Meet Ms.B & weekend

On a lighter note today since things are heavy.  My house is a mess..toilets – well, it’s been days.  And that’s OK.  There are other things more important right now.  God is at work all around.  Do you see Him?  I pray so.

meet Bella or B or Bells depending on who is calling her… she is our 3 year old black lab.

We often say she could have been an Eeyore.  She tends to be melancholy,

she enjoys sleeping

LIVES to be loved on

favorite past time is chasing tennis balls or any “form” of a ball

she is a good listener

and a good vacuum ( she loves me when I’m prepping food in the kitchen )

She is the perfect dog for our family

except for the hairballs that collect around the edges of the house…yuck!  THAT drives me crazy:)

This last Sunday was outside playing with the kids in the snow.  I snuck out for a hard to get picture.  And I got it!

praying we will have a new beginning on Monday. I can’t yet let my mind and heart go there.  Soon enough.

This weekend I’m hoping to pin my eldest down who does all the design on the blog for me – I’m getting to old to understand any of this stuff:)

My list of to do’s for her is so long but  hoping to get all the blog design wrapped up.  This might be my ” safe and sane ” place for awhile.

next week is full…so much to share but in bite size pieces.

I hope to give you an update on our No Impact Project, not eating out and my no sugar challenge.

Do you have a family pet? I would love to hear about him or her?  Any fun weekend plans? Cleaning house?:)

grateful it’s Friday and that we have a house to clean.  yes?



Lori H - My Westie sounds just like your Lab. And the tumbleweeds of hair that he produces! He really should be bald by now. I am in the middle of a huge deep cleaning of my house. Next week my husband and I will be out of town while my in-laws stay here with my teenage son. So, a good excuse to clean! And I am thankful on this Friday that I have a house to clean. God is good.

Nikki - You forgot Bellinski Boo!

Erin - Hi Tiffini, we just have fish. We'd like a kitten someday, but just don't have a good place for a litter box. I'm too neurotic to put it just "anywhere" and I worry about my house smelling like I have a pet, and then there's the fur that gets everywhere. Maybe we'll just stick to fish. :)

I truly hope and pray your Monday and the week turn out to be wonderful for you.



Amy Sullivan - Um, we have the naughtiest dog in the neighborhood. Really, I promise you, our neighbors would agree. Golden Retriver.

I've been thinking about you tons this week. Love you, girl.

Abby - no:( sadly no:( maybe if we stay in one country long enough…though none of our missionary friends where we're going have pets…maybe fish are the most hopeful prospect:) occupational hazard, i fear…

anyhow, love your pic and your Bella…awww…could hug her now:)

xoxo praying…

Michelle DeRusha - Bella is a super cutie — love the snow flakes on her nose!

Jen Ferguson - Yes, so, um, I have a cat. Rescued at a very young age because he was abandoned by his mother. Thinks I'm his mother, of course, because I was the last one who wanted t cat. Nuzzles me nightly. Ugh. But, I still chase after him when he escapes. I say it's because my husband and kids him would just be distraught if he got lost…or eaten by a coyote. But, really, perhaps, I do actually like him. Sometimes…


Micke - My toilets are, well they are there. Thanks for your blog, it helps me thru the day.

Summer - Awwww. What a cutie pie! We have three yorkshire terriers. Cuties too. :) I just think you blog is adorable. I'm your newest follower.

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