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{Thrift Store Bench Redo }

Did you know people actually arrive @ the Salvation Army Thrift store BEFORE it opens?  No kidding…

I really LOVE Thrift Stores.  First- be there BEFORE the store opens so you can be the first to run in knocking people over….:)  Just kidding!
This day I found this.  A stool maybe?  It was 3.98!

I removed the top and recovered it with some canvas I had.  I took a sander to the wood to rough it up a tad. Then it sat there for days while I did other things.  I am learning this about myself ~ I have to ruminate over things until something whispers ………

WORDS….I LOVE words BUT even more I LOVE the meanings of words…

THIS word caused my heart to skip a beat…I want to remember it….so I put it on the bench!  { printed the word out on paper – cut it out with a craft knife – taped it on and dabbed on the paint!  EASY }

Satori ~ it means the soul’s awakening

Finished ~ I also brushed in some black paint with a sponge brush and gently wiped some of it back off.  I like the warmth the brown and black give.  You can see the slight difference from the first picture to the second. 

I don’t know where it will be placed … yet…it will be waiting again until it whispers.

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{ Make YOUR Own Cinnamon Coffee }

The best part of waking up is…..cinnamon in your coffee:)

The crisp morning has got me to thinkin aboutfallish” food and drink and MY favorite thing about waking up besides the truth that God has given me another moment of life ~ is COFFEE! 
IT { coffee } is the ONLY thing that gets me out of bed…sad but true. 
Am I the only one that struggles with this addiction??:)

My husband & and I went away last November for a romantic weekend getaway at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast at the Lake of the Ozarks called the Inn at Harbor Ridge.

All snuggled up in our robes on a crisp Autumn morning we were served piping hot coffee delivered to our room via our doting innkeepers { Ron & Sue }…not a knock or anything….just opened the door and there it was.

We poured..creamed and {Truvia’d} and sipped….

For a coffee addict like me….it WAS HEAVEN…but what was IT?

Sue shared her secret with me….I’m maybe the only one that doesn’t know this but she shakes the cinnamon a couple of times on top of the grounds before brewing!! 

SIMPLE ~ CHEAP ~ ReCreate B and B @ HOME

I’ve never gone back to regular coffee!  Hope you ENJOY!

From my coffee cup to your coffee cup….LOL!

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{ MY PSALM 120 }

Let it truly begin with me….
I am exhausted…done
I want PEACE
always fighting
Pushing forward ~ for some semblance
of a life~
teetering on collapse ~
lots of pieces have already fallen
is clinging to
the last piece of
when it NEEDS to be clinging
to GOD

In every life there are times when the pain we carry refuses to let us NOT look at it.  We can either shove it back down OR….turn it over and over….until we choose what we are going to do with it.  Are we going to continue to play the ” game of circle “? 


are we going to choose a new path? It’s scary isn’t it…we don’t know this place…it is easier to do what we have always done

Maybe not this time … just MAYBE

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{ It’s In the DETAILS }

First I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on our Fall Front Porch!

I want to take today just to wrap up all the small details and move on.  I’ve got so many things to share..
Our son turned 16 yesterday and guess what??

we are trying the whole process of thrift store finds from house to TRUCK!
Seems to make so much more sense….I’ll update you from time to time on the transformation….:)
The chandelier was a SUPER find….5.98 @ the thrift store!  Didn’t do a thing to it…just hung it:)
The two lanterns we had purchased over the summer and hadn’t “put” them anywhere/two brackets they are hanging on was also thrift store.
Stool Thrift Store ~ my daughter painted it and stenciled a #5 on it.  Basket with mums sitting in it ~ Thrift Store

Old chair in corner we had…my daughter { Nikki } uses for photography.Book bundle I made with 3 old books tied with twine.  The wreath I made out of old books as well.. I get REALLY old books for like a dollar or two.  I LOVE OLD BOOKS!  There is a book store in a town by us that I LOVE!  She sells the old ones cheaper cause…they are old…good for me!

The OLD WINDOW and VINE wreath we bought at a flea market…ea. was 6.00
Corn stalks were free….this week a couple of nurseries are getting their shipment of stalks in and I will buy more for our front and back porch.  We are hosting our…
1st Annual Harvest Party October 23 and we are decorating for that….YEAH!
I think that is about it!  Really it wasn’t that expensive.  THRIFT STORES ARE the way to go for a lot of things.  You do have to go on a regular basis.  Sometimes you hit the jackpot and other times not so much. 
We are starting our first BIG PROJECT ~~ THE OFFICE!
I am sooo ready to get started so be watching for some sneak peeks!
Hope this encourages you to create a COZY & WELCOMING ENTRY ~ no matter how big or small…it’s ALL in the details…in the TINY things that say { HOME }
Thursdays are going to be posts on my THRIFT STORE FINDS!
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{ My Take on a Ballard Wall Sign }

I was so excited to open my Ballard Design catalogue { I heard the name on several blogs I visited } and wanted to know what this Ballard talk was all about.
250.00 {Ballard Price}
Needless to say I LOVED so MANY things but when my eyes laid on
this…see above sign… heart skipped a beat.  I knew I didn’t have the budget for it ~ so I laid it aside ~ for awhile.
Time for the Fall Nesting Party came around, and as I was envisioning what my Fall Front Porch would look like….the Ballard sign came sneaking back into my mind.
It would look “befitting
I just recreated it “or winged it” so please be kind : )
My husband…sorry I have no cute nickname…I do have a name but it isn’t cute…:) cut the board and molding for me…I havne’t “YET” learned that part.
We drew the sign onto a 1/2″ mdf board and CUT that baby out!!  He cut it to fit above our door { about 5′ long 18″ tall }
I primed it first with the grey Behr Ultra
Then I went about the process of using the tea chest {more about that color HERE} by brushing it on and wiping it off.  I did that color first over the entire board.  Some grey from the primer showed through which is what I wanted.
I repeated this with the Folkart pure black paint…brushing on and wiping off until I got the desired look I wanted.
He attached the brick molding to the top and I painted it with the Tea Chest { brushing on/wiping off } then on the molding I brushed some Folkart paint in Skyline over it and wiped it off.
NOW for the Letters ~
The easiest FOR ME was something that would stick.  At Joann’s, Post-Its has repositionable paper that is Cricut approved – so I bought some. 
My Cricut is new and I only had 2 cartridges so I didn’t have many fonts to choose from.
I cut out the letters I wanted and centered them on the board and STUCK them ON!  It was that easy ~ even for a newbie!  I put the letters where I wanted them first ~ finding my center and THEN peeled the back off. 
Next came some light sanding on the edges and over the whole piece. 
$7 {My Sign}
Just a note:  The letters didn’t really ” sand ” well.  I wanted them to look more ” aged” but not really a big deal.  I really think the paper was easy to work with though and I will definitely use it again.
All that was left was a couple of coats of Spray Acrylic and it was ready to go.
IF YOU HAVE STUCCO like us ~ we found that the 3M command strips for pictures work really well for this kind of thing.  We used 4 and it is still hanging 
I really do like the finished product.  I figured when I tire of it outside I can use it inside somewhere.  
I am now working on some different signs just for women.  I will post one soon.
In the future I will work on my tutorial skills…more step by step pics: )

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