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{ How to make a " Sticky " Pumpkin }

This is SUPER EASY… even for a beginner like me
I am sure these are everywhere but I didn’t follow any tutorial or anything so sorry about the simplicity I don’t think that is the word I want…maybe a person who doesn’t craft much does it  of the ” how to”
{ Supplies }
 1 Pumpkin
Spray adhesive
Sheet Music {I got mine from thrift store for 1.00}
Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze
Clear gloss spray
scrap of an old tshirt and paintbrush
I tried Mod Podge first….to slow AND I had NO PATIENCE : )
what came to my mind??
Spray Adhesive….I tore out a sheet…sprayed one side and then sprayed the pumpkin where I was going to haphazardly lay the sheet music and SLAM..down it went.
I just pressed all over the paper until it was stuck and repeated the process around the SIDES of the pumpkin.
For the top I just cut a hole in the middle of the sheet music { I eyeballed it } I know ~ NOT the professional way:)
stuck the sheet over the pumpkins head…sprayed adhesive under the page and smashed it all down….hang in there we’re ALMOST DONE
I then sprayed the bottom of the pumpkin and sat it down on top of a piece of sheet music and smoothed the paper upwards a little…let dry a bit then took scissors and trimmed the extra off.


Let Dry awhile
THEN ~ I took a paintbrush and brushed on the glaze a section at a time and wiped some off.  Just wanted to ” age ” the paper a bit.
I did this over the entire pumpkin.

I sprayed 2 coats of Krylon’s clear gloss spray over the entire pumpkin ~ stem and all.

That is how you get a sticky pumpkin  Why Sticky ~ try it and see…LOL! 
I am sure you could use any glaze or papers you want…have fun with it:)
Always Building ~

~Come & Sit Awhile~

I must confess to my negative attitude toward my house. 
Back in the about me post I said….I did not get the craft gene, or creative gene for that matter.  My mom did not pass that on to ME. There is not much in this house that is me { or how I wanted the finished product to be } Funny side note:  I don’t even know who “me” is yet SO~~might the two go together…house not “yet” what I want it to be and neither am I?  We will figure it out as we go.
What I “think” is being shown to me is this
“I AM A BLANK SLATE…do with me what you wish”
REALLY? looking over my shoulder…ME??
Time to see if you have any craft/creative gene in you!
To make a long story short and move on…this house has the bones {I can dress it to my liking} the main floor is all on one level…{for when I am old} and it has a covered deck off the Master {where I can see trees and birds…sign of age? and drink my coffee in the morning} That is all I need right? 
I am starting to hear my House of Belonging speak to me {not literally}  She has an old soul…much like me.
and I long to bring as much of that to life as I can.
We don’t have lots of money to spend and we do it all without charge cards:)which means if I am going to decorate I have to be thrifty AND still pay bills.
The whole house needs a paintin but that is on my ” honey do list ” for another season so we started with the front door. My husband is in construction so he has lots of leftover paint from jobs so I first looked there and found some leftover paint. It is a Sherwin Williams color mixed in Behr.
Tea Chest.
Color Number: 6103
We painted the door first.  Just doing that made a big difference.  It is not the color I “ultimately” will paint it but IT WORKS for now!  Baby steps AND it was FREE.  {Note to self: learn to be content with what you have NOW…not what you wish for}

style=”border-bottom:medium none;border-left:medium none;border-right:medium none;border-top:medium none;clear:both;text-align:left;”>

The big pots next to the chairs came with the house and were painted the color of the house trim and we thought…paint those Tea chest too!
I had to have some chairs…I am a big sitter outsider coffee drinker and that was one thing I thought would bring the inside out and add ” Come & Sit Awhile” feeling.
I went to thrift stores for a couple of weeks but NOTHING.  I had some chairs that went with a patio table but just not the ” look” I was going for. 
World Market had some Adirondack chairs that I loved but even on sale…ugh…couldn’t spend it.
At the end of summer last year Home Depot had the knock off’s on sale and my hubby picked up two for a surprise one day because I wanted some RED ones.
My daughter suggested we use those…we tried…nope…red just didn’t work
She suggested spraying them with plastic spray paint…DON’T THINK SO! I LOVE my red chairs and plastic paint??
Dragging my feet we bought the Krylon……
I bought 1 can first and that wasn’t enough to do one chair so I bought 3 more cans.  @ 4.34 a can {@ Wal-Mart} X 4 = $18 for two chairs!The spray paint is FABULOUS!! I was totally amazed and would highly recommend it. 
It dries lickety split.
My only CAUTION:  The winds we’ve had here lately blew a chair off the porch and it scraped off the paint some.  It touched up fine but it will scratch off in extreme situations=) but it does not get sticky and come off on you in heat!!
Then ~ the gene just went crazy.  We {my daughter & and me} got the itch.  We had sooo much fun doing the front porch. It’s funny how once you start, things can just FALL into place….now I am going to fall into one of those chairs and write tomorrows post on my Fall Front Porch how to’s.
to all of you with no craft/creative gene mull over this awhile…..
” it is never to late to be what you might have been”
Tomorrow I will explain how I created these…

Always Building~

Fall Nesting Party {Front Porch}

When it comes to creating my house I started with the Front Porch ~  It is the entryway into the heart…It lays the foundation on which the rest of the rooms will be built.  What inspired me was creams and black ~ warmth ~ a touch of vintage & nature.

We have only lived here for 5 months so this Showcase was the perfect opportunity to get me motivated to begin making this my families House of Belonging.  Belong has deep meaning to me.  So I immediately go to what makes ” me ” feel as if I want to make myself at home here.  Everyroom in my home…starting with the Front Porch… needs to speak “you are safe and at peace”.

Before ~ it was a stark & cold house that resembles so many houses in our area.  No traces of yesterday when homes were built with care ~ each one unique and had a story to tell.

Look what just a little time and creativity can make?  NOW THE STORY BEGINS….here I brought in the touches of cream & black ~ old book pages & sheet music for a touch of vintage ~ corn husks { which were cut down by my husband from a corn field } they are not readily available around here just yet ~ a few more weeks we will add more =) leaves & mums for nature and some old things from my workshop and VOILA!

Throughout the week I will be sharing how I put the front porch together = ) 

Thank you so very much for stopping by and being a part of creating the story of our House of Belonging from the Front Porch & thank you to the Inspired Room for INSPIRING me to just START somewhere.

UPDATE: I added a new post on the “behind the scenes” of nesting my front porch!

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{ The Genesis of My 31 Days of Praise}

I have been seeing various “31” day posts going on which is extremely fascinating.  I was over at a girlfriends last evening for a “ last hurrah” end of summer bbq.
As I stood back and observed us talking -  I couldn’t help but feel anxious for WOMEN in America.  I know this may sound a bit strange sitting at a bbq and thinking ..…BUT
The pieces of our hearts that we were sharing were what I call the “ the more you do the better you must be” syndrome.  I have stuck my head in my shell for the last 5 to 6 years to get away from this merry go round of guilt and shame that our society pressures us to be on.  Much of my thinking lately has been negative…not just at others but at myself.  My inner self is tearing it”self” down.  Not good!  Praise….31 days of that just might get my focus going in another direction.

“ You pray in your distress and in your need,” Kalil Gibran admonishes us.  “ Would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.”  If we did, we might experience more of them.

{ REST }

gotta exercise – not only to look good but for our health because all of the crap we eat because we can’t find the time to be Betty Crocker anymore { even though for most of us-  one of our deepest longings is to just be able to cook a nice dinner for our families}
gotta take the kids to 3 different sports, music SOME kind of extra curricular activity { included in that is the expense of tuition, instruments needed etc. etc.
gotta do the “ church “ scene – the more committees your on the more they ask you to serve here or there “ well that is a GOOD things so it can’t be bad
gotta make more money – so and so has this and our little mini me’s have to have these clothes and that cell phone and this car
gotta have the perfect marriage – plan in time for the romance?  time for that?? it is 10 at night and I am REALLY ready for bed..
Oh the house – I have to have it cleaned – the dishes – the homework – planning planning & planning.

Here is a quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach
“ The mother, even if she has a job, makes the arrangements for school, for play-dates, dentist and doctor appointments, vacations, and trips to relatives.  She buys the clothes, the underwear, the shoes, the toothbrushes, the birthday gifts { for her own as well as her kids’ friends} the books, the Play-doh and paint sets.  She drives the car pool, makes the snacks, applies the Band-Aids, wipes the noses, cleans up the spills and messes, supervises homework, calls the teacher, gets the camp applications, writes the thank you notes….it NEVER stops!

Whose week does that sound like? 
“ the message a daughter hears through all this is that one of the most important jobs a females has is considering and taking care of others’ needs, and in the process that often involves putting her own needs aside.”


for the next 31 Days I am lingering over a little book I’ve had for years called “ 31 Days of Praise” by Ruth Myers.
I think ~ women ~ need more soul care
You know the old saying “ If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy

I want to explore
ways to get off this crazy American Carousel called the perfect life and how to downsize it all and get back to some old fashioned roots of Family again.  My youngest is 11 and I don’t have much time!  I am starting with Praise and see where that leads me=)

Does anyone else feel like slowing down and savoring more moments with your family?  Maybe examining your heart on what being a mom is to you??  Not what the world says we are supposed to be but what your heart is longing for??  More simple things ~ more simple times.  Maybe share some ideas on how we can encourage each other on this carousel ride….maybe get off once in awhile…..

Always Building ~

Sparrow {Fall Wall} Art!

Fall is in the air today!  Woke up to a cool “58” degrees! AND since this is the weekend that we are Nesting our Front Porch………..the weather just set the perfect mood.
I just wanted to share a “little something” I put together that will be used in our fall “theme” this week.  I have a heart for the sparrow, so when I saw @ Under the Table & Dreaming Christmas ornaments and her little bird….I fell in love with this little creature. 
I just replicated her directions for the bird

I had an old frame laying around that I had sprayed heirloom white and I wanted to put my little bird inside the frame.

I cut out a piece of scrapbook paper the size of the frame opening.  { I traced the cardboard piece from the frame so that the scrap paper was the perfect size }
Sprayed it with adhesive…(I sprayed the cardboard and scrapbook paper).
Then I used a “ fall “ stencil I had bought at JoAnn’s that day using Folkart’s Vintage White acrylic paint ~ I just dabbed it on.  After it was dry I sprayed a light coat of Crystal Clear Acrylic by Krylon on the scrapbook paper and on the bird. 
I then hot glued the cardboard piece back in place.  Next – I hot glued my little friend about the word “ fall “ and Voila!

I also made a BIG bird that I will post soon ~ not sure what to do with her yet…..thinking =)
~Hope you enjoy~

Happy Fall Nesting this last “official” weekend of summer.  Looking forward to sharing our ideas and looking at everyone else’s!!

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