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Can you REDO a REDO??

The Nester says, ” It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”
 {and I say}
“If you don’t succeed the first time, try, try again. If still you don’t succeed, nuts to it!”  LOL;)
this is not my original quote just one that came to mind:)
{ the beginning }


what started out being my {inspiration} the book that is…sanding table…laying out letters
RE-sanding over painted on letters…
{ this is why you will still see all of the dust under my dining table in the finished picture…lol! }
I painted the legs Heirloom White that I had Home Depot mix in latex paint…instead of a spray can…{ I am not good at spray painting….sorry blogland:)
I painted the edges of the table in this color that I found on {Cowboy} Phraseology…she painted her sweet new baby girls bed this color..I loved it.
{ Behr Cloud Burst }
I didn’t like the words…I know…I am sad about that:(
So the table lived there in a state of anonymity for almost a week.
 Nikki ROLLED her eyes…I know Nikki…I saw it:)
It came to me…Mod Podge!!  For a genetically dysfunctional crafter like myself
Mod Podge is like chocolate when your are PMSing..REALLY!
I had some sheet music from … yes a thrift store… so I laid it out randomly
and Mod Podged to my little hearts content.
I glazed over the whole table and then gave it a good coat of MP
Just a few pictures form different angles
yesterday we took down the bambooish blinds { they are nice in summer to keep the heat out though }
and immediate happiness filled the area…yeah!
{The picture below shows the blinds}
{ Phase I of Eat in Kitchen }

 {my favorite part of this picture collage?  BLESS THIS HOUSE }

The pictures above are without the blinds… can see how much ” happier” it is?
I am playing with some chair decor…I am going to tie on fabric just not sure what ” kind ” of fabric yet.  I used some muslin I had just to see what it would look like.  I am leaving it there for awhile to get a feel for it first.
This is PHASE I of the Eat In Kitchen….whew! 

Now for the painting of the walls….I DON’T think I will be stenciling any letters anytime soon…LOL!
Wink Wink;);)  I DO have a couple of FUN things I am going to try though…go ahead…roll them eyes!!  Ain’t nothin a littleREDO won’t fix..
DOES anyone have any REDO stories of their own to share??
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What does your Daddy call you?

{His little girl}
What if I sowed each one of these beans?  If my digestive system was like dirt…
I would tie up my hair and tie on my apron with pockets…hiding my secret treasure
barefoot I walk in silent reverie about my secret dreams…dreams that are just for me
over my shoulder I can hear echoes of  fear gnawing at my gut…pulling me back..then I feel
an invisible HAND gently cupping me
freedom whispering and laughing…beckoning me to ” Come”
so I do
It is in the sowing of the seed that the harvest is reaped
I find the perfect spot and sit down ~ turning over the rich soil
i drop the bean
my tears water
i hesitantly cover it up and pat it firm with a cupped hand…my hand doesn’t want to leave
squinting…the son is sooo BRIGHT my hand partially covering
Daddy – I’m ready…He knowingly smiles down at me and squeezes my hand….reassures
I am beginning…to trust
Daddy? do you want to know something?

There was a moment of sweet stillness and I whispered

…I’m glad I’m your little girl
she ran wildly into freedom and in the presence of her Daddy’s love

not all of us have daddy’s but we ALL have a Father:)
I would like to know IF
You have a Daddy story to share? 
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD.  “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”
Jeremiah 29:11



Step into Nell Hill’s

{ Mary Carol Garrity’s House of Belonging }
Step up into a peek at Mary Carol Garrity’s home – owner of Nell Hill’s. { to read all about her history check out her website and blog – located on down:}  The home and her stores are lovely visions I could live in.
This was my first time to ever see anything like this and meeting the woman behind it all… Mary Carol.  She was so approachable to a fearful heart like me.  My stomach was churning with anxiety to ask if I may take pictures of such loveliness.
She graciously acquiesced.

I will have to share that she INspired ME….her spirit and home caused me to ” breathe in ” which is what INSPIRATION means.  In every sense of the word.  I was ( pretending ) to be a photo journalist for a day.  The first time I really used my daughter’s camera.  I want to learn more about photography now…I had the best time.
the girls we went with were WONDERFUL and FUN!  It was a great time for sure:)

Honey ~ I’m home:)  don’t I wish
My FIRST “ House of Belonging ” Fall Photo shoot…lol
I truly sensed belonging in this home
I could only imagine living in this fairytale place and having a family here.  Meeting Mary Carol just one time I felt instantly connected to her JOY for the  LOVE she gets to wake to every morning….the gift of doing what she loves.  I believe that is rare.  I looked up to her….I wanted to be a part of her family lineage.  She has a rich history of strong women that paved the way for her.  Strength, perseverance and an entrepreneurial spirit went before her.  But it didn’t stop there— behind her she seems to want to leave a legacy of what seems to be a lost art for women.  Creating Home….a home that beckons ~ come and stay…BE…LIVE and LOVE.
{ One step in my ladder – leave a legacy of strength, perseverance and a love for creating home }
One thing that encourages me in the blog community is the emergence of women calling us home again.  It is a good thing.
We,  as well as our children –  need a rich heritage of belonging..knitting together family and community…making memories.&nbsp
; We ~ as women ~ need to pave the way…lay the groundwork for future generations toCOME BACK to the beauty of creating Inspiring places to live in.
I am sharing just a peek at some of Mary Carol’s fall touches…..please enjoy.  Visit her website at Nell Hill’s and blog NellHillsBlog for more INSPIRATION!

A hutch decked out in Halloween spirit in her sun porch!
Little sitting area outside and off to the side of her front entry…
Cool Pumpkin…love the texture
One on each side of the stairs leading up to the front door!  Love them!
BOWS – GINGHAM – TOPIARIES…what more could you want.  One on each side of her front door!
I saw the daddy long legs on this pumpkin – one of my favorite pictures:)
Lanterns, Lanterns everywhere – all shapes and sizes…to die for!
She had these stone stands all over.  I LOVED them.  How simple but perfect?
A Simple Fall wreath hanging at her Briarcliff store:)
This was her formal dining room.  Pictures just don’t do it justice.
A table full of inspiration…they were everywhere!  Just filled with a hodge podge of pretty things!
Darling candles in candy corn:)
ANOTHER table…aaahhh! 
Another angle of her formal dining room…sorry lighting:(
Don’t you want one of these???

FALL Fabulous!

This is my kinda couch…she had two chocolate brown wicker charis sitting across from it…cozy!

This chandelier was to die for!!  Just gorgeous!


Anything in three tiers…I want!


a href=”” style=”margin-left:1em;margin-right:1em;”>
IF I could afford one of THESE chairs…I would have three!  You can choose from TONS of fabrics!!


ANOTHER table:)


Just ONE of her tablescapes…

I ENCOURAGE you to do something like this!  It was so worthwhile.
Do you have any strong women in your history that you can share about…if so – I would LOVE to be encouraged by them:)
I am going back for the Christmas Open House….hope you can visit soon:)


This is why many women stay quiet, rendered virtually mute by unexpressed rage and unable to articulate any needs at all….
                                                                                                       Simple Abundance

I have a need….I can hear the heartbeat in my ears, the sweat pouring out of every crevice of my body and the palpable thickness of all eyes on me…everyone is looking at ME..or so it seems.

You heard me gulping …. I have a NEED… and I truly believe there are many women like me with the same NEED.

Scared little girls in the hearts of grown woman’s body

who have been broken – in many different ways but they hold one common bond…

:::::{ They want to grow up but don’t know how }:::::

They are self conscience of everything that makes them so beautiful…their pain keeping all of God’s grace and human help walled out.  So they spend year after year in isolated despair…wondering…often dreaming when and if it can or will ever change.

YOU were born for such a time as this Esther was once told and that verse reverberated in my soul.

AND SO WERE YOU my soul friend

We are going on this journey together.  This is my { Broken now intentionally Brave Journal }.  Here I am going to share how I am building a ladder up and over this wall…how I am going through the pain….how God only gives Grace for the truth …how I am going to grow up and what that looks like. 

And the truth is – There is a way out…and we are going to build it together.  I believe it will be one of the ~  if not THE ~ hardest things we will ever do.  We are moving from the rear to the front line and it is time to fight.

Fight for yourself and your daughters and for all little girls everywhere that we are ALL WORTHY and our HEAVENLY FATHER DELIGHTS in usHOW thankful we can be that he is not human yes?  I am scared to death…as usual …. but I want this more than I think …almost anything…


It is not about building a bigger, better whatever blog – it is about forming a community of kindred souls who are ready to go to war on behalf of their heart and others hearts…to set it free to receive all the plans and purposes that were meant just for them.

Knowing at least this moment He is delighted in me ~

Out with the OLD ~ In with the NEW

Things do not change; we change
–Henry David Thoreau

I have a ” soul deep ” feeling things are changing….I can’t put my finger on it….but it is there  – like a quiet companion.

 :::::: Be Watching ::::::

New Table – yes, it is coming.  I even changed it’s color.

Girls Field Trip….aka adult shopping :) today to Nell Hill’s.  I will be posting about it.

New Blog Design – which I am tickled about working in.  It is like my office space – while I loved the one I have now…I am so new that once I began writing I needed… something that inspired me every time I was here.

New Series….I think this maybe the direction I am heading….along with remodeling my whole house…. one room or thing at a time. …lol!  

I am just having a mid life crisis and revamping EVERYTHING…Heart and HOME …. lol! 

SO ~

Out with the OLD and In with the NEW!

Keep moving forward…keep going … keep going … keep going … persistence will pay off:)

Happy Field Tripping ~