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Breakfast of Champions for women over 40…lol!

:(Sorry – NO Dining Room Table Redo today….hopefully tomorrow.


It just is not right yet….ugh!  I am sooo bummed….maybe it will be even better?:)  I am thinking positive…this does not come naturally for me! 

Instead I am going to share with you one of my favorite Breakfast of CHAMPIONS { all moms are champions in my book }…esp. those women over 40 who workout because otherwise we will be baggy and saggy in places that are naggy….HEY that rhymed….lol! 

Powdered PB and Banana Oatmeal

1/2 c. Oats
1 med. banana
1 HEAPING tsp. of Powdered Peanut Butter ( I use the chocolate powdered peanut butter )
1 packet Truvia ( or sugar, splenda whatever works for you )
Almond Milk ( or any milk:)

I put in oats and banana ( sliced ) in and cover it with water just until over top of oats.  I microwave mine for 2 minutes.
Take out and put in Powdered PB and Truvia and mix up.
Then I pour Almond Milk over it until consistency that I like.

YUMMY…I crave this when I am doing my long walks in the morning.  Sad to say food motivates me to get home faster:)

At least it is related to food??  Dining table/oatmeal….kinda:) 

Happy Breakfasting ~


I am anticipating my morning….why?
I get to put on one of the outfits I purchased from INSPIRATION from my homemade LOOKBOOK!!  We are having Grandparents Day at Grace’s school today kicking off
our Fabulously BUSY weekending!!!!
{ I keep singing ” I’m a big girl now” in my head for some reason…lol! }

Here is a quick pic before we headed out the door…..:)  I attached some flowers I made quickly this morning to her jean jacket…super cute:)

OK…here goes…

MONDAY be watching for my DINING room TABLE redo….

It was BOOK INSPIRED…can’t wait to share it!!
Our weekending will involve flying, FOOTBALLgo EAGLES…kick some panther boootaaayyy!!!, garage sale, book wreaths, making my burp cloths, trying to get my 6 miles in AND PAINTING my FORMAL dining TURNED

I’ve got 3 rooms we are taking turns in…ugh:)

I pray EVERYONE has a super fun weekend…try and get some rest…and ENJOY your FAMILIES!!!  Happy Fall WEEKENDING and see you on MONDAY!  Can’t wait to start reading all of the 31 Days that are going up today….yeah!

Always Building ~