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Bacon and Burlap

It seems I’ve cooked bacon 3 days in a row…the smell was in my hair
permeated the rooms
and did I say my hair?…yuck!
Just sayin…
does that bug you too?:)
:::Onto the important stuff:::
Making BURLAP CURTAINS for my EAT IN KITCHEN this weekend
{ see end of post..I changed the paint color.. again }
and I just might give a tutorial a try…lol
Here are some of my inspiration ideas

I know I am using rings with clips..kinda looks like they tied theirs onto the rings doesn’t it?

Burlap curtains

I might incorporate some fabric on my curtains..not sure yet.  I like the buffalo plaid!

Source: Houzz
Isn’t that chandelier just gorgeous?
Source: A Simple Yarn  

I am loving the script fabric used for the tie back don’t you?
Source: Patina Green Market

These I am going to buy!  I LOVE them and they make my heart happy.  Worth every penny.  Thinking my master bedroom when I get to it??:)
I repainted the eat in { Behr’s Sands of Time } which is the color in the formal dining room.  It is a shade lighter than our living area.  The eat in was painted the darker color in the living area.  
I liked the { Behr’s Quietude } - it just didn’t go with the cherry cabinets and wood floor…{ which I do not like..the cabinet color that is…to red for me }
I think I would have to repaint cabinetry and all the living area to paint the blues that I love.
I can live with this for awhile.
I really like it much better now that it flows with the rest of my house paint colors… for now.

 {I am working on lots of projects right now so excuse the mess…soon I will be posting them all }

The chalkboard border post is here

A tasty morsel to chew on before you go….
Source: Carol Spinski Photography
 I love the layered bedding, burlap headboard, chandaleir, tin ceiling and the dreamy snowflakes!
Couldn’t you just spend a cold winter’s night in that bed?
Interested in some Burlap History?  It’s from 2009 but really interesting
Do you have burlap curtains in your home?
Eat In Kitchen update coming soon!


Curtain Suggestions Anyone?

 Apparently, builders don’t get it that curtains will be hung on those windows.
I honestly cannot figure this one out…what were they thinking?
I didn’t even recognize it until we were thinking about curtains.

I really do need some help with this one.
What do you do with the rod?
I can’t see it looking aesthetically pleasing?

As you can see there is just
 3 inches on the right side window and 8 1/2 on the left window.

We are prepping her room now to paint this weekend and hang the beadboard…or whatever we decide to do with the lower half.
We’ve got BIG plans for my mini me’s room transformation.
Her instructions are  

I want a old vintagy princess room

so that is what we are giving her.
I am taking you girls with me when I go to a secret little place in our historic west bottoms where there is the most quaint, so reasonably priced upcycled and funky furniture and home decor I’ve ever seen.
My friend Lisa has opened up a new world for me.  They are only open the first weekend of every month.

So–December 3 I’m there and I am wrapped in anticipation 
Speaking of my friend Lisa - 
can I share your sweet and cozy home…her home is just that..a home
I am envious…:)  No really – she is one of my inspirations but I will save that 
e=”color:#444444;font-family:Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, serif;”>for my post;);)

OK – I will stop rambling but seriously can I please have suggestions on what to do with uneven windows???:)
Thanks ever so much~


A 30 Challenge and my first { Giveaway }

are you 40 +
 have “parts” been going south for awhile?
you don’t feel pretty anymore? 
you don’t like to look at yourself naked…
I am NOT talking about the TV image JUNK…
I am talking about feeling a little bit better in your own skin..real women..real life.. real reality!

Here’s the deal…
{ NO you don’t to be over 40 to join…lol!  The earlier you start the better you will be at 40}

30 day { baby step } get healthy challenge

I would like to invite you into a little more of my life by starting to share my change in eating and exercise.
and in doing so -I thought of a challenge
I don’t want to wait until the NEW YEAR..nobody keeps those anyway really.
I want to be a step ahead this year.
How about YOU?
That way you can say…”I’ve already started my LIFE habit of baby steps each month!”

I am thinking of doing a 30 day challenge each month for 1 year. 
Each month having a different theme.
How does that sound?

This challenge focuses on the fuel { food } we feed our bodies. 
Choose 1 thing you want to work on for the month of November.
Mine is sugar…I know at the holidays..ugh!
for 30 days I am going to give up processed sweets – no cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate chips…

Yours maybe soft drinks, fast food , eating more veggies/greens, replacing donuts for breakfast with a healthier choice
cut back on something 
Sometimes it is not always taking away… it is adding
more beans, more protein, more food…some of us girls don’t eat enough.
It has to be something food related this month

now the

class=”Apple-style-span” style=”font-family:Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, serif;”>The FUN part

You have to post a comment for 30 days related to your challenge choice…good and bad 
None of us will be 100 percent perfect…except the!
It doesn’t have to be lengthy…I understand it is a busy season

At the end of 30 days I will giveaway 

Tosca Reno’s brand new book!

Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way
Tosca is living proof that women can be healthier, stronger and sexier than ever before, in their thirties and beyond. It’s never too late. You can create your best body now.

Check out her website…she is in her 50′s ladies!!

Plus…I will sneak in my new favorite find to help with my sweet tooth

it is WONDERFUL!!  So is the Key Lime Pie..I have yet to try the Strawberry Shortcake.
I am sure it will not disappoint.
Just pray they keep it stocked in the stores.  I couldn’t find the mint chip yesterday:(

That is it for today girls.  I will do another post before November 26.
Please email me with any feedback or ideas you may have or I haven’t thought of:)


Sacrament of the Moment

Sacrament means nourishment
nourishment here is not from human hands it is from fathers hands


In the stillness of the moment I am fed.. i am led
something i may have done for years now becomes clear
taking back my life..responsibility for my choices : making a plan : a way of escape
can’t fix it
i am not God : cannot meet needs that only HE can fill
makes a heart, mind, soul and body sick
done being preoccupied on struggles, fears, this time will be different and what ifs
the little girl voice gnaws there is no choice - now has a choice when she didn’t growing up
i can focus on HIM :: continually allowing him to loosen me by receiving his demonstrative love
{ John 14:21 Jesus said, ” Listen, listen to Me, the more you obey Me and set your affections on Me, the more I am loosed to disclose Myself to you.  The more I can demonstrate My love to you.” }
sit still my daughter
I will not be late
i have the plan ~ you have to choose to follow
The cloud tarries, and we { I } must remain, though sure of manna, rock-water, shelter and defense.  God never keeps us{ me} at post without assuring us of His presence, and sending us daily supplies.  { Streams in the Desert }
I am nourished
and it is sacred
 I am unwrapping it anew each day.
I know the LORD is always with me.
     I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.
{ Psalm 16:8 }
Will you join me in sacredness

Joining Tuesdays Unwrapped over at Chatting at the Sky


Are you a list maker?  I is my weekend list
I’m drinking a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha w/ Caramel as I post…yummo!


What is your weekend looking like?

What do you clean your house in…maybe that is the right question:)

I’ve marked this weekend my CLEAN weekend…every room clean deal…throwing – giving – recycle kinda cleaning.  I am asking all the family to pitch in and clean with me and we are going to go to Chipotle’s as our reward.
I recently visited Flylady again … after many years and decided to start using “some” of her plan after we get everything decluttered.

I also went “virtual shopping”  something I love to do when money is tight.  I just fill up those carts:) I did a post about my lookbook - now don’t get me wrong I LOVE my lookbook and still refer to it if I have to buy a “normal” outfit but I have to make another confession..

Hi – my name is Tiffini and I’m a bum…anything with boyfriend in it is my friend.
{ two times in one week }

Here are a few of the things I love from { yes -I know- young people stores }  it is a disease I inherited…lol

Where do you go when you need clothes she asks?
To the sleep and lounge section!!

These look cute under stuff or cleaning the house by yourself:)

I love this..alot – just wondering if I’d get to hot…I have hot flashes..

any kind of sleep pant will do


love sweet little sweaters like these..would probably by them to big so they wouldn’t squeeze me!

I would soooo love this…its 360.00 I think ~ yes I would

a must have…Grace would borrow steal it from me

Break Of Day Loungers

Third Position Bodysuit
what an uncomfortable piece of clothing…won’t be happening

Boyfriend Lounge Pants

Cleaning in Comfy clothes…that about sums it up for my weekend.  It is rainy and chilly today…perfect for just staying in and cleaning.

Take Note:

Over the weekend I am putting some new coffee filter wreaths in my SHOP that are little bit different..I hope you let me know what you think.

Also – I am doing a 30 day no sugar challenge starting November 26 – December 23 that I will post about on Tuesday…until then

Have a sssllllooowww weekend everyone!