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Ready to Receive…until January 2

It’s begun
and I am looking back…something is calling me


He looks to and fro
community..we’re missing it
one by by blog
a fabric of strength is being knitted i’m wondering

a humble gift i give to blog sisters  Yet new is our relationship
my story
for you to take and stitch
extended to you in grace

to knit with your thread into another’s loom-into your loom
for one day we will have a canvas of community
raising.restoring.repairing brokenness
turning ashes to beauty

my heart and hands are outstretched 
ready to receive your story.your thread
woven in and out of time
future time.end not seen yet
we have to wait

hurt walls broken down so the soul medicine can be applied
by those with appliers hearts
are you ready?

class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family:Georgia, 'Times New Roman', serif;">co-climbers we are together
strengthened by two’s…three’s or more

I’m listening..I’m going back
I’ll tell you for what… on January 2

Until then I am totally immersing myself in the spacious place found
in my FAMILY and in HIM


Come January 2 it is all going to change

You see – I’ve left something years ago
it keeps whispering
and it is for such a time as this

I have no words but spirits words to thank all of you for your prayers…God hears
He is moving…praying your heart hears
I love each one of you -more and more as time ticks
 thank you for putting up with my heart ramblings
may His peace wrap you in a big cozy blanket this holiday
keeping you warm and safe until we talk again…see ya soon!

Merry Christmas

Some things we will be doing until then

we are having a sleepover at my moms on Christmas Eve
baking cookies
going ice skating
sleeping in.staying in pj’s ALL day
watching movies
going to a christmas eve service at church
and for all my friends at Jen’s ……. I’m bringing the glow sticks….lol
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:::let’s party:::

these are my two crazy.spontaneous sisters
If you notice their hands are open and free…mine are closed
thought that funny

I do have a Dew on Tender Grass ready to post scheduled for Sunday

A little gift from my heart to yours


sometimes it is good to dream…yes?

Noelle Patchwork Quilt, Twin

If you could sleep under this quilt 
anywhere in the world
where would it be …. and why?

Here’s mine

Trentino Dolomites, Italy: The week before Christmas, view from Garni Delta

a week before Christmas in Trentino Dolomites, Italy

 I can imagine it to be my perfect dream world 4 days before Christmas
Who would need gifts here?  
= grateful

and  Italy is on my 40 before 45 list!


Photo Source: Pottery Barn Noelle Pattern Quilt


I sometimes find money…


and HERE

or sometimes HERE

NOW our change is growing HERE

Love Grows Here : The New Day Foster Home Blog

This weekend one of our Scavenger Hunt projects was to FIND a place to put our change for Love Grows Here Foster Home

Since our budget is small we
went downstairs-found a glass jar we had { originally from the Dollar Tree }
I cut out a bird, glittered the edges, wrote the foster home name on it

THE most special part though– was the silver ribbon…why?
it was tied around this

sweetly given to me this week…

 now it’s tied around this

so as to remind
prayers are circling around this simple jar
silver ribbon has special meaning to me…i’m praying
God’s moving  an>

“sometimes you feel different from other people 
and sometimes you feel like  .. you feel different from everybody else
because they were probably born from their mom…sometimes you don’t feel like you were born from a mom…
you feel like you were just born”
Grace age 9 
China’s Lost Girls-National Geographic with Lisa Leng

I think at some level I engaged the words of this little girl
I don’t think we have to be adopted to feel like we were just born..
we all want to belong...and we all ultimately do…
but there is an unrest until we find it

What IDEAS could you do with a change jar to change a life/lives around you?

:::for more click below:::

The Design Girl Blog { didn’t know she designed New Day’s Blog as well! }
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147 Million Orphans
Lifestream Blog

My heart is open for any ideas – blogs – anything 
There is a story behind this…in the future maybe:)

Joining Jen and all my sisters here today will you come?


Picture this

little piece of heaven…I know what it turns into fat but don’t
interrupt my fantasy please:)
hot, squishy…soft in the hand with cream cheese frosting
oozing down the sides…
I’m drooling …
on Christmas Eve morning….our tradition 
Cinnamon Rolls! { I can’t wait for the food }
We usually use Pillsbury Grands...we get 
cream cheese
and orange!!
and I have one of EACH too

What Christmas Eve breakfast traditions do you have?

Happy Monday

Dew on Tender Grass

Friday the waves were to big
that day when I lay my head down
I remembered this…and slept
” Be strong and courageous, do not fear or be dismayed because of the king of Assyria
nor because of all the multitude which is with him; for the one with us is greater than the
one with him.
“With him is only an arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God to help us
and to fight our battles.”  And the  people relied on the words of Hezekiah king
of Judah.
grateful for just enough for each day
2 Chronicles 32:7-8 nasb

What do you do when the waves are crashing over you?
Beautiful Nature Photo Credit - Sam Morrison