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HELP!! { How do you ORGANIZE your INSPIRATION? }

What do you use to keep all of your inspiration organized?

I am thinking of a 3 Ring Binder and Sheet Protectors 
 then labeling each protector with a room
such as

Master Bedroom

 I want it to look PRETTY TOO!

We are talking with my mother in law about purchasing her home.  She is retiring and building a home on her land.  She’s had this home for 30+ years….rare in these days.
So needless to say I am VERY EXCITED.  

I am looking for input from YOU all on what you do thinking there maybe a BETTER way!!??


Here is a snippet of what my stash looks like…I just tear things out of magazines that I love and put it in a pile.

Have a fabulously fun weekend everyone….see ya on Monday:)  

{ Chalkboard Border ~ Eat In Kitchen }

LIFE is not about
for the Storm to pass
learning to DANCE 
in the rain

I measured down 12″ and taped my line
painted on the chalkboard paint { two coats }
Primed it with chalk and wiped off with damp towel
Found the quote I wanted and wrote it up there first
then I went back and filled in the letters…made them darker..neater

I painted some mdf pieces we had from our board and batten wall we are working on in the X- formal dining room…:)
nailed it up for some trim.
One BABY STEP done…whew!
NOW ~ for the CURTAINS

Yes it is still pouring –
ever so slowly I am learning to dance
I like this quote at this time in my life
Neat thing about chalkboard…unlike LIFE is…
YOU can change the quote!:)

Update- The color I used is Behr’s Quietude


Are you Growing Lovely as You grow older?

{ Hop over to Remodelaholic…my Mod Podge Dining Table is being featured….really?:)}

Chew on this today
 …and then answer the question…
Maybe share in the comments below
What are some things you are doing to grow lovelier on the inside as you grow older on the outside?

Let me grow lovely growing old
So many fine things do.
Laces and ivory and gold
and silks need not be new
and there is beauty in old trees
and streets a glamour hold.
Why should not I as well as they
Grow lovely growing old.

Eunice Garrity
Is that not beautiful?
I ran across this today from my visit at Nell Hill’s.  It was written by her mother in law in her ” golden years “
It is framed and hanging in her living room
I could hear her journey encouraging me and you…she’s calling back
I could have cried when I read it.  
I was reminded that beauty indeed does fade but what people remember… and truly find beautiful… is a heart that is content with what it is wrapped in.  It is good to care for our physical bodies…it is eternal to care for our hearts…that is what shines out through our eyes.
That is what those we leave behind will remember.

What are you doing today so that you are lovely tomorrow?

Child of the { LASTS }

My baby ~ my 5th child ~ she’s 11
she went to her 1st Halloween party Saturday evening
She had fun:)
and I’m so lucky to have her
she is the “grace” God gave me in my old age:)
She is the child of the “LASTS”
This is for the mom’s who know what I’m talking about…
everything the baby does is extra special…lol!

Next Tuesday I will post pictures of our Halloween Fun!

{ Intentionally Brave Monday Link Up }

Audacious Pioneers and Intrepid Explorers

Intentionally Brave was purposefully opening my eyes each morning last week and pulling up the proverbial boot straps of my heart and telling her “YOU CAN do this!”

Did you know that when you set out to be intentional about something that you can take it to the bank you will be challenged?  Often it seems the battle is at the heart of the pain.  Where the insecurities and fears are the greatest.  The giants are the biggest there.

Why is that I wondered? 

Maybe if that enemy…the lie we believe that we aren’t strong,  that we aren’t brave, and we sure as heck aren’t going to make it – were defeated…
Freedom would move in, set up camp – and allow us to become…ARE you READY for THIS?

 { Audacious explorers and Intrepid pioneers }

If that is the case then maybe I can put one foot in front of the other..Why?
because there is enemy territory ahead, women who need our help, unknown lands to be settled, a voice that is destined to cry out to call for a change in our country…turning our hearts back to its roots.
To stand up against this technological age that is insidiously inundating our minds and the minds of our children with ideas and fears that IS destroying people, families and our country.

One voice, One woman, Bringing Hope, ENCOURAGEMENT, Listening, BEING PART OF THE SOLUTION and standing up for what is right and wholesome.

It is going to take common girls like me and like you who live common lives on this common journey.  THIS is where most of us are.  There are those shining stars that God grants their stars to shine brighter than most…{not really we just think that}.  This voice keeps us from DOING anything because what would it matter…Oh please I tell myself…ugh!  I hate that part of my heart that shouts lies…
The common people is where it all begins
It will begin with you…and with me

Let us be the 21st century pioneer women { no… not Rhee Drummond ladies:) }

Let us go

INTENTIONALLY { with a purpose, determined }

Let us go

AUDACIOUSLY {bold, daring, or fearless, especially in challenging assumptions or conventions
invulnerable to fear or intimidation; “audacious explorers”; “fearless reporters and photographers”; “intrepid pioneers”}



INTREPIDLY {courageous and bold}

P.S. Don’t forget to take your rock with you;)
You may need it for your slingshot to kill the giants up ahead.

Please take a moment and share how you see yourself living as an audacious pioneer woman or an intrepid explorer…even if it is only a dream at this point:)  Soon, very soon…it will become a reality!

Hang in there girl…your not alone!


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