my issue, give me the insatiable desire to write? Writing, a calling that demands I deal with my flaws, daily; a calling that allows people to deem me less-than perfect, often.

The obvious answer? Because perfectionism is my issue, and that sickening feeling that propels me, will also haunt me until I learn my worth isn’t tied to what I achieve, publish, or accomplish, but my worth is found Him.

I must grasp tightly to what I know to be true—

I don’t have to be shiny. I can be flawed. Achievement doesn’t equal worth. I don’t earn more love based on more accomplishments. My value isn’t in thoughts scribbled across blank pages. My true worth is with Him, and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t care about a few grammatical errors.


Amy – I am STILL trying to wrap my head around YOUR question

why would God, who knows perfectionism is my issue, give me the insatiable desire to write???

You took a HUGE area of captivity and just put it in a nice little package…easy to open and turn over and over…thank you.  I wish I could reach out and just hug you!

Go visit this girl…she lets her daughter Amelia guest post every now..under My Girls View and she is a DOLL!  Amy’s destination is GRATEFUL GIVING.


Today, if you’d like to share with us on any area of captivity you have/or are struggled with … just enter in the direct URL to your exact post….. If you share – please provide a link back to


a frozen banana & reading

This is what Grace has me make her




it is that easy…

:: Ingredients::

2 frozen bananas…sliced

about 1 tsp. Powdered PB2  { optional } either way is good

just enough unsweetened almond milk to make it creamy


I put the PB2 in first…a little bit  of almond milk then the bananas

that way I can add almond milk to desired consistancy

I use a VitaMix

Put it into a bowl…sprinkle a few dark chocolate shavings on top

and enjoy.

SO good…you will not even miss ice cream AND you know every single ingredient in it:)

hangin this post out with Jen and the girls today @ Finding Heaven


What I’m reading…

here I shared what was on my bedside…still waiting on house to know whether I can plant a garden.

This just came for me ( at the library ) I LOVE it.  I am cooking 3 things out of it this week

I have placed a hold on this one.  I t came highly recommended by Meg @ Sorta Crunchy. I’m the last one who hasn’t read it..have you?

Redeeming Love


WORD-women Wednesday

Word Women Wednesday :  This week Amy Sullivan will be my guest poster for the day…she is my buddy that

called me T – and I LIKED it:)  I know we will ALL relate to her post.  She is a beautiful heart bent on giving.

She is ALWAYS encouraging to us fledgling writers…she gets it.  I love her and I can’t wait for you all to meet her.


30 Day Challenge

My friend Jen @ Finding Heaven has an eye opener of a post for those of us who suffer with the can’t sit stills..:)

Tara – I worked out today…check.  Thanks for your support:)  Loving my friends!

My goal is 5 but I often only get to 4 too:)

If you can’t eat it— post about it right?:)