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Being Brave @ the Hospital

Have you ever had a moment of …shall we call it- vomit of the mouth?
Only to have to run into that person again?
I did…with Grace – about two weeks ago.
She has asthma that flares with every contagion stalking around
A intimidating male Dr. came in, examined her and ordered
to come back in and say…basically…there is nothing wrong…just a VIRUS
( she’d been home sick in bed for over three days )
Every mothering instinct I usually keep to myself– just came racing
right out of my mouth…to the intimidating male Dr….that I strongly
OUT LOUDto him…then to add the cherry
I said , ” I’ll just take her to Children’s Mercy “
To make a long story short
3 days later…still very sick in bed…I took her to our nurse practitioner
who worriedly said…take her to the ER…I think she has pneumonia
BACK to the hospital where I basically told the Dr. I knew more than he did?!
Yep – and guess what?
We got the SAME DR!  I was sweating bullets…
He ordered more xrays only to tell me what I already knew
SHE had pneumonia!
I had to tell the momma in me to sit down – there was no room for pride here
we had a sick little girl
but i must admit…it felt kinda good to have a voice…even now I can’t believe I said it…lol
I said what my heart felt and the whole world didn’t fall apart because of it
It wasn’t even mean I’m sure…it just FELT that way because I normally just acquiesce and
let it go analyze it for the rest of the day.
I need to find and use this voice more often…with a little fine tuning that is:)
I felt this would be best filed under Intentionally Brave Mondays
This was BRAVE for me

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Chris Everard - Lovely Little Things


Dew on Tender Grass…12.12


morning dew bejeweled grass poetry nothing else

can trust her LORD to lead her there
While reading yesterday I thought occurred to me
In the Old Testament one common thread is
 struggle – 
it had a purpose
to bring the people
the person
that they would return
 to HIM

loving and trusting Him on Sunday


Let's Make…

a ritual of friendship

A best friend is someone who understands exactly what your saying even through a fit of giggles and uncontrolable laughter. / Felicia Reinhard

I can’t imagine my life without you
I know it was not an accident we are here
at this time in HISTORY..{ His Story }

I am so full this season…lately
He is Moving
You are one of the jewels in my crown of contentment
Of course there will never be a way I could ever
pay you back
that is what the flesh stands up and speaks to my heart
while I turn and tell it to sit down

Like salve to a wound
water to a wilted flower
a warm blanket when you a chilled to the bone
a warm cup of coffee at 3 am
silent listening with eyes that see to the soul
human hope watching Him move in your family 
orchestrating who will join
a redeemed woman who sees her frailty
but LIVES in the STRENGTH of 

You are precious to HIM
and to ME
I adore our growing friendship
because we are FREE to be ME’s :) 
to bare our souls
take off those masks…wanting to…. with each other and
allow His hand to work the way He intends
there is a bigger purpose as to why …
I can’t wait to unfold it with you friend


Here are some ideas taken from Simple Abundance to be INTENTIONAL and make RITUALS with your friend

Try some or share your ideas with me…it would  encourage and motivate others

Take each other out for festive birthday lunches
Share your favorite books – read one together and then get together once a month for afternoon coffee
or tea and discuss it
Be on the lookout for newspaper and magazine articles, recipes, and cartoons you 
can clip or copy and drop them in the mail.
Remember friends with cards and thank you notes
Share resolutions or aspirations with a friend on New Years Eve
Go for walks together
Make annual outings a tradition
antiquing, flea marketing or JuJu {:)} together in the summer
Once a year, have a swap meet of clothes and accessories
When a friend is sick, deliver a get-well basket full of  bedside comforts: something to read, cough drops, tissues, assorted teas, homemade soup, a small, flowering plant.
Send or give flowers: spur of the moment bouquets from street vendor before you meet for lunch or to bring a smile on dark days
When there is a death in a friend’s family, instead of making a contribution in the deceased name or
sending flowers to the funeral ( others will do that ) wait a couple of days and send her 
a beautiful plant or bouquet.  It will comfort her more than you can imagine
During tough times, put her name on a prayer list
Sometimes our prayers are the greatest gifts we can give them
Start or continue collections for a friend, adding a new collectible each birthday
or holiday time
When giving a cherished pal a gift, always give her something she’d never give herself, an indulgence
Cook for your friends
During trying times—while a friend is sick or under tremendous stress—double
a recipe and deliver a casserole to her home

ABOVE all…let your FRIENDS know how much you love them!

I love you and treasure our friendship

Photo Credit : Felicia Renee


Soaking in

His love today
plans He has for us
soaking and sensing deep

where do you need me today?

{love} the red checked curtains

some days are just to soak in
ever have those?

praying warm winter blessings to blanket your families today

Photo Credit: Period Living

What do you give?

Far away from this 

is this

” We cannot know the grief
That men may borrow;
We cannot see the souls
Storm-swept by sorrow;

there is a way it should be…a way IT WAS but
isn’t anymore…at least not yet.

but it’s coming
Father IS moving…that is all I can say
it is not the way I think or want it..even…to be
you see
He’s showing me
that I’ve loved something more than Him…something not itself
the dream of a family

When the time of year is here when it seems to about 
trees, gifts, food, travel, credit…you may think your missing
what if I could give you a family so much greater than the one
your dreaming of?
what are we doing
what am I doing
turning toward
living loved and love

But love can shine upon the way
Today, tomorrow;
Let us be kind.
Upon the wheel of pain so many weary lives
are broken,

re-teaching me HOW a healthy, strong and trusting relationship looks like
without systems, ” church obliga
tions, traditions, leadership roles 
just to be wild and free within His boundaries…learning to live loved
every single day
and then love…all
don’t get to caught up in what the outside looks like…
buried beneath hurt,pain, addictions – lies a human heart
in need of Immanuel…God with US..

hands drawn in the air.knees on the ground.flying upward is the pain of letting go
once for all

so you can be seen for real…even in the most painful circumstances.unique to each
YOU are there
lazily breath breathed out on a chilly morning
gratitude envelopes my hands now lifted in
you give and you take away..and you give
I love you and I am grateful for the ” me too’s “

allow Him to be with you this season…
the season IS Immanuel..GOD with US
when it is your or my turn to be in the place of brokeness…it is often the best place to be
this is the place where the real heart work is done, the heart dirt is being turned
Why? so we’re strengthened…not shattered

We live in vain who give no tender token.
Let us be kind.


OIL to everyone I/you meet today with gladness…it’s free and it has eternal consequences:)

Photo Credit Period Living
Red letter words Streams in the Desert