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Spreading not Dreading Thanksgiving { Season of Simplicity } #2

Don’t have Thanksgiving at all…at least not the traditional way!

I truly believe we are programmed to believe that
Thanksgiving has to “look” or “be” this way
That if it doesn’t – there is something wrong with us..their right. we’re wrong
we are missing out – they have it all
The blinking tower going beep.beep.beeps messages aimed to make us spend money we don’t always have
If we don’t do it this way we just aren’t in the spirit
Every magazine, ad, commercials, tv, radio and yes even our beloved blogland inundates us with this frenzy – we are surrounded

Our  family is going to test that lie this season.

Here’s the scenario

I posted Season of Simplicity #1 here.  With our financial situation coupled with some other  things I decided I was going to keep it as simple as I could.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

What did I then turn around and do?

I sent out the evite for all of the family to come to my house!…whew…how fun…I can make homemade decorations have more “simpler” food..whole food not lots of casseroles with 10 fattening ingredients etc.!

I then got up from my chair and I had company…You know who it was?  DREAD…I felt it silently squeezing my heart…it beat faster…fervently I started my mental checklist of what had to be done in two and a half weeks.    My house is a wreck … in every room.  I have 2 rooms in the middle of repaint projects
Slowly… I began to think I just made a big mistake.
~SO~ to make a long story SHORT
Here’s what we are doing INSTEAD
We are looking for somewhere we can all go and out..give back
we are going to a restaurant…yes you heard right.  A restaurant.  A place I don’t have to clean, decorate, plan menus…SIMPLICITY
we are going to my little sisters home that they just closed on yesterday { happy dance for her } and CHILLAX For our family it will be snacks, playing Wii, watching football, laughing like crazy and I guess;) we will help Amber and Robby unpack.
It is that SIMPLE
Do we { meaning my family } have to have the American Thanksgiving to have a holiday??  We shall see.
I can relax into the approaching Thanksgiving Day knowing that THIS year I can choose SIMPLICITY.  I will not be spreading dread - I will be spreading joy, peace, love, thankfulness, contentment…..
HHHuummm – Isn’t joy, peace, love, thankfulness and contentment gifts of the Spirit that we talked about in Season of Simplicity #1
P.S. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself some of those gifts too:) 
It makes me spread joy instead of panic to my family….;)
When I get out with people and give back or help out it really does change the way I am viewing things.  Really.  The world is FULL of brokenness –  we need each other. We need to and encourage
so that we can works both ways. give and take. 
Here are a few links that I found helpful and or encouraging!  One of my favs is Simple Mom
{  she says living simply looks different for everyone and I agree }


On Thankgiving day you can kickoff watching Christmas movies…we always do. its free!

Can’t wait to see how this post ends!


Drum Table { A Tender Thought } Redo

{ A Tender Thought }

I loved the sheet music title and that is how this drum table got its name!  Much like 9 months of pregnancy– you agonize over what you will name the baby – well this is how I am inspired.  Each project just HAS to be inspired…or literally ” breathed in” by a written word, quote, verse – you get the idea?:)  My quirky self just works like that.  

She { looks like a girl don’t you think } is clothed in Martha Stewart’s Ballet Pink and accessorized with Ralph Lauren’s glaze in Tobacco.
I MP’d the vintage –  don’t ya just love that word…VINTAGE
sheet music.  I sprayed a good coat of poly acrylic over her as well
To add the last detail I purchased a pull at World Market.
OOHHH I forgot to take a picture { I mean to have Nikki take a picture…lol}
of the inside of the drawer…I MP’d a piece of sheet music in there as well.
TADA!!  She’s Done.

The Tender Thought Table will be listed in my SHOP just as soon as I figure shipping.

Be looking for my { Season of Simplicity } Post #2 tomorrow
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Fear Is…


Intentionally Brave Mondays


able to be passed by contact: transmitted from one person to another either by direct contact with the person or by indirect contact
likely to affect others: quickly spread from one person to another
“Your heavenly Father waits with open arms to hold your treasures. There is no safer place in heaven or on earth.” (Prov. 29:25) – Sheila Walsh

God is with you daughter of the most high God…of the King of Kings ~ Shelia said on Friday.  Over and over again she said it and I could just imagine that truth clothing my whole spirit.  My spirit was ready to hear that…I mean ~ I HEARD it!!  Not just – I know in my head but boy ~ I buttoned up the whole coat!!

 I am dancing in his arms…so fast spinning…it wasn’t like when you spin so hard and fast your side hurts from laughing and you can’t catch your breath…differently – it took my breath away.  At the same time I felt his love lift my feet…it was a feet dangling kinda love…the kind that every little girls heart longs for…I found.  I am done flying in the wilderness the last 40 years.  I am ready to land and trust.  Trust must be the opposite of fear. 

Hi – my name is Tiffini and I have a trust issue…

THIS IS THE ROOT right there. This I’ve known in my head for…I don’t know… a long time. It is providence? I think so. Mordecai told Ester as much when he said, ” You were born for such a time as this.”Climb up on His lap and sit….watch life around us .. all chaotic and fear threatening to take over…I climb and watch from there.  It gives me a safe place…stability.  I had a bottom dropping out childhood and that progressed into my adulthood…even still… today.

AND SO was I
AND so are YOU my friend:)

You may not feel it, your circumstances could be so dark and despairing that you can’t even think of taking the next step…I understand..I do.

You hang in there..We can “hang” together?
Just imagine yourself as the little girl in ” the little princess” movie. Your in the attic now with all lovliness wrongfully taken away…or you think. What happens? All along the Indian servant watched over the princess. Remember the morning when she and her little friend woke up and there was silk blankets, food and warmth?

We are God’s princesses and He and His armies of the Most High God are watching over us…even in our attics.

Funny thing though.  I am becoming more comfortable in His lap.  What I’ve always done isn’t as comfortable anymore.  Why?  It produces the same results over and over again. 
Maybe…just maybe…I am trusting the One who can offer me and you more than our earthly father couldMatthew 7:11
I want to share a song with you that brought me hope and encouragement and praying it does you as well

Climb right on up there…there’s more than enough room:)
It’s our rightful place
 You are a daughter of the King of Kings and His lap is the safest place to be


This Post is linked to Emily Freeman’s Tuesdays Unwrapped…go get your soul refreshed:)


{ Custom Order Coffee Filter Wreath Update and Competition }

I can’t believe the response on my coffee filter wreaths!  I’ve got a couple of custom orders I am working on and will hopefully get those pictures up Monday or Tuesday for you girls to take a peek at.  The cool thing about custom orders is they are inspired by YOU!  The wreaths are truly lovely and the magic in it is the verse or words hidden all over that YOU know about.  Be watching the first part of next week and I will list them in my ETSY store! See here
Please feel free to send me an email or convo about custom orders:)

Competition begins in January!!
30 hours a week this girl puts in at the gym.  
I wanted to take a “post”;) and share a little about what AMAAZZINNGG!!!
  Here is a video from last 
 year’s level 7 floor routine.  She will be a level 8 this year.  She FINALLY gets her OWN routine!!  picture us jumping up and down at this…lol!
Grace goes to school 1/2 day and then goes to gym until 7 at night.  She does her homework ::without being reminded
::makes A’s
::has a sweet, sweet spirit
::has the “bestest” smile
 ::has a good heart
::is responsible 

 I really do have gymnastics to thank for helping me shape her character to what it is today. 

Did I mention she leaves me notes??

I am off to the Women of Faith today with my friend Lisa.  I know our hearts will be blessed…I am taking my pen and paper and yes…Kleenex.  It has been years since I’ve been to one of these.  Last time I went Kay Arthur spoke!
Have a great weekend and don’t forget
to take time 
with those you love….until Monday:)


{ Season of Simplicity } #1

The Season of Simplicity }
To be simple is to be great.

The season of busyness is upon us.  All our senses are heightened…it is slowly taking over our blog world ~ its all about the holidays.
The season equals stress which affects every part of our being and the beings around us. 
 I have been in both places.  Seasons of Plenty and Seasons of Want.
For many though this season is the hardest of all and the truth is – this is where most of us live.  We peruse lovely blogs and only dream that was my might be a way of escape for some.  I don’t know.  What I do know is this year we are going to be change agents. We have been saying it for years but this year we are doing it.
Often necessity is the mother of invention…is that how it is said…lol?

{ this is not to make anyone feel guilty for having much.  I know the most amazing people who are givers of all they have – money and self.  This is a way that God has laid on my heart to teach me and my family a more simple way.  It may look different than yours.  I hope it can encourage.  We can all learn from each other.}

Our souls are begging for it

being simple: a lack of complexity, complication, embellishment, or difficulty
simple thing: a simple quality or thing
Synonyms: ease, straightforwardness, effortlessness, easiness, uncomplicatedness

I am going to spend the next two months sharing what my family is going to do to live in this harried commercialized season
more simply
How to recapture the magic of the season

Things that nurture the soul both of the giver and the given

here are a few from Simple Abundance…

Unconditional Love
Second Chances

These are Authentic Gifts.  Gift that change lives.  There is no tutorial…sorry:)  There is no store you can go buy these at and no booth you can make and sell either.  This is the where life happens.  
This is where the rubber meets the road.
"color:#444444;font-family:Georgia;">This is the stuff that matters…that kids will remember for the rest of their lives.  We are to selfish and to ME centered.
We will begin the process of being other centered
There is so much to give when we don’t have much at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I hope you find encouragement and ideas here during our Season of Simplicity. 
I will be sharing as many links as I can that will be helpful to anyone else wanting to join in and share their ideas.
I will be sharing things that I will personally do with my family this holiday season and just journal it with the hopes of it becoming our tradition from here on

What if… 

today I/You gave the gift of Compassion?
Does it cost anything?
It could cost everything

What are some ways you could give Compassion this Season?
From time to time I may do a LinkUp or always feel free to leave comments or shoot me an email.  We can all so learn from each other. 

Here is a wonderful link to get you started:)

Simple Mom